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- TheUnstitchd
In the intricate dance of the human body’s functions, hormones play a pivotal role. These chemical messengers wield the power to influence various aspects of your health, including weight management. One intriguing avenue that has recently garnered attention is the potential connection between bio-identical hormones and weight management. Could these natural hormones hold the key […] More
- TheUnstitchd
You just returned from race day and decided your next purchase will be your dream car. Buying a luxury car is not just about transportation, it’s about experiencing the epitome of comfort, state-of-the-art technology, and superior performance.  However, it involves a significant investment and rightly demands meticulous consideration.  Today, discuss the crucial aspects you should […] More
- Trisha Dhera
Men’s Earrings: A Comprehensive Guide to Styles and Trends

Earrings are not only for women today. We have seen men styling different types of earrings that actually look great on them. They say that everyone has their own aesthetic and earrings like studs, hoops or cuffs add a unique flair to the outfit. In today’s blog, we will explore different styles and trends in the world of men’s earrings. Join us on a journey through these captivating accessories that redefine traditional notions of men’s adornment and empower individuals to showcase their individuality with confidence.

1. Classic Studs

Classic studs are the most popular types of studs in men’s earrings that sit perfectly on the earlobe. The design is made by keeping the minimalism in mind with diamonds, gemstones, pearls or birthstones. Metals used are gold, silver and stainless steel that effortlessly blend with any outfit. Pair it with formal or casual outfit because they effortlessly blend with any outfit. They have that elegance which makes it a go to choice with any outfit for men. These men’s earrings are the most widely chosen earrings for men.

men's earrings - stud earring

Picture Credits

2. Hoops

Hoop earrings are half or fully circular ranging from sizes from small to large. Hoop earrings for men offer a bold and stylish accessory choice. Thick-hoops exude a rocker-inspired vibe and tinner hoops give a more refined and sleek appearance. Crafted from metals like stainless steel, silver, or gold, hoop earrings effortlessly elevate any outfit, adding an edgy flair. Their versatility enables wearers to adapt them to casual, formal, or even eclectic ensembles, making them a dynamic accessory option that showcases individuality and fashion-forward sensibilities.

men's earrings - hoops (2)

Picture Credits

men's earrings - hoops

Picture Credits

3. Cuffs

Cuff earrings for men, also known as ear cuffs, Designed to wrap around the outer edge of the ear, they create an eye-catching look without requiring a piercing. From minimalist bands to intricate, artistic designs, cuff earrings offer a range of styles to suit various tastes. These non-traditional pieces add an edgy and unique touch to any outfit, allowing wearers to showcase their personality while embracing the latest trends in men’s fashion. Cuff earrings offer a bold statement and a sense of individuality that sets them apart in the world of accessories.

men's earrings - cuff

Picture Credits

4. Cross Earrings

The symbol is a worship staple of catholics which is used in many accessories of men. Men’s earrings, neckpieces, bracelets, etc are popularly worn. However, cross earrings are common for men. The accessory adds a symbolic touch to the earrings to personal style. The metals are the same that are used for other earrings which are made of stainless steel or silver. These men’s earrings are perfect for people who seek a blend of faith and fashion. Men can showcase their belief with these aesthetically pleasing earrings by adding them as a style staple in the wardrobe.

men's earrings - cross earring

Picture Credits

5. Single Earring

A single earring is worn by men a lot and is a fashion-forward style statement. Any type of single earring can be worn in just a single ear and the other is left open. Whether it’s a stud, hoop, dangle or cuff, it will create a trendy look with your outfits. You can also wear a cross earring on a single ear for this style. With this trend you can experiment with different styles and make a distinctive statement in the world of men’s accessories.

men's earring - single earring

Picture Credits

With these men’s earrings, one thing is clear that fashion has no boundaries. Cross earrings fuse faith with fashion, while the trend of wearing a single earring fosters individuality. Each piece is a testament to the evolving landscape of men’s adornment. As we navigate this diverse realm, it’s evident that men’s earrings are not just ornaments; they’re statements of personal expression, empowering wearers to forge a unique path in the world of fashion.

- TheUnstitchd
Modern casual style emerged in America in the ‘20s, drawing inspiration from sportswear, and gained ground in the fashion world over the following decades, as both men and women started prioritizing comfort and functionality over formality and conformity when choosing their clothes.  These days, casual wear is the most popular dress style, adopted by people […] More
- TheUnstitchd
Playing games at an online casino gives you hours and hours worth of entertainment. Having a world of online games to play on your phone or laptop means that you’re never too far away from a game.  However, even though playing at one of the new casinos available online is fun and easy, there comes […] More
- TheUnstitchd
In the ever-evolving digital landscape, sports enthusiasts have found new avenues to indulge in their passion. From keeping up with live scores to participating in fantasy leagues, the online world has opened up a plethora of sports-related activities for men.   In this article, we’ll delve into the exciting realm of men’s favourite sports-related online activities, […] More
- TheUnstitchd
Ah, college life! It’s a world filled with excitement, growth, and…an endless sea of assignments? It’s no surprise that so many students feel overwhelmed, even those who have an online helper as AssignmentMaster to lighten their load. While it’s great when you have helpful tools and resources, you should also know how to manage stress […] More
- TheUnstitchd
Hey there, fellow enthusiast of all things fuel-related! Have you ever pondered the magic that happens behind the scenes when you pump that liquid energy into your vehicle? That potion-like substance, coursing through pipelines and engines, is much more than meets the eye. It’s not just about the fuel; it’s about the journey it takes […] More
- TheUnstitchd
Finding and establishing an appropriate sleeping pattern for an infant is as important as an efficient feeding routine. Some might even say that the two go hand in hand with one another.    HiPP UK Stage 1 can enrich your little ones as best as possible and guarantee a healthy growth rate. Nonetheless, you may be […] More
- TheUnstitchd
Well, as a crane operator, you’re literally defying gravity daily. You’ve got a bird’s eye view of construction sites while manipulating massive materials from an all terrain crane for sale. This job isn’t for everyone; it’s for those who crave adventure and precision. But if that’s you, let’s explore what it takes to rise above […] More
- TheUnstitchd
Race days have long been synonymous with sartorial splendour. Men have traditionally donned their finest threads to participate in or spectate these thrilling equestrian events. As contemporary fashion melds with timeless race day classics, the modern man finds himself navigating a rich tapestry of style choices.  Understanding Race Day Dress Codes  From the refined morning […] More
- TheUnstitchd
Fashion businesses make up an industry that amounts to billions of dollars and is booming constantly. As a result, companies must embrace innovative technologies like blockchain if they want to stay ahead of the curve. These days, customers want to know how the clothes they purchase are made – in other words, they prioritize sustainability […] More
- TheUnstitchd
Life can be likened to a catwalk of interactions; between performances, it can be challenging to maintain your ideal appearance. Striving for a lavish style while managing financial constraints and seeking guidance can be quite perplexing; many of us desire to exude luxury without breaking the bank but lack the know-how.  In this fashion guide, […] More
- TheUnstitchd
Regardless of whether you need electrical parts, family photos, or custom merch shipped, you’ll need to plan for how and how long it takes to have them shipped.   That’s why partnering with a reliable, reputable, and local supplier like R&P Prints Canada, for example, when you need screen printed or embroidered merch, uniforms, or giveaways. […] More
- Trisha Dhera
Lounge Wear Etiquette: How to Dress Comfortably Yet Respectfully

You got a long weekend ahead because of many social occasions around. Finally you get a chance to come out of your routine and find self-space. All that you wanted to do for so long can be done in these few days. You can spin around the town, meet your pals, go for a shopping spree, take that vacation or simply enjoy yourself at home. Netflix and chill has no better alternative with those unlimited popcorn packets and cold drinks. Lounging at home can be much better with the cozy lounge wear. You will get all the comfort you need only with the appropriate lounge wear. In today’s blog, we’ll discuss some lounge wears that you could try and include in your wardrobe for those leisure times.

1. Lounge Sets

With lounge sets, you’ll have the ultimate comfort that they require. It’s crafted from premium soft materials and breathable fabrics. The perfection that you need is all here with this lounge wear. Its bottom has a pocket which describes fashion with functionality. By its attention to detail, these sets guarantee a cozy and effortless experience, making them an essential addition to any man’s wardrobe. Embrace relaxation without compromising on style with our carefully curated lounge sets, elevating your downtime with comfort and elegance.

grey lounge set with tshirt and joggers for lounge wear

Picture Credits

2. Plaid Flannel Pajamas

With the plaid flannel pajamas you will indulge into a timeless charm in warmth. Plaid flannel pajamas are made from high quality fabric which is perfect for a restless night’s sleep. The plaid flannel adds to more sophistication and the relaxed fit allows movement. Whether you’re lounging around the house or settling in for the night, our Plaid Flannel Pajamas promise cozy nights and a classic look.

Plaid Flannel Pajamas with t-shirt for lounge wear

Picture Credits

Plaid Flannel Pajamas with brown t-shirt for lounge wear

Picture Credits

3. Soft Robes and Kimonos

Robes are something most comfortable and a preferred garment amongst every lounge wear. Its fabric and material gives ultimate sophistication for those tired nights where you just want to crash the bed. The softness that is given to your skin is a bliss which provides a soothing sensation to your skin. The self-tie belt has a customised fit for all body types so the fitting issue is eliminated. Embrace tranquility and effortless style as you lounge at home, complemented by the subtle elegance of our Soft Robes – the epitome of comfort and sophistication.

Soft Robes and Kimonos with cream pants and grey tshirt for lounge wear

Picture Credits

Soft Robes and Kimonos with blue tshirt and stripped robes

Picture Credits

4. Lounge Shorts and T- Shirts

When it’s the question of simplicity, lounge shorts and t-shirts are the answer. This is a classic choice of lounge wear for men since ages. The shorts make it perfect for summer with an elasticated waistband. You can also wear this while roaming down the streets or when you have to rush to the supermarket to purchase your essentials. Crafted with premium fabrics, our shorts ensure a perfect fit and maximum breathability during warm weather. Embrace the laid-back charm of our shorts and tees, a must-have ensemble for any man seeking comfort and fashion-forward looks for those relaxed, sunny days.

sea blue shorts and white T- Shirts for lounge wear

Picture Credits

5. Henley Shirts and Joggers

Henley shirts have buttons till the neck which gives somewhat a shirt – like look. The classic button placket has a sophisticated style and a modern tailored fit. Whereas the joggers are made of another breathable fabric. Joggers combine fashion and function, with an elastic waistband and tapered design for a relaxed yet stylish look.

Henley Shirts and black Joggers for lounge wear

Picture Credits

6. Hoodies with joggers

Well, who doesn’t love hoodies… hoodies are the next word of comfort, don’t you agree? The cozy and relaxed fit works great with joggers for your night sleep. It creates a fashionable look for itself without any such efforts. It comes in a variety of colors and prints for making a classic ensemble. Embrace the versatility of hoodies with joggers and step into a world of comfort without compromising on fashion.

Hoodies with joggers for lounge wear

Picture Credits

Hoodies with joggers for lounge wear in grey

Picture Credits

7. Coordinated Lounge Wear Sets

Coordinated sets usually have the same colored top and bottom which is usually a jogger. While they are common for events and other occasions, it is also good for a lounge wear staple. It is crafted for both relaxation and style, with soft materials and fabrics with tailored fits. From classic neutrals to trendy patterns, the sets offer versatile options for lounging at home. It is a smart choice for men who are perfect for men who appreciate both relaxation and fashion.

Coordinated Lounge wear Sets in light grey

Picture Credits

Coordinated Lounge wear Sets in dark grey

Picture Credits

Here are some essential lounge wear etiquette tips to help you strike the perfect balance between comfort and respect:

1. Avoid Offensive Graphics or Phrases: Lounge wear often features graphics or text, but it’s essential to consider the appropriateness of these designs. Night is ment for a peaceful sleep that your body requires. Using offensive graphics or phrases is not at all recommended for your lounge wear. What might seem funny or entertaining to you might be offensive to someone else

2. Maintain Personal Hygiene: Comfort comes when you keep your garment clean and neat. Timely launder your lounge wear and keep it odour free so that it feels clean. This will prevent you and others from discomfort. No matter how busy your routine is, neglecting some basic things in your lounge wear will give you disadvantages.

3. Footwear Matters: Your footwear contributes to the style and sophistication in your lounge wear. The soft material of footwear prevents cracked heels. By offering proper support, cushioning, and moisture control, suitable shoes help distribute pressure evenly across the feet, reduce friction, and safeguard against excessive dryness. Footwear keeps your feet protected from dust and germs which are present on the floor. In the colder season, it keeps your feet protected from various temperature conditions. You can also wear a pair of socks to get the same comfort, however footwears like sandals are mostly used.

4. Mind the Material: Material of your lounge wear matters according to your skin type and weather conditions. There are certain fabrics that do not suit skin types and result in rashes. Weather conditions like summer and winter also matter to the material. Woollen lounge wear for winters and cotton lounge wear for fall is what should be chosen.

In the midst of a much-awaited extended weekend filled with social engagements and personal space, the essence of optimal comfort and self-expression is encapsulated within the realm of lounge wear. Whether it’s the perfect lounge sets that effortlessly harmonize style with utility, the timeless charm of plaid flannel pyjamas promising cozy warmth, or the embrace of soft robes and kimonos offering a soothing retreat, each choice epitomizes leisure.

- Trisha Dhera
Men’s Leather Shoes for Fall: Classic and Timeless Choices

It’s a crisp fall morning, and you’re stepping out for the day’s adventures. As you slide into your sleek Chelsea boots, the elasticated sides offer a perfect fit, while the leather exudes timeless elegance. Later, you swap to Chukka boots, seamlessly transitioning from casual to formal wear. Embrace the classic charm of Brogues and Oxford shoes, or opt for the modern flair of Monk Strap shoes. Get ready to embark on a journey through the finest selection of leather shoes, designed to elevate your style and embrace the essence of fall sophistication.

1. Chelsea Boots

Chelsea shoes are ankle high leather shoes with an elasticated upper side. The shoes have no lace and can be easily worn on and off. This looks the most elegant one when paired with chinos or denims. Hence, it is good to go with formal and casual outfits. The shoe has its own class since the Victorian era and it still has its fame. Both men and women can effortlessly wear these leather shoes especially in the fall. Crafted from durable materials like leather, Chelsea boots are built to last, ensuring they can withstand the demands of the season.

Brown Chelsea leather shoes with ripped denims and leather jacket with grey tshirt

Picture Credit

Chelsea lether shoes for men

Picture Credit

2. Chukka Boots

Chukka boots have a clean and minimalistic design with leather outing. The ankle-length shoe has a laced up feature. These are sophisticated enough for both casual and formal outings. The durability of the product is no doubt long lasting with excellent support. You can wear it with almost every outfit because it’s a perfect choice for fashion-forward men. If you decide to purchase one, you are not gonna regret it. This is because it is a wardrobe staple which caters multiple occasions.

light brown chukka leather shoes

Picture Credit

chukka leather shoes

Picture Credit

3. Brogues

The name brogues has been derived by its Irish accent.  An iconic men’s leather shoe is known for the classic and distinguished style it has. They have certain decorative elements on it and its detailing gives a complete sophistication with a low heel on the foot. They also have the capacity to transition into any event which makes it a must have staple in men’s wardrobe. Not only that, the leather bears comfort and durability for men who seek a touch of heritage with refinement in their look.

Brogue leather shoes with bla chinos and a white shirt with a blue color zipper jacket accessorized with shades, a watch and a camera in hand

Picture Credit

brown brogues in leather shoes

Picture Credit

4. Derby Shoes

Derby shoes are classic and versatile men’s leather shoes known for their timeless appeal and practicality. With their open-lace construction, the eyelets are stitched on top of the vamp, providing a comfortable and adjustable fit for different foot shapes. Derby shoes strike the perfect balance between formal and casual, making them a go-to choice for various occasions. They effortlessly complement both business attire and smart-casual outfits, making them a staple in any gentleman’s wardrobe. Crafted with attention to detail and using high-quality materials, Derby shoes ensure durability and style, making them a reliable and sophisticated option for any modern man.

derby leather shoes outfit with a leather pant and a tutle neck tshirt with a green jacket

Picture Credit

dark brown brogue leather shoes

Picture Credit

5. Oxford Shoes

Oxford shoes are for those men who like simplicity with comfort. It features an open lace system with a comfortable and adjustable fit. Although there are many styles available in oxfords that you can choose according to your preference of sleek and formal to casual look. It has been crafted with high-quality materials that ensures durability and style. This makes it a reliable choice for any modern man’s wardrobe.

brown brogue leather shoes with a white full-sleeved tshirt and denims accessorized with a bag and a wrist watch

Picture Credit

oxford leather shoes

Picture Credit

6. Monk Strap Shoes

The most eye-catchy feature of the monk-strap shoes is its buckle closure across the vamp. The buckle replaces the typical use of laces, giving it a contemporary appearance. These leather shoes have double and single monk straps in it which makes it even more elegant. If you want a classic design with modern flair then this is the piece you should have. For fall, monk strap shoes are perfect because it provides a comfortable and secure fit that keeps your feet cozy.

monk strap leather shoe with a coat and blue undershirt accessorized with a tie and bow tie

Picture Credit

monk strap leather shoes

Picture Credit

7. Moccasins

Made from leather on the inside and out, Moccasins are comfortable and versatile shoes. This leathery texture makes it an ideal fit for fall outings. It was originally worn by American Indians. The simple design makes a pair with denims, khakis and chinos. Whether you are gathering in for a leisurely walk or a bonfire sitting, moccasins will give you all the relaxed and fashionable look. moccasins provide unbeatable comfort and a touch of rustic elegance, making them a favorite choice for men seeking a blend of style and comfort during the fall season.

Moccasins of red leather shoes with black chino and a coat with greenish undershirt accessorized by a watch

Picture Credit

beige Moccasins of leather

Picture Credit

The world of men’s leather shoes offers a diverse range of styles to elevate your fall fashion. From the elegant Chelsea boots that effortlessly pair with any outfit to the sophisticated Chukka boots and the classic charm of Brogues and Oxford shoes, each footwear choice embodies timeless elegance and practicality. The modern flair of Monk Strap shoes adds a contemporary touch, while the relaxed comfort of Moccasins brings rustic charm. Embrace the versatility and sophistication of these leather shoes, and step into fall with confidence and style. Your perfect fall footwear awaits!

- Trisha Dhera
Wrist Perfection: The Ultimate Guide to Luxury Men’s Watches

Welcome to our ultimate men’s watches collection blog, where we’ll take you on a journey through some of the most iconic and renowned watch brands in the world. From the timeless elegance of Bulgari to the precision and adventure of Omega, each brand has a unique story and a legacy that has captivated watch enthusiasts for generations. Whether you’re a seasoned watch connoisseur or a newcomer to the world of horology, this blog will offer a glimpse into the craftsmanship, innovation, and style that define these exceptional timepieces.

1. Bulgari

Bulgari watches have a timeless elegance and exceptional craftsmanship. A mesmerising blend of Swiss watchmaking and Italian style exudes sophistication and luxury. Its clean lines, bold shapes and innovative materials create a fusion of classic and contemporary aesthetics. From iconic designs like the Octo and Serpenti to high-quality Swiss movements with intricate complications, Bulgari watches offer versatility and refinement for every occasion. Having a bulgari watch goes beyond owning a time piece because it represents a legacy of luxury. Watch enthusiasts are captivated by its elegance for over a century now.

bulgari men's watches in black

Picture Credits

2. Tissot

Tissot watches is also a swiss watchmaking brand which was established in the year 1853. The brand represents innovations and tradition with its rich heritage spanning over a century. The brand’s commitment to precision timekeeping and cutting-edge technology is evident in their diverse collection of timepieces. You will see a wide range of styles from classic dress watches to sporty chronographs. Exceptional value of purchase is seen on the watch, which makes it a popular choice amongst every men’s watches.

tissot men's watches silver

Picture Credits

tissot men's watches (silver)

Picture Credits

3. Casio

Casio is a Japanese watch established in 1946 and has owned their space in the global world of reliability and innovation. The brand is known for its durability, functionality and affordability. The stylish casual wear men’s watches is a perfect staple for everyday wear. Whether it’s a rugged timepiece for outdoor enthusiasts or a sleek watch for urban professionals, Casio continues to impress their fans with their versatile designs and unwavering commitment to providing reliable timekeeping solutions for people around the world.

casio men's watches sliver

Picture Credits

casio men's watches (silver)

Picture Credits

4. Seiko

Seiko is a Japanese watchmaking brand which was founded in 1881. The watch is a symbol of precision, innovation and craftsmanship. The rich heritage has left an incredible mark on the horological world. Known for its exceptional quality, reliability and diverse offerings, Seiko watches has its mark on the men’s watches world. Embracing both traditional watchmaking expertise and cutting-edge innovations, Seiko continues to captivate watch enthusiasts worldwide with timepieces that embody the perfect union of form, function, and enduring beauty.

seiko men's watches in black belt

Picture Credits

seiko men's watch in brown belt

Picture Credits

5. Cartier

Cartier is a worldwide known french luxury watch brand which is known to create exquisite men’s watches. It was founded in the year 1847 and has been known as a symbol of elegance, opulence and timeless beauty ever since. It’s crafted for its attention to detail with the finest materials. Each timepiece exudes a sense of refinement and refinement.

cartier - men's watch

Picture Credits

cartier men's watches

Picture Credits

6. Citizen

Citizen is again a Japanese watchmaking powerhouse which had been founded in the year 1918. Since that time, it has been a global leader in crafting eco-friendly and technologically advanced timepieces. The most amazing technology of it is that it can turn any source of light into energy. The brand is known for its reliable timekeeping and enduring quality with durability. The rich heritage has rich heritage and an unwavering dedication to technological innovations. The brand of men’s watches has something for everyone, from classic dress watches to sporty chronographs and rugged dive watches. With its pioneer its has a trusted name in the world of watchmaking.

citizen - men's watches silver

Picture Credits

7. Breguet

Swiss is a prestigious watchmaker founded in 1775 being a legacy of innovation, elegance and horological mastery. It has its esteemed name in the watch industry with its groundbreaking inventions and timeless designs. It’s known for serving royalty and luminaries throughout the centuries, Breguet timepieces are known to epitomize luxury and sophistication. Crafted by skilled artisans, each Breguet is a masterpiece which combines traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology.

breguet men's watches silver

Picture Credits

breguet blueish silver men's watch

Picture Credits

8. Rolex

Rolex is a Swiss watchmaking icon established in 1905 being the epitome of luxury and precision. The brand is synonymous with success and distinction and for their unwavering commitment to perfection. The timepiece is crafted with finish materials, precision movements and impeccable attention to detail. Each timepiece undergoes rigorous testing and scrutiny to meet the brand’s exacting standards. It’s nothing but a symbol of achievement and a mark of enduring style. An ultimate choice for those who seek fusion of luxury, craftsmanship and prestige.

rolex - men's watches in blackish silver

Picture Credits

rolex - men's watch (green)

Picture Credits

9. Omega

Omega is a Swiss watchmaking brand in 1848 representing an epitome of precision, style and adventure. It was used as an official timekeeper for the Olympic Games and also in space exploration as the first watch worn on the moon during the Apollo missions. Obviously if it has an adventurous spirit it has been crafted with finest materials. Omega continues to inspire and captivate the world with its enduring legacy of precision timekeeping.

Omega - men's watch (reddish brown)

Picture Credits

omega - men's watches in brown belt

Picture Credits

10. Panerai

Panerai, the distinguished Italian watchmaker founded in 1860, is a brand steeped in nautical heritage and timeless elegance. Originally created to supply precision instruments to the Italian Navy, Panerai watches have evolved into coveted timepieces that fuse contemporary design with a vintage maritime charm. Characterized by their bold and robust cases, legible dials, and distinctive crown protectors, Panerai timepieces exude a sense of rugged sophistication. The brand’s dedication to technical prowess is evident in their proprietary mechanical movements, often developed and crafted in-house, offering exceptional accuracy and reliability.

Panerai - men's watch

Picture Credits

As we conclude this journey through the top men’s watches collection, we are reminded of the rich heritage, innovation, and elegance that each brand embodies. From the enduring legacy of Rolex to the pioneering spirit of Omega, these watches are more than just timekeeping instruments; they represent a passion for craftsmanship, a commitment to precision, and a timeless appeal that transcends trends. Whether you seek a classic dress watch, a sporty companion, or a luxurious statement piece, these watch brands have something to offer every discerning gentleman. We hope this blog has inspired you to explore the world of horology further and find the perfect timepiece that reflects your unique style and aspirations. Happy watch hunting!

- TheUnstitchd
In the competitive world of online retail, getting perfect photos of your clothes and accessories is not just an option—it’s a necessity. These photos are the visual representation of your brand and often your customers’ first interaction with your products, so they’re very important.  Great product photography can drive sales, evoke professionalism, and boost customer […] More
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The world of fashion, dazzling and ever-evolving, has deeply embedded itself into contemporary culture. Yet, beneath its beguiling surface lies a concerning truth: it is among the top global pollutants. Now more than ever, the environmental consequences of our style choices are clear. As informed buyers, we possess the capability to instigate positive shifts in […] More
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According to a NASA climate expert, July is likely to be the hottest month on record. As the temperature rises, it’s time to revamp your wardrobe with trendy and breathable outfits that will keep you cool while still turning heads. In this article, we’ll explore a variety of fashion ideas specifically curated for those sultry […] More
- Dawn Rose
10 Bomb Beauty Products You Should Know About That Will Take Your Fall Glam To The Next Level
Although we’re kicking and screaming that summer has ended, fall glam is highly anticipated and  popular for many makeup lovers. With red lips, grungy eyeliner, smokey eyes, and matte finished Continue Reading
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The Fashion Bomb Show Hosted by NeNe Leakes Sponsored By Mielle Organics, SLAYYY Hair and Lagos NYC!
Iconic, astounding, and over-the-top are some of the words to describe how grand the Bomb Fashion Show was Saturday evening at Chelsea Industrial in New York City. Cultural Icon, NeNe Continue Reading
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Cardi B Stepped Out to Promote her Latest Song ‘Bongos’ in a Hanifa FW23 Turquoise and Orange Taliah Maxi Dress
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Heirs of Afrika Hosts its Sixth Annual International Women of Power Lunch featuring Koshie Mills, Loni Love, Yo Yo, Claire Sulmers, and More!
The sixth annual Heirs of Afrika International Women of Power Luncheon was a moment in Black female excellence and style. Black women from Africa to America gathered in Los Angeles to award and recognize their fellow sisters for their contributions and innovations in their respective fields.
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Who Wore It Better? Saweetie vs Coco Jones in a Red Sequin LaQuan Smith SS23 Cut Out Gown
Both rapper Saweetie and R&B singer Coco Jones wore a sizzling haute red LaQuan Smith gown on two different occasions, and amongst the two- we can’t decide who wore it Continue Reading
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On the Scene at the 2023 VMA’s: Nicki Minaj in Dolce & Gabbana, Yung Miami in Han Kjobenhavn, Cardi B in Dilara, Doja Cat in Monse + More
The VMA’s took off with a bang this past week at New Jersey’s Prudential Center and perhaps there couldn’t have been a better host than Nicki Minaj who has the Continue Reading
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Fashion Bomb Hair: Asap Rocky’s Oversized Rhinestone Hair Pins Have Captured Attention at NYFW
A$AP Rocky is living up to his “Fashion Killa, Trendy N*gga” title with his latest hairstyle. The Harlem rapper recently attended the Harlem’s Fashion Row Show and Style Awards on Continue Reading
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Ariana Grande’s r.e.m. Beauty Sweetener Foundation Just Dropped and is Available in 60 Shades
Bombshells grab your purse and run to your nearest Sephora, Ariana Grande‘s r.e.m. Beauty has officially released their first-ever foundation. Featuring 60 skin-loving shades, the “Sweetener” Foundation is fueled with r.e.m. beauty’s Continue Reading
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Fashion Bomb CEO Claire Sulmers, Marlo Hampton, Alonzo Arnold Celebrate FENDI’s Boutique Opening in Atlanta
Italian luxury never looked better, and last night some of the most fashionable individuals in Atlanta gathered together to celebrate the opening of FENDI’s new boutique at Phipps Plaza in Continue Reading
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LaQuan Smith Combines Glamour and Sci-Fi to Deliver a Stunning SS 24 Collection During New York Fashion Week
Beep Beep! Who got the keys to the jeep? LaQuan Smith does and he’s zooming passed his fellow designers with his SS24 collection that debuted Monday evening at Lower East Continue Reading
- Rashidah Young
Christian Siriano Celebrated His 15th Anniversary at New York Fashion Week with Bold and Modern Ballerina Silhouettes
It’s been a smashing 15 years since designer Christian Siriano, 37, debuted his first collection at New York Fashion Week, and to honor the celebratory moment, he showcased the most Continue Reading
- Christine Andrew
What to Wear to Every Type Of Fall Wedding

We’ve had quite a few weddings this year, I love getting dressed up and will take every opportunity to wear…

The post What to Wear to Every Type Of Fall Wedding appeared first on Hello Fashion.

- Christine Andrew
My Current Beauty Lineup – All On Sale

I feel like my beauty routine has evolved over the years – I used to love having tons of palettes…

The post My Current Beauty Lineup – All On Sale appeared first on Hello Fashion.

- Christine Andrew
My Annual Holiday Gift Guides For Every One On Your List

Our 2022 gift guides! I always love the challenge of trying to find the perfect gift, so I love looking…

The post My Annual Holiday Gift Guides For Every One On Your List appeared first on Hello Fashion.

- Christine Andrew
21 Looks Styling All My Amazon Drop Pieces For Different Occasions

GUYS IT’S HERE!!! It has always been a dream of mine to do a line with Amazon and it’s here!…

The post 21 Looks Styling All My Amazon Drop Pieces For Different Occasions appeared first on Hello Fashion.

- Christine Andrew
Launching a NEW collection this Week!


The post Launching a NEW collection this Week! appeared first on Hello Fashion.

- Christine Andrew
Fall’s Best Trends Already On Sale For Amazon Prime Day

The Fall Amazon Prime Day event runs today and tomorrow and has so many great pieces to get you on…

The post Fall’s Best Trends Already On Sale For Amazon Prime Day appeared first on Hello Fashion.

- Christine Andrew
Amazon Prime Day 2022 Sale Picks

Its PRIME DAY! Amazon’s biggest sale of the year has started! There are such great deals going on the 12th…

The post Amazon Prime Day 2022 Sale Picks appeared first on Hello Fashion.

- Christine Andrew
5 Hacks for Pulling Off The Ultimate 4th Of July Party

4th of July has always been one of my favorite holidays. We go up to my family’s cabin at the…

The post 5 Hacks for Pulling Off The Ultimate 4th Of July Party appeared first on Hello Fashion.

- Christine Andrew
Father’s Day Gift Ideas At Every Price Point

Summer nights with the boys – we went out biking and skateboarding the other night and let the kids stay…

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- Christine Andrew
May’s Most-Loved / Bestsellers

Happy Monday! Summer is officially here with the kids out of school now and all the warm days we’ve been…

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- Christine Andrew
What I Wore: Everything I Packed For Florida

Hi guys! We just got back from our family trip to Florida – it was so nice to spend time…

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- Christine Andrew
What I Wore: Weekly Round Up

Happy Monday guys!! I’ve been wanting to get back into the swing of posting my daily looks here so I…

The post What I Wore: Weekly Round Up appeared first on Hello Fashion.

- Christine Andrew
Mom Will Love These Gift Ideas, No Matter Your Budget

I love browsing online and getting inspired (and let’s be honest, I always end up adding a few things to…

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- Christine Andrew
Yes you can take your activewear outside the gym. Here’s how to style it for spring

This activewear set + oversized blazer (under $60) is one of my favorite combos for spring – the color is a…

The post Yes you can take your activewear outside the gym. Here’s how to style it for spring appeared first on Hello Fashion.

- Christine Andrew
These Sneakers Go With Everything

  Love the cut out detail on this sleeve! Between the color and the sleeves, it feels like a major…

The post These Sneakers Go With Everything appeared first on Hello Fashion.

- Christine Andrew
Amazon Toddler Accessories I Can’t Travel Without

One of my favorite things to do is travel as a family. We travel quite a bit for work, and…

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- Christine Andrew
The Cutest Easter Craft For Any Age


The post The Cutest Easter Craft For Any Age appeared first on Hello Fashion.

- Christine Andrew
Bonus Moms & Blended Families – Part 2

Thanks for all of you guys’ amazing responses and dms after my Part I post about blended families and bonus…

The post Bonus Moms & Blended Families – Part 2 appeared first on Hello Fashion.

- Katherine
Unlike many short-lived fashion trends which came to the fore during lockdown, Light Academia is one that’s caught our imagination and is due to last through next year and way beyond. And that’s probably because it’s based on a long tradition of upper-class, student outfits that have been traditional and great looking for over 100 […]
- Katherine
Straight from the edgy, fashion-obsessed Harajuku streets of Tokyo, Japanese fashion trends are focused on culture, self-expression, risk-taking and community. And this variety of inspiration is what makes Japanese fashion such an exciting and wildly popular trend around the globe! How is Japanese fashion different from Western trends? The rules and traditions of fashion in […]
- Iryna Fedorchak
Medical-Grade Earrings For Babies: What is it & Why You Need To Get Those! As a very caring mom, I always wanted the best for my baby girl. I was waiting for a long time to decide to get her first baby earrings finally. This is so important for every girl to have this small […]
- Anna LaPlaca
Want some great inspiration from 15 business-casual outfits you should be wearing for work this year? What you wear at work has a direct consequence on how your boss, colleagues and clients assess your personality and capabilities. If you wear well-fitting clothes that suit the business occasion, you create an image that shows good judgement […]
- Katherine
There's so much variety and color this fall - you need to get up-to-date and fast!
- Katherine
Dolls Kill is an amazingly shocking and unique fashion brand that provides some of the best grungy, punky, relaxed and edgy fashion styles – and helps set future-fashion trends. And that’s because of the varied and creative types involved in constructing this weird take on fashion for eccentric and individualist dressers. Dolls Kill has been […]
- Velena
There is no one definition of ethnic fashion. It can refer to the traditional clothing of a particular culture or region, or it can refer to modern clothing that is inspired by traditional styles. Ethnic fashion is often colorful and intricate, and it can be a great way to express your identity. Whether you’re looking […]
- Kimberly
In the ever-evolving world of fashion, certain items stand the test of time, transcending age, trends, and generations. One such timeless piece? The iconic Dr. Martens boots. But as enduring as they are, some mature women might ponder whether they can rock this edgy staple. Let’s delve into these queries and unravel the art of […]
- Kimberly
Do you want to clean up your complexion? Are you desperate for healthy, glowing skin? Me too, which is why I was stalking Pinterest for beauty and skincare tips the other night! I must admit that these tips are not original ideas of my own. So without further ado, here are 12 fabulous DYI skipcare […]
- Shaylie
Doc Martens has reigned as one of the most lastingly successful footwear brands since they released the first version of their classic worker-style boots almost sixty years ago. Their shoes are high-quality, sturdy, durable, versatile, and comfortable, so it’s no wonder that they have withstood the test of time for so long. Doc Martens’ claim […]
- Shaylie
For many teenage girls, fashion is extremely important. As a teen girl progressing through adolescence, self-expression is key. Expressing yourself in your own unique way is vital for your own development. It helps you figure out who you want to be and how you want to present yourself to the world. A great way to […]
- Katherine
Let’s start with the hardest challenge, how to choose sports bras for a large bust for high impact sports, like running. Whether you are just beginning to get interested in slow pace running or working your way up to a marathon, you know that you need the right bra or you’ll be a non-starter! Running […]
- Shaylie
More than fifty percent of American have less than $1000 in their savings account. Living paycheck to paycheck without a financial safety net is a stressful way to live, but it’s the reality for millions of modern adults Saving money and sticking to a smart budget is the best way to increase your financial security, but […]
- Emma Philo
It goes without saying that any team of beauty bloggers loves their hair color – including the Loxa team! But with fabulous hair color comes the need to maintain it. Salon hair color is an investment and it takes the right products to keep color looking fresh in between salon visits. The recent launch of AG […]
- Dianna Mazzone
Learning which colors you should not wear together, is an important part of developing your own sense of style. As children, we don’t always have any sense of harmonizing colors and if we chose our own outfits, the colors could well be pretty mis-matched. But the teen years see us start to develop an appreciation […]
- Rose Morley
Gather around, glam queens, for we are about to embark on a journey of discovery and transformation. Hold fast to your makeup bags because the voyage through the land of beauty tips and makeup hacks is about to commence. We’ve scoured every corner, consulted every expert, tested every theory, and from the realm of ‘tried-and-true’ […]
- Anna LaPlaca
If you haven’t seen this new fashion yet, skirted-leggings are leggings with a skirt attached to make it an all-in-one garment. The whole garment is stretchy, so it’s an easy-wear item that you can wash and wear without ironing in most cases. And there are various styles, leg-lengths, skirt-lengths and patterned fabrics to suit all […]
- Anna LaPlaca
Your quinceañera celebration is one of the biggest days in a young lady’s life in Latin-American culture, so finding the best dress for you is essential. You need to feel comfortable and look your absolute best, so wading through the racks of quinceañera dresses can seem a little daunting. You’ll have your own ideas of […]
- Ysabella
There’s no denying that East Asian countries are at the forefront of the beauty industry today. Seoul, South Korea is slowly becoming known as the skincare Mecca of the world, and Chinese traditional medicine has been used to heal and rejuvenate skin for centuries. But when it comes to skincare technologies, it’s Japan that shines […]
- Kruti
The fall before the snow, don’t we love it all! Embrace the fall with these newest nail trends to take on your next appointment (or go the DIY route for a fun sessions with your sisters!) Vampire Bloodthirst Thanks to Twilight, we have all been obsessed with vampires at some point in life. Rekindle the […]
- Karen Blanchard
5 really good designer dupes

The devil may wear Prada, but the rest of us may need something a bit more affordable: meaning, really good designer dupes. Designer items

The post 5 really good designer dupes appeared first on Where Did U Get That.

- Karen Blanchard
Top Quiet Luxury Handbags

We have talked about it before but allow me to discuss the topic a little further: this time – quiet luxury handbags. The art

The post Top Quiet Luxury Handbags appeared first on Where Did U Get That.

- Karen Blanchard
Retro Fashion Trends Making a Comeback in 2023

A growing interest in capsule wardrobes and conscious shopping has had many people gravitating toward quality over quantity. And it’s no coincidence that we’ve

The post Retro Fashion Trends Making a Comeback in 2023 appeared first on Where Did U Get That.

- Karen Blanchard
Hottest Sunglasses Trends for Summer 2023

Warmer weather is finally close by which means it’s time to invest in a fun new pair of sunglasses for all the outdoor activities

The post Hottest Sunglasses Trends for Summer 2023 appeared first on Where Did U Get That.

- Karen Blanchard
Get ready for Summer: outfits to inspire

Cute summer outfits may be the most mood-boosting of all. Summer fashion always feels lighthearted and fresh. When planning out your purchases and go-to

The post Get ready for Summer: outfits to inspire appeared first on Where Did U Get That.

- Karen Blanchard
Stylish Rainwear: the edit

After the rain, the sun will reappear – they say. But while we have to deal with it, it’s best to just learn how

The post Stylish Rainwear: the edit appeared first on Where Did U Get That.

- Karen Blanchard
Get ready for summer 2023: 4 must-have accessories

Summer accessories are just what you need to spice up your cotton dresses. When it’s boiling outside, you might want to dress in the

The post Get ready for summer 2023: 4 must-have accessories appeared first on Where Did U Get That.

- Karen Blanchard
Why is everyone talking about quiet luxury?

Quiet luxury is fashion’s hot topic lately. It’s all over social media. Let’s break it down, shall we? When the small screen teens, Ashley

The post Why is everyone talking about quiet luxury? appeared first on Where Did U Get That.

- Karen Blanchard
How to look chic on a budget?

How to look chic for less or how to look chic on a budget? Bookmark this post because every tip applies forever and I

The post How to look chic on a budget? appeared first on Where Did U Get That.

- Karen Blanchard
Silver lining: the edit

Silver metallics are trending. There is no shortage of designer inspiration (Sacai, Gucci, Valentino, Paco Rabanne, Chloé, Simone Rocha) and styles (mesh materials, metallic

The post Silver lining: the edit appeared first on Where Did U Get That.

- Karen Blanchard
4 of the Hottest Denim Must-haves in 2023

We’ve been here before: denim is one of the hottest trends this year, and here’s what is happening for spring/summer 2023… Full Skirts Denim

The post 4 of the Hottest Denim Must-haves in 2023 appeared first on Where Did U Get That.

- Karen Blanchard
Don’t Forget the Accessories!

One of the best ways to elevate an outfit is proper accessorizing! You’ve probably heard this being said before, but I think people still

The post Don’t Forget the Accessories! appeared first on Where Did U Get That.

- Karen Blanchard
3 Trending Brands You Shouldn’t Sleep On

The democratization of fashion means that there’s a new designer debuting clothes every few minutes — and that it’s becoming harder to sort out

The post 3 Trending Brands You Shouldn’t Sleep On appeared first on Where Did U Get That.

- Karen Blanchard
Maximalism in 2023

Loud. A bit of buzz. Eccentric. Often embracing a certain level of chaos. Ladies and gentlemen, maximalism as we know it. Consider this your

The post Maximalism in 2023 appeared first on Where Did U Get That.

- Karen Blanchard
Paris Fashion Week F/W 2023: Where Did I Get That

Last but not least… Paris Fashion Week! After witnessing an amazing scene with unparalleled energy in New York (read what I wore for NYFW

The post Paris Fashion Week F/W 2023: Where Did I Get That appeared first on Where Did U Get That.

- Karen Blanchard
Trend report: Colorful Knitwear

You believed knitwear to be that boring basic? You are wrong. Fashion breathed new life into what was once plain. Technicolor oversized knits (think

The post Trend report: Colorful Knitwear appeared first on Where Did U Get That.

- Karen Blanchard
Milan FW AW23 Street Style Trends

Let’s talk about Milan FW street style trends! It’s one that I’ve been excited to talk about because if you’re a maximalist like me,

The post Milan FW AW23 Street Style Trends appeared first on Where Did U Get That.

- Karen Blanchard
Paris FW AW23 Street Style Trends

The last city of my fashion month calendar is Paris! Over the weeks I’ve seen some amazing street style looks that I can’t wait

The post Paris FW AW23 Street Style Trends appeared first on Where Did U Get That.

- Karen Blanchard
Milan Fashion Week F/W 2023: Where Did I Get That

Next up…Milan Fashion Week!! After witnessing an amazing scene with unparalleled energy in New York (read what I wore for NYFW here!), I flew

The post Milan Fashion Week F/W 2023: Where Did I Get That appeared first on Where Did U Get That.

- Karen Blanchard
Bag trends: from the past to the present

Can a handbag transform your entire outfit? The answer is yes. There’s a subtle power in the purse you carry. An outfit as simple

The post Bag trends: from the past to the present appeared first on Where Did U Get That.

- Michael Bonner

He played three tracks from 1965

The post Watch Bob Dylan’s surprise set with the Heartbreakers at Farm Aid 2023 appeared first on UNCUT.

- Peter Watts

Stars reflect on Bolan's life while performing his best loved songs

The post Angelheaded Hipster: The Songs Of Marc Bolan And T.Rex appeared first on UNCUT.

- Michael Bonner

The Welsh singer-songwriter on producing Cousin

The post “A beautiful community”: Cate Le Bon on Wilco appeared first on UNCUT.

- Stephen Troussé

The ambient grand master on playing live - just don't call it a tour!

The post 20 minutes with Brian Eno appeared first on UNCUT.

- Sam Richards

The punk survivor will field your enquiries in a future issue of Uncut

The post Send us your questions for Wreckless Eric! appeared first on UNCUT.

- Michael Bonner
Neil Young and Crazy Horse play Tonight’s The Night and Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere in full

Watch footage, including an 8-minute "Down By The River"

The post Neil Young and Crazy Horse play Tonight’s The Night and Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere in full appeared first on UNCUT.

- Michael Bonner

It's from his first album for five years, Iechyd Da

The post Hear Bill Ryder-Jones’ new track, “This Can’t Go On” appeared first on UNCUT.

- Michael Bonner
- Michael Bonner

It's a companion to April's First Two Pages of Frankenstein

The post The National surprise release new album, Laugh Track appeared first on UNCUT.

- Jason Anderson

Posthumous album sees Mark Linkous' memory handsomely honoured

The post Sparklehorse – Bird Machine appeared first on UNCUT.

- Nick Hasted

Their 12th is a reflective restatement of songwriting and vocal class

The post The Pretenders – Relentless appeared first on UNCUT.

- Sam Richards

“I’ll defend Jim Morrison to the death!”

The post The Walkmen’s Hamilton Leithauser – My Life In Music appeared first on UNCUT.

- Uncut

"You’re getting f**king free music!”

The post Pete Townshend introduces our free The Who CD appeared first on UNCUT.

- Sam Richards

The Cult frontman will field your enquiries in a future issue of Uncut

The post Send us your questions for Ian Astbury! appeared first on UNCUT.

- Michael Bonner

They're taken from her recreation of Dylan's 1966 Royal Albert Hall concert

The post Hear Cat Power cover Bob Dylan’s “She Belongs To Me” and “Ballad Of A Thin Man” appeared first on UNCUT.

- Sam Richards

Plus the last ever European show by ESG

The post Le Guess Who? festival adds WITCH, The Necks and Low’s Alan Sparhawk appeared first on UNCUT.

- Uncut

The Who, Robbie Robertson, Wilco, Sandy Denny, Teenage Fanclub, Pharoah Sanders and much more

The post Uncut – November 2023 appeared first on UNCUT.

- Michael Bonner

Also stars Teenage Fanclub, Pharoah Sanders, Sandy Denny and more

The post Introducing the new Uncut… The Who, Robbie Robertson, Wilco, Teenage Fanclub and our free Who CD! appeared first on UNCUT.

- Nigel Williamson

Canadian folk-roots performer breaks out of the Americana stockade

The post Allison Russell – The Returner appeared first on UNCUT.

- Stephen Dalton

Lavish multi-disc reissue for official debut by avant-punk psych-rock surrealists

The post Cardiacs – A Little Man And A House And The Whole World Window appeared first on UNCUT.

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4 Engagement Ring Trends That'll Never Go Out of Style, Per a Jewelry Designer
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Fall Fashion in NYC Is Unmatched—30 Items I'm Eyeing to Help Me Look the Part
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Taylor Swift and Millie Bobby Brown Already Own Louis Vuitton's New It Bag
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The 33 Products That Will Trick People Into Thinking You Have a Professional MUA
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Prada Beauty Debuted on the Runway and Proved Matte Lips Are Fall's Best Trend
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Meet Kavi Ahuja Moltz: The Creative Force Behind Fragrance Brand D.S. & Durga
Hear her story on Second Life podcast.
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These 2 Fashion People Are Styling Pros—Here's What They're Wearing for Fall
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This "Boring" Basic Is Officially One of the Most Popular Trends Around
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Leather Weather Is Here: 12 Outfits That Are Defining the Season
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Stylists and Editors Agree—These 12 Masks Will Revive Even the Most Damaged Hair
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What to Wear (or More Importantly, Not Wear) to the Ballet
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31 Elevated Basics That'll Completely Change Your Closet
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I Work in Fashion—These Are the Shoes I'm Wearing This Fall
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R&B Artist Maeta on Touring, Beauty Hacks, and Doing Her Own Hair and Makeup
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The Items I'd Wear Around Paris to Channel My Inner French Fashion Person
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6 Absolutely Chic Trends We Have to Credit Milan Fashion Week Street Style For
Thank you *very* much.

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- Jinnie Lee
Step Into These 11 Highly Rated Black Dress Pants

Welcome to Hype Machine, our hit-list of the top reviewed products across the web — according to a crowd of die-hard shoppers. Call this your 4-star & up only club, with entry granted by our devoted-to-the-goods shop editors.

The capsule wardrobe black dress pant has traditionally been reserved for the office, but when paired with a casual cotton tee or a dolled-up corset, these work pants are super-versatile. During the day, they’re an effortless, elevated substitute for the everyday blue jean, and at night, they’re great for dinner parties or late-night drinks. Throw a blazer over the whole thing, and you’ll instantly look like a creative exec ready to crush a presentation.

What we’re getting at is this: A great pair of black dress pants might improve your sartorial game significantly. Ahead, we’ve rounded up some of the most-loved and highly rated black dress pants with reviews that speak for themselves and justify carting them up.

DashDividers_1_500x100 Madewell The Harlow Wide-Leg Pant, $118

The “Unicorn Trouser” Black Pant
The Hype:
4.5 out of 5 stars, 199 reviews
This viral Madewell pant has been declared a “unicorn trouser” by customers because of its versatile, ultra-flattering cut. One shopper who initially questioned the wide-leg fit wrote, “These are a tailored, classic, wide-legged dream. They provide comfort without overwhelming the frame. They nip in the waist beautifully.” These features also make it ideal for curvier bodies. A reviewer said, “If you have a long torso and/or big hips and thighs, these are the pants for you.” Find the Harlow Pant available in petite, standard, plus, and tall sizes for the perfect fit. The pleats, sailor-inspired buttons, and drapey Tencel-Lyocell fabric are all cherries on top of a great black dress pant.

Maeve The Colette Cropped Wide-Leg Pants, $120

The Cropped Black Dress Pant
The Hype:
4.7 out of 5 stars; 1,164 reviews at Anthropologie
I previously wrote a review of Anthropologie’s best-selling Colette pant, which has gained a rabid fanbase over the past three years for its ultra-comfy, ultra-flattering fabric that drapes beautifully on the leg. While the Colette comes in a variety of lengths, fabrics, and colors, these stretchy cropped pants are best suited for those who prefer a little more flare (and to show a little more shoe). One shopper wrote, “These pants are everything! They fit so nicely! I have [four] colors and will probably continue adding onto the list [because] these elevate any top you pair with them. Lightweight and so easy to wear!” Pick from petite, standard, plus, and tall options, and then find yourself grabbing these black pants every day.

Quince Ultra-Stretch Ponte Straight Leg Pant, $39.90

The Legging-Like Black Dress Pant
The Hype:
4.8 out of 5 stars; 3,592 reviews
Quince’s Ponte pant collection is beloved. Many R29 readers have gravitated toward the bootcut style, but our eyes are on this straight-leg silhouette, which has gained over 3.5k positive reviews. The pull-on, stretchy, wrinkle-resistant pants have a yoga-pant feel to them, yet they manage to cut it as dress pants. “These pants are very comfortable (like wearing leggings but thicker and dressier),” one customer wrote, with another declaring them “great work pants.” However, shoppers have shared their mixed reviews about sizing, so make sure you check out the size chart and choose between three inseam lengths.

Everlane The Way-High Drape Pant, $128

The Super High-Waisted Black Dress Pant
The Hype:
4.2 out of 5 stars; 285 reviews
Everlane dropped a collection of suiting basics that I got to try on firsthand. While the breathable Tencel Lyocell fabric is outstanding and easy to wear, I would say that these pants are best for taller folks. (The “short” inseam option runs 30 inches while the “regular” is 32 inches — so, not very petite-friendly! However, the 30-inch inseam looked perfect on my 5’7″ friend.) And their high-rise cut is what excites most shoppers. “High-waisted perfection. Pants sit just above the belly button, so perfect for cropped shirts. Also great with tucked-in shirts, sweaters, or whatever,” one customer wrote. Many agree that the cut is flattering and versatile, making it easy to dress up or down.

Eloquii The Ultimate Stretch Suit Pintuck Pant, $79.95

The Plus Size Black Dress Pant
The Hype:
4.3 out of 5 stars; 647 reviews
Another bestselling stretchy Ponte pant on our list comes from Eloquii. The thick, medium-weight fabric makes these a great winter pant. Another plus, according to one reviewer, is that “the heavier material holds you in.” The plus-size black trousers have a sleek, tailored silhouette and a flattering pin-tuck detailing. Enjoy an ankle-length cut that can show off your favorite high heels, chunky loafers, or boots. One shopper wrote, “Extremely great quality material that is comfortable for all-day wear at the office.” These suit pants are available in sizes 14 through 28 in petite, standard, and tall inseam lengths.

Abercrombie & Fitch Sloane Tailored Pant, $90

The Versatile Black Dress Pant
The Hype:
4.5 out of 5 stars; 1,089 reviews
A beloved dress pant that just keeps on giving and keeps on pleasing are these Abercrombie & Fitch bestsellers. The menswear-inspired fabric and slightly wider-leg cut is classic and versatile. The tailored style is great if that’s what you’re looking for, but be mindful of sizing. One customer shared, “They fit but are tailored, so size up if you don’t like a snug fit.” Another wrote, “Purchased before they came in Curve Love fit, which I would have preferred, so it is a little loose in the waist but otherwise no complaints.” Thankfully, if you are curvy, the Curve Love option is now available in short, regular, and long lengths.

Reformation Mason Pant, $178

The Perfect Black Pant For Tall People
The Hype:
Reformation bestseller
If you find your way into Reformation’s bestseller section, you’ll be met by the Mason Pant. Enjoy a cinched waist and relaxed leg fit that’ll give you that ultimate cool-girl-at-the-office look or a more casual going-out one. The brand shared in the product description that many customers have found this style long and in need of hemming. Luckily, Reformation offers free alterations, so you’ll be able to customize your trousers for the perfect fit! This fan-favorite style is also available in petite and plus sizes.

Banana Republic Skinny Sloan Pant, $90

The Mid-Rise Black Dress Pant
The Hype:
4.2 out of 5 stars; 1,011 reviews
If the prior high-waisted and wide-leg styles haven’t tickled your fancy, then we recommend this Banana Republic pant that has a mid-rise waist and skinny fit throughout. The sleek black dress pants made from a cotton blend are super-sturdy and slightly stretchy. One customer, who has repurchased these a couple times, said, “Color never fades and the material doesn’t stretch after wearing all day where it looks frumpy on you in areas. The material has some stretch but not like most clothes have these days.” Check out the sizing chart carefully, and choose between petite, regular, and tall fits.

Spanx The Perfect Pant, Slim Straight, $148

The Smoothing Black Dress Pant
The Hype:
4.3 out of 5 stars; 1,623 reviews
Yes, the famous shapewear brand makes clothing too, and high-quality, high-rated clothing at that. Like its signature shapewear shorts, these dress pants are pull-on, have four-way stretch, and use a smoothing fabric that offers core-shaping and “booty lifting” features. Plus, the Perfect Pant is machine-washable. What more can you ask for? But if you’re still reluctant, one recent customer is a big fan: “Love these pants! Wasn’t sure having never tried them on and the price point is higher than I usually spend, but well worth it!” They’re available in petite, regular, and tall inseams, and go up to a 3X.

J. Crew Kate Straight-Leg Pant in Four-Season Stretch, $118 $89.50

The Stretchy Black Dress Pant
The Hype:
4.3 out of 5 stars; 62 reviews
If you already love J.Crew’s four-season stretch fabric, you’ll love these dress pants, which are super-comfortable and never lose their shape. The straight-leg trousers are also sleek and promise to be flattering on everyone. “This is my fourth pair of Kate pants — [two pairs] in linen, [one] in faux leather, and I just purchased a pair in four-season stretch. They look perfect on, and I have never had to bring them in for alterations,” one customer raved. One thing to note, though, is that these pants don’t have belt loops, so finding the right size is really important. To hopefully help with that, this style comes in a large size range and comes in petite, classic, and tall lengths.

Theory Treeca Pant in Good Wool, $195

The Eco-Conscious Black Dress Pant
The Hype:
4.7 out of 5 stars; 384 reviews
Theory’s best-selling Treeca fit is a mid-rise and slim-leg cut that can be found across several lengths, fabrics, and colors. But these responsibly sourced premium merino wool ones seem to have the most reviews from customers. The wool makes them stretchy, breathable, and temperature-regulating, making them great for all-day wear. This particular style is also slightly cropped, and from the reviews, most customers find them to be true to size, which is a big win for us.


At Refinery29, we’re here to help you navigate this overwhelming world of stuff. All of our market picks are independently selected and curated by the editorial team. All product details reflect the price and availability at the time of publication. If you buy or click on something we link to on our site, Refinery29 may earn commission.

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Food Merch Is The New Band Tee, FYI
“Merch” and “fashion” have never been mutually exclusive (think: vintage sportswear, band tees, and branded moto leather jackets). But right now, it would seem that the trend centers largely around one major arena: food. Cool Girl clothing collectives are vending pasta T-shirts and cheese-shaped earrings. Restaurant totes are now essential to the standard street-style uniform. Tomato Girl Summer is all over TikTok. Which is to say, in all sincerity, we wear what we eat. 

And now, we can wear what we drink, too. In celebration of National Coffee Day, beloved Canadian coffee purveyor, Tim Hortons, is releasing a new line of thematic apparel that encompasses letterman jackets, crewneck sweaters, socks, hats, patch packs, and T-shirts, thus allowing customers to wear their coffee orders (Black Coffee, Latte, Double Double, Cold Brew, Iced Capp) on their sleeves — or lapels, chests, backs, et cetera. "Many Tims fans consider their coffee order a part of their identity, so we wanted to give them the chance to celebrate their favourite drinks the same way that sports fans wear jerseys to support their favourite teams,” says Solange Bernard, senior director of marketing for Tim Hortons.

You'll need to shop fast, however. The coffee crews line is available for only one day —September 29 starting at 10 a.m. ET (unless, of course, you’re a Tims Rewards member, in which case, you'll earn early access at 8 a.m. ET) — and exclusively at TimShop.

Ahead, we’re taking a look at our favorite pieces in the collection. Get to shopping, before everything's sold out. Double Double Letterman Jacket
Designed as an homage to the classic Canadian “Double Double” — two shots of cream and two shots of sugar mixed in with Tim Hortons original brewed coffee — this letterman jacket boasts leather sleeves, just as cozy as the double double itself. Deux Deux Tee
For a more culturally inspired take on the Double Double, this “Deux Deux” tee adds a little French twist to the mix. Styled with a #22 insignia (hence: Deux Deux), the jersey-inspired shirt gives coupe de monde-meets-Fashion Week energy. Black Coffee Letterman Jacket
For the purists: a jacket with some punk rock flair. Crafted with leather sleeves and lightening bolt details, the monochrome garment is designed to say, “no sweetener for me."Cold Brew Crew
This cozy pullover crewneck in a warm chocolatey brown will keep you plenty cozy while you sip your go-to frigid coffee bev all winter long (like any true cold brew devotee), with socks to match.Iced Capp Letterman Jacket
If you’re looking for vintage varsity vibes, this butter-hued jacket is the perfect Tim Hortons select. With a collegiate-style I.C. insignia on the breast, it's giving Friday Night Lights (with a java-esque twist).
Iced Capp Tee
This white tee is as simple and elegant as its corresponding coffee order — and as chill as, well, glacon (ice, per the French). Latte Letterman Jacket
A jacket designed for the latte loyalists, complete with milky-white sleeves and a warm caramel insignia. Latte TeeIn the lighter layer realm, latte enthusiasts can also rock this perfect, boxy white tee. In monochrome shades of white, the tee pairs well with just about anything. Cafe Noir Tee
Styled after your standard jersey, this #64 Cafe Noir shirt (the number refers to the year the coffee line was released) has all the chic, minimalist appeal of the beloved Tim Hortons coffee drink. Café Infusé a Froid Tee
While “Café Infusé a Froid” may sound far classier than your standard coffee order, rest assured, the translation is a familiar one: cold brew. Enjoy repping the caffeinated mainstay sartorially…but with some added Euro zest. 

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Target’s Just-Launched Collab With Rowing Blazers Is Taking Us Back To School In Style
If there's one thing that's basically catnip for fashion lovers, it's a hot-off-the-presses Target designer collab — and this next one is one for the books. Well, maybe textbooks.

Just in time for back-to-school season, Target has launched its fall designer collection, and it's with none other than Rowing Blazers. The American design label is best known for its irreverent, modern interpretation of the classics: Think suiting, knitwear, rugby shirts, and the like that enjoy a cult following.

Rowing Blazers x Target spans over 100 pieces across adult and kids’, accessories, home decor, outdoor, and even swag for your furry friends. Prices start at $5, and apparel items will be available in sizes ranging from XXS to 5X. The collection dropped online and in select stores on September 23 and, as has been the case with past Target collabs, the adorably preppy pieces are already flying off the shelves. Ahead, shop the highly-coveted Rowing Blazers x Target collab and read along as Rowing Blazers' founder and creative director (and former US national rowing team coxswain!) Jack Carlson walks us through the collection.

At Refinery29, we’re here to help you navigate this overwhelming world of stuff. All of our market picks are independently selected and curated by the editorial team. All product details reflect the price and availability at the time of publication. If you buy or click on something we link to on our site, Refinery29 may earn commission.Tell us a bit about Rowing Blazers.
Jack Carlson: "Rowing Blazers is a brand and design studio that I founded about six years ago. We’re known for our irreverent, colorful slightly subversive take on the classics."

Rowing Blazers x Target Glass Jar Candle, Tobacco and Cardamom, $, available at Target

Rowing Blazers x Target Dog Decorative Bookends, $, available at TargetPhoto: Courtesy of TargetJC: "We’re also known for the collaborations we’ve done, as well as this cult following and celebrity clientele that we’ve somehow attracted over the years. I really don’t understand how that happens, but it’s very cool."

Rowing Blazers x Target Corduroy Logo Baseball Hat, $, available at Target

Rowing Blazers x Target Rugby Stripe Crest Football, $, available at Target

Rowing Blazers x Target Crest Beer Stein, $, available at TargetPhoto: Courtesy of TargetR29: Tell us about how the partnership with Target came about.
JC: "Target reached out to us kind of out of the blue almost two years ago and I was thrilled when they did. At first, it was very casual, like 'We’d love to learn more about the brand, maybe at some point in the future we can do something.' I didn’t think something would happen right away, but I was hopeful."

Rowing Blazers x Target Corduroy Logo Baseball Hat, $, available at Target

Rowing Blazers x Target Plaid 2-Pocket Jacket, $, available at Target

Rowing Blazers x Target Letter Patch, $, available at TargetPhoto: Courtesy of TargetJC: "Target is so well known for its designer collaborations and the names they’ve collaborated with, I’m very honored to be in that company. They have executed those collaborations so beautifully and so well, and they’ve been so successful. I was super excited and then just a few weeks later, Target reached back out and they were like, 'We’d love to move forward with a collaboration.' That was a very, very exciting moment."

Rowing Blazers x Target Adult Graphic Crewneck Sweatshirt, $, available at Target

Rowing Blazers x Target Rose Print Belt Bag, $, available at Target

Rowing Blazers x Target Crest Skateboard, $, available at Target

Rowing Blazers x Target Women's Corduroy Straight Leg Trousers, $, available at TargetPhoto: Courtesy of TargetR29: The collection obviously has Rowing Blazers all over it, but were there any specific references or pieces of inspiration you looked to?
JC: "I really wanted the collection to be the quintessential Rowing Blazers, and have all the categories we’re so well known for: The blazers, of course, rugby shirt, the knitwear, the outerwear. But there was also the opportunity to do so many categories that we have never done before, like pet accessories or home décor."

Rowing Blazers x Target Kids' Duffle Coat, $, available at Target

Rowing Blazers x Target Kids' Ivy Print Straight Chino Pants, $, available at TargetPhoto: Courtesy of TargetJC: "I wanted to really lean into the brand DNA because this is going to be so many people’s first time learning about the brand, experiencing the brand, buying something from the brand. And I didn’t want to dumb it down, either. I wanted to keep those really elevated pieces like the outerwear, the duffle coats, the camel polo coat, double-breasted blazer."

Rowing Blazers x Target 'Kindness' Graphic Crewneck Sweatshirt, $, available at Target

Rowing Blazers x Target Vertical Stripe Corduroy Collared Canvas Jacket, $, available at TargetPhoto: Courtesy of TargetJC: "We also wanted to lean into the American collegiate aesthetic, and keep the colors and patterns we’re so known for. I didn’t want to be like, 'We’ll make this a little more wearable by toning down the colors.' I wanted it to be true Rowing Blazers, with the graphics, the colors, even the fabrics as well."

Rowing Blazers x Target Rugby Stripe Sweater, $, available at Target

Rowing Blazers x Target Vertical Stripe Corduroy Collared Canvas Jacket, $, available at TargetPhoto: Courtesy of TargetJC: "I wanted it to be very elevated and up to [the standard] we’re known for. This is going to be the introduction to millions of people so it needed to be true to the brand DNA."

Rowing Blazers x Target Alphabet Print Crewneck Sweatshirt, $, available at Target

Rowing Blazers x Target Faux Shearling Crest Baseball Hat, $, available at TargetPhoto: Courtesy of TargetR29: What are some of the pieces you’re especially excited about? Any predictions on what you think will be the first to sell out?
JC: "It’s so hard to pick favorites in the collection. The things that we’re so known for, like the rugby shirts, or the sweatshirts and tee shirts, I think all of that will be very popular. I also think some of the more elevated pieces that are some of my favorites will also attract a lot of people’s attention, too."

Rowing Blazers x Target Adult Graphic Crewneck Sweatshirt, $, available at Target

Rowing Blazers x Target Greek Runner Ceramic Ice Bucket, $, available at TargetPhoto: Courtesy of TargetJC: "Outside of apparel, the yellow and navy striped canvas weekender bag and dopp kit are so beautiful. And there’s a jacket with a corduroy collar, too."

Rowing Blazers x Target Rose Print Collared Long Sleeve Rugby Shirt, $, available at Target

Rowing Blazers x Target Stripe Double Breasted Blazer, $, available at Target

Rowing Blazers x Target Women's Corduroy Straight Leg Trousers, $, available at TargetPhoto: Courtesy of TargetJC: "Also, I love the fact that almost everything in the collection is customizable. You can get these little chenille varsity letters, and I designed a lot of the collection with that in mind: 'Is this going to look good with someone putting their initials or their name a funny phrase?' And I think so much of it will."

Rowing Blazers x Target Stripe Double Breasted Blazer, $, available at TargetPhoto: Courtesy of TargetR29: You’re in such amazing company when you consider Target’s past designer collaborations and how much they mean to people who love fashion but may not be able to exclusively shop designer all the time. What does it mean to share the brand with a wider audience?
JC: "It means so much. We have done a lot of collabs in the past, but from my perspective, this is the biggest and most important one we’ve done because it will reach so many people."

Rowing Blazers x Target Rose Print Fleece Zip Up Jacket, $, available at Target

Rowing Blazers x Target Corduroy Logo Baseball Hat, $, available at TargetPhoto: Courtesy of TargetJC: "The collab is so in line with the vision that I had from the beginning for the brand, which is creating a club for everyone. And when you think, this will be in over 1,000 Target stores, the average price point is less than $30, and we’re able to have fully inclusive sizing from XXS to 5X, that means a lot."

Rowing Blazers x Target Adult Zig Zag Print Tie, $, available at Target

Rowing Blazers x Target Stripe Double Breasted Blazer, $, available at Target

Rowing Blazers x Target Rose Print Ceramic Vase, $, available at TargetPhoto: Courtesy of TargetJC: "[Target x Rowing Blazers] is in a way, the culmination of my vision for the brand, so it’s incredibly exciting."

Rowing Blazers x Target Women's Corduroy Double Breasted Blazer, $, available at Target

Rowing Blazers x Target Rugby Stripe Sweater, $, available at Target

Rowing Blazers x Target Zig Zag Print Pet Tie, $, available at TargetPhoto: Courtesy of Target

Rowing Blazers x Target Rugby Stripe Weekender Bag, $, available at Rowing Blazers

Rowing Blazers x Target Crest Logo Weekender Bag, $, available at Target

Rowing Blazers x Target Corduroy Crossbody Bag, $, available at Target

Rowing Blazers x Target Rugby Stripe Tote Bag, $, available at TargetPhoto: Courtesy of Target

Rowing Blazers x Target Rugby Stripe Pet Shirt, $, available at Target

Rowing Blazers x Target Rugby Stripe Cube Pouf, $, available at TargetPhoto: Courtesy of Target

Rowing Blazers x Target Corduroy Logo Baseball Hat, $, available at Target

Rowing Blazers x Target Adult Croquet Stripe Cable Knit Sweater, $, available at Target

Rowing Blazers x Target Adult Crest Logo Belt, $, available at Target

Rowing Blazers x Target Adult Logo T-Shirt, $, available at Target

Rowing Blazers x Target Adult Graphic T-Shirt, $, available at TargetPhoto: Courtesy of Target

Rowing Blazers x Target Adult Crest Logo Belt, $, available at Target

Rowing Blazers x Target Rugby Stripe Crest Football, $, available at Target

Rowing Blazers x Target Women's Stripe Collared Long Sleeve Rugby Shirt, $, available at Target

Rowing Blazers x Target Adult Croquet Stripe Cable Knit Sweater, $, available at Target

Rowing Blazers x Target Crest Logo Stripe Collared Long Sleeve Rugby Shirt, $, available at TargetPhoto: Courtesy of Target

Rowing Blazers x Target Women's Stripe Collared Long Sleeve Rugby Shirt, $, available at Target

Rowing Blazers x Target Corduroy Logo Baseball Hat, $, available at Target

Rowing Blazers x Target 'Kindness' Graphic Crewneck Sweatshirt, $, available at Target

Rowing Blazers x Target Women's Plaid Pleated Skirt, $, available at Target

Rowing Blazers x Target Men's Duffle Coat with Arm Patch Crest, $, available at Target

Rowing Blazers x Target Men's Plaid Pants, $, available at Target

Rowing Blazers x Target Men's Twill Pants, $, available at TargetPhoto: Courtesy of Target

Rowing Blazers x Target Men's Twill Pants, $, available at Target

Rowing Blazers x Target Men's Duffle Coat with Arm Patch Crest, $, available at Target

Rowing Blazers x Target 'Kindness' Graphic Crewneck Sweatshirt, $, available at TargetPhoto: Courtesy of Target

Rowing Blazers x Target All Over Print Collared Long Sleeve Rugby Shirt, $, available at Target

Rowing Blazers x Target Men's Double Breasted Blazer, $, available at Target

Rowing Blazers x Target Men's Twill Pants, $, available at Target

Rowing Blazers x Target Kids' Corduroy Pants, $, available at Target

Rowing Blazers x Target Kids' Adaptive Novelty Crest Easy Snap Closure Blazer, $, available at TargetPhoto: Courtesy of Target

Rowing Blazers x Target Rugby Stripe Sweater, $, available at Target

Rowing Blazers x Target Women's Corduroy Double Breasted Blazer, $, available at Target

Rowing Blazers x Target Women's Corduroy Straight Leg Trousers, $, available at Target

Rowing Blazers x Target Zig Zag Print Pet Tie, $, available at TargetPhoto: Courtesy of Target

Rowing Blazers x Target Rose Print Collared Long Sleeve Rugby Shirt, $, available at Target

Rowing Blazers x Target Alphabet Print Crewneck Sweatshirt, $, available at Target

Rowing Blazers x Target Women's Corduroy Straight Leg Trousers, $, available at Target

Rowing Blazers x Target Men's Twill Pants, $, available at TargetPhoto: Courtesy of Target

Rowing Blazers x Target Women's Corduroy Straight Leg Trousers, $, available at Target

Rowing Blazers x Target Men's Plaid Pants, $, available at Target

Rowing Blazers x Target Women's Stripe Collared Long Sleeve Rugby Shirt, $, available at Target

Rowing Blazers x Target Crest Logo Stripe Collared Long Sleeve Rugby Shirt, $, available at Target

Rowing Blazers x Target Adult Zig Zag Print Tie, $, available at TargetPhoto: Courtesy of Target

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8 Tried-&-Tested Travel Outfits From R29 Editors

When you’re embarking on a trip, planning what outfit to wear while in transit may very well be the last thing on your mind. Sure, it’s understandable to spend all your time deliberating the coziest fall sweaters or your vacation OOTD, or scouring the internet for classic staples for your vacation capsule wardrobe, but we firmly believe that a comfy yet chic travel outfit should be higher on your priority list.

Traveling in the right clothing can make or break an experience: A long-haul flight will feel that much less dreadful if you’re wearing something that keeps your body feeling ventilated yet warm and well-supported without being restrictive. If it helps you look put-together even after a bumpy flight or hours stuck in traffic? That’s almost as good as getting a free upgrade.

Ahead, we have polled several well-traveled R29 editors on their go-to travel outfits. Read ahead for tried-and-tested combos to help you jet set with ease and style.

DashDividers_1_500x100 Kate Spencer, Senior Affiliate Partnerships Manager

“My number one goal while traveling is comfort, and although I take this very seriously, I also don’t want to look like I’m sitting on an airplane in my pajamas. First, comfortable undergarments are key. I always wear the Skims Scoop Bralette because it provides support without having clasps or wires that dig into you while you’re sitting (and trying to sleep) for hours. I’ll throw on a boxy crew tee from Buck Mason that’s not too form fitting, a cozy sweater from Jenni Kayne (I’m always cold), Levi’s baggy denim, and a shoe thats easy to slip on and off — like my FitFlop Shuv Leather Clogs.”

DashDividers_1_500x100 Sarah Crow, Affiliate Director

“My main goal while traveling is to look relatively presentable while remaining extremely comfortable. For me, this means one layer of relatively tight black clothing — GapFit leggings and a Honeylove Liftwear Tank that allows me to forgo a bra, specifically — with a soft layer on top. This Quince Mongolian Cashmere Duster Cardigan Sweater is the perfect outer layer for me, since it’s extremely lightweight and warm but cut beautifully so that it never looks sloppy (and it’s super-packable, so it’s easy to toss in a bag).

“Since the TSA really isn’t about to let up on the whole taking your shoes off thing anytime soon, I typically opt for no-tie styles that I can wear socks with. In the summer, that usually means a pair of Vans, and when it gets a bit colder outside, it means wearing my Aerosole Step Dance Booties, which are about as comfortable as any shoe I’ve ever worn but look more polished than any of my gym shoes. And since I’m never capable of picking just a few items to bring with me in the cabin, I like to pack an oversized, unstructured bag that can pack flat in my suitcase if need be. My latest obsession is this silver Kelly Tote from Marcella, which can fit my laptop, a book, my wallet, my makeup case, a pair of shoes, and probably more, if I were to push it, but weighs practically nothing. In addition to its amazing size, the bag looks and feels luxe in person, but isn’t such an expensive piece that I worry about it making contact with the dirt and debris found in the bottom of your average airport security bin. The full look takes about 10 seconds to throw on, is comfortable enough to sleep in, and looks put together enough to wear to a second location if I don’t have time to hit my hotel and change first.”

DashDividers_1_500x100 Irina Grechko, Fashion Director

“I got gifted this outfit the night before I left for Europe for Fashion Month. As soon as I tried it on, I abandoned the travel look I had previously selected.

“I often have to go from the plane straight to a fashion show, meeting, or presentation thanks to pesky 3 pm check-in hotel rules. These Lululemon Utilitech Relaxed Trousers can easily go from plane wear to presentable thanks to their tailored fit that only looks constricting but is actually relaxed, especially when paired with a tank top and blazer, which I always carry in my carry-on after losing my luggage a few too many times. The anorak is equally fashion-forward with a cropped but loose fit that could pair just as well with a midi skirt. Bonus: The water-repellant fabric is great for rainy days.

“Now, for shoes. This my second pair of APL sneakers in this exact style (I also have them in white). I love how sleek they look for more casual outings while still serving as a true workout shoe that I can hit the hotel gym or run outside in.

Let’s just say, I no longer worry about running into other fashion editors at the airport.”

DashDividers_1_500x100 Charlotte Lewis, Sexual Health & Wellness Writer

“I’m the type of person who cannot stand seams, buttons, or rough fabrics, but during travel, my existing sensory sensitivities go wild the longer I sit. But flying while wearing pajamas is less than ideal, so it’s taken me literal years to perfect my go-to plane outfit: my favorite Athleta Salutation Stash 7/8 Tight ($109), the Wild Fable Short Sleeve Relaxed Fit Cropped T-Shirt ($7), and my go-to footwear, Keds’ Champion Sneaker ($30).

“I’ve found that if I wear all black and give a pop of color to the shoes, I still look polished enough to be seen out and about, but the clothes are perfectly comfortable. These Athleta leggings are a godsend. Not only do they have pockets (essential during travel!), but they are so soft and don’t feel like I’m being squished into a sausage casing. The cropped tee from Target is an affordable staple in my closet. It’s perfectly oversized and not too cropped, so I don’t have to worry about flashing anyone. Finishing it off with a comfy sneaker in a fun color (unfortunately, my fave sneakers are no longer avail but Keds makes a super similar one that are equally cute and comfortable), is the perfect way to balance out all the black. And, it’s easily layered with a sweatshirt, sweater, or jean jacket for those who get cold on the plane.”

DashDividers_1_500x100 Venus Wong, Senior Travel Writer

“I have the great fortune of going on frequent trips through my work as Refinery29’s resident travel writer, so I have my go-to airport outfit down to a T. Here’s a detailed breakdown from head to toe: When it comes to underwear while on the move, it’s wireless bras for me all the way. Harper Wilde’s Bliss Bralette ($45), gently supports my boobs without digging into my back and shoulders, and the buttery-soft microfiber fabric feels so good on my skin. My favorite travel top is Cozy Earth’s Model Crew Neck Tee ($95, but Refinery29 readers can get 30% off with code COZYREFINERY until the end of the year). I highly rate the brand’s eco-friendly modal material — it is breathable yet retains warmth, and the weave is pill-resistant and has a lovely drape.

“When it starts getting chilly on the plane after takeoff, I like to cover up with Quince’s SuperSoft Fleece Crew ($34.90). Believe me when I say that this is the coziest sweatshirt ever. The fleece lining is almost cuddlier than my favorite childhood blanket. I don’t like wearing leggings, so Lululemon’s Stretch High-Rise Cropped Pant ($98) is the travel pant I constantly reach for when I want to feel comfy and look polished. The Luxtreme fabric is great at wicking away moisture (including any accidental drinks spillage), and I love that the elastic waistband is padded with soft fabric.

“Finally, I complete my outfit with Kizik Madrid Sneakers ($99). The bouncy heel technology allows your feet to slip in and out of the shoe without ever having to use your hands, a godsend for going through TSA. If I’m going on a flight for longer than four hours, I’ll put on my SB SOX Compression Socks ($16.95) before heading for the airport. They have been amazing at improving my circulation and preventing muscle cramps.”

DashDividers_1_500x100 Marshall Bright, Affiliate Editor

“When I say this is my favorite travel outfit, I also mean that it is my only travel outfit. I wore it on a long-haul flight to Japan. I’ve worn it on the two-hour drive to my parent’s house. It’s so soft and comfy but still flattering — Summersalt’s Softest French Terry Joggers ($80, which are now on sale for $56), are just slim enough that they don’t feel bulky but aren’t clingy like leggings. The two-tone design on the Softest French Terry Pullover ($60 — on sale for $45.50) helps it feel a bit dresser than just a plain sweatshirt. I even wear them traveling in the summer because you never know how cold a plane will be, and while I won’t lay out on a beach in the set later, it’s light enough that I don’t immediately want to rip it off my body when I land.”

DashDividers_1_500x100 Karina Hoshikawa, Senior Writer

“There was a time when air travel was a veritable occasion — one that people got dressed up for in top hats and three-piece suiting. While I’m not totally saying we need to go back to that, I’m all for elevated comfort — and IMHO, I think this ensemble nails it. I love this lightweight, breathable Stretch Recycled-Jersey Jumpsuit ($100) from Girlfriend Collective because it’s a one-and-done instant outfit, and because I get cold on planes, I pair it with my trusty Levi’s Original Trucker Jacket ($79.99). Lastly, a pair of cool, comfortable sneakers to support your feet during your journey. (I swear by my ON Cloudmonsters ($169.95), which are also great for when you need to book it to your gate before the final boarding call.)”

DashDividers_1_500x100 Becca Sax, Affiliate Coordinator

“No matter what mode of transportation, I will always fall asleep. Thus, it’s essential that my travel fit is comfortable. As a day-one fan of Girlfriend Collective, I love its leggings, so naturally, a set from the brand — Paloma Racerback Bra ($46) paired with the FLOAT Ultralight Legging ($78) — is my favorite travel fit. It’s layer-able and perfectly breathable for snoozing, as someone who likes to sleep naked. Nike’s White Air Forces ($110) are the perfect shoe for traveling, as I can dress them up or down for any occasion and they’re comfortable.”


At Refinery29, we’re here to help you navigate this overwhelming world of stuff. All of our market picks are independently selected and curated by the editorial team. If you buy something we link to on our site, Refinery29 may earn commission.

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This Weekend’s Best Sales, According To R29 Shopping Editors
As professional online shoppers, Refinery29 affiliate writers have a *spidey* sense for the best virtual sale sections and limited-time deals. Whether it's Lululemon's ol' reliable We Made Too Much tab or a flash deal on bestselling skin-care brands — where there's a clearance rack, there's an R29 shopping editor sizing up its price-slashed goods. And today, we present to you the best sales happening this weekend, according to us.

The best sales and/or deals must meet at least one of the following criteria: It's on discounted Refinery29 reader-favorite items (according to our anonymous shopping data). It takes a minimum of 25% off the full price. Or it's a rare price slash, making a slightly smaller discount still notable. TL;DR: The following sales are ones to watch and worthy of a spot in all budget-friendly carts — I mean, in our opinion.

At Refinery29, we’re here to help you navigate this overwhelming world of stuff. All of our market picks are independently selected and curated by the editorial team. If you buy something we link to on our site, Refinery29 may earn commission.

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The limit simply does not exist when it comes to Amazon deals. Whether it's the newest Kindle or literally anything else, expect the mass e-retailer to have everything you might need at a major discount.

Shop Amazon

Amazon Kindle Scribe (64 GB), $, available at AmazonReformation
What could possibly be better than beautiful new Reformation dresses decorating our closets? Buying them on sale, of course. For a limited time, get up to 70% off select styles at this reader-favorite brand.

Shop Reformation

Reformation Marguerite Silk Dress, $, available at ReformationUlta Beauty
Cleanse, hydrate, and calm your weekday stress away with up to 40% off select bestselling brands at Ulta Beauty's Fall Haul event.

Shop Ulta Beauty

Good Light Moon Glow Milky Toning Lotion, $, available at UltaFenty Beauty
'Tis the weekend for all sorts of beauty sales! Fenty Beauty is giving us a chance to try everything we've been yearning to and get a crazy discount — 25% off sitewide, to be specific.

Shop Fenty Beauty

Fenty Cherry Treat Conditioning Strengthening Lip Oil, $, available at Fenty BeautyJ.Crew
If there's one thing we can count on, it's the preppy retailer and reader-favorite J.Crew running a supersale. This weekend it's up to 50% off select outerwear and other fall styles.

Shop J.Crew

J.Crew Daphne topcoat in Italian boiled wool, $, available at J.CrewKate Spade
Are you into designer? Or maybe you've just been wanting a new high-quality bag? Lucky for you, Kate Spade's entire collection is up to 70% off for a limited time!

Shop Kate Spade

Kate Spade Staci Dome Backpack, $, available at Kate SpadeSkims
Skims' sale section is always worth peeping. According to on-site Skims reviewers, this bralette is both "sexy" and "comfortable." Now, it's also 30% off and on our watch list.

Shop Skims

Skims Soft Smoothing Bralette, $, available at SkimsOutdoor Voices
Give in to the tennis-core aesthetic with Outdoor Voices' up-to-70% off sale — including this OV exercise dress.

Shop Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices Cross Back Dress, $, available at Outdoor VoicesUrban Outfitters
We can safely say that scrolling through Urban Outfitters' sale section to see what's new is one of our favorite hobbies.

Shop Urban Outfitters

BDG Nylon Tote Bag, $, available at Urban OutfittersCasper
In the market for a new mattress? You're in luck because we have an exclusive deal on the Casper Original Mattress. With no promo code needed, get up to $600 off all mattresses.

Shop Casper

Casper Original Mattress, $, available at CasperCozy Earth
Cozy up in bed with everything from new cooling sheets to ultra-soft pajama sets because Cozy Earth just gifted us an up-to-25% off sale on everything.

Shop Cozy Earth

Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheet Set, $, available at Cozy EarthLovehoney
The days of spending upwards of $100 on a good vibrator are long over — especially when select Lovehoney toys are up to 70% off.

Shop Lovehoney

Womanizer x Lovehoney Pro40 Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator, $, available at LovehoneyAwe Inspired
Whether you're especially feeling this full moon or you're simply hoping to add a new beautiful addition to your jewelry collection, the spiritual-inspired jewelry brand (and its extra 15% off with the code SUPER) is perfect.

Shop Awe Inspired

Awe Inspired Zodiac Goddess Necklace, $, available at Awe InspiredFree People
This weekend, we've definitely got our eye on Free People's sale section. There's a little bit of everything, but we know Refinery29 readers love a stylish, comfy midi dress — especially if it's 58% off.

Shop Free People

Free People Lotus Set, $, available at Free PeopleAerie
Sit back and relax with these ultra-soft, top-rated Aerie leggings — especially, because they (and hundreds of new cozy arrivals) are 30% off.

Shop Aerie

OFFLINE by Aerie Real Me High Waisted Legging, $, available at AerieFood52
Set the table right with Food52's sale section's new arrivals, like this elegant Le Creuset cast-iron skillet for just under $100.

Shop Food52

Le Creuset Classic Enameled Cast-Iron Skillet, 9", $, available at Food52Lime Crime
What's a better way to say hello to fall than with a new eyeshadow palette? Lime Crime, the pigmented and colorful makeup brand, is hosting its biggest sale with up to 75% off — including this romantic palette that's 50% off when you add it to cart.

Shop Lime Crime

Lime Crime Venus XL 2 Eye and Face Palette, $, available at Lime CrimeAnthropologie
Another R29-reader hotspot and one of our personal favorite stores to scroll through: Anthropologie. Right now, the retailer has its usual stylish sale section.

Shop Anthropologie

By Anthropologie The Katerina Button-Front Mini Dress, $, available at AnthropologieAbercrombie & Fitch
Right now Abercrombie & Fitch, per its site, has 20% off any YPB activewear purchase and new arrivals to its clearance section. We recommend stocking up on fall work essentials, like these jeans, before the limited-time markdowns disappear.

Shop Abercrombie & Fitch

Abercrombie Ultra High Rise 90s Straight Jean, $, available at AbercrombieNordstrom
While the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has ended, there are still plenty of discounted styles in its ordinary sale section. Everything from cult-favorite fall kicks to beloved beauty buys are going for way less. Our personal pick: these coveted UGG shearling slippers.

Shop Nordstrom

Ugg Maxi Curly Genuine Shearling Scuffetta Slipper, $, available at NordstromSaatva
Interested in making your sleep better? One thing that is guaranteed to work is getting a new mattress. Might seem extreme, but when Saatva is running a 15% off $1,000 sale, it's definitely worth it.

Shop Saatva

Saatva Classic Mattress, $, available at SaatvaHollister
Whether you're shopping for fall or you're a true OG Hollister fan, this sale event will surely pique your interest: You can get up to 30% off select styles.

Shop Hollister

Hollister Oversized Sun Graphic Sweatshirt, $, available at HollisterSaks Off 5th
Summer simply cannot be over without at least one designer purchase. Lucky for us, Saks Off 5th delivered. For a limited time, get up to 80% off summer clearance — including this beautiful Farm Rio dress.

Shop Saks Off 5th

Farm Rio Pitanga One-Shoulder Cut-Out Maxi Dress, $, available at Saks OFF 5THLululemon
There's nothing quite like the careful balance between softness and support that Lululemon's leggings perfected — especially when they're hiding in Lulu's famous We Made Too Much section.

Shop Lululemon

Lululemon Align™ High-Rise Pant 25", $, available at LululemonLo & Sons
We recommend not making brand-new travel plans without a new weekender to go with them. This reader-beloved brand has up to 50% off all its bags, the iconic Catalina Deluxe bag included.

Shop Lo & Sons

Lo and Sons Catalina Deluxe, $, available at Lo and SonsWayfair
Wayfair nearly always has insane sales going on, but right now, you can shop lots of basics, including bedding, kitchen, and bath, at up to 50% off. If it's time for you to replace your towels, we love this one-and-done buy. Plus, one Wayfair-verified buyer writes, "These towels are very soft and fluffy. They dry you off quickly and easily without feeling scratchy. I highly recommend these towel sets!"

Shop Wayfair

Charlton Home Darcelle Turkish Cotton Bath Towels, $, available at WayfairSSENSE
We mustn't let the scorching temperatures distract us from stocking up on winter essentials while they're on sale. We're talking The North Face's iconic retro down jackets going for 40%+ off at SSENSE.


The North Face Red '92 Retro Anniversary Nuptse Down Jacket, $, available at SSENSESephora
This weekend, shoppers can score hundreds of select makeup, skin care, and fragrance faves at Sephora for up to 50% off — including brands like Lancôme, Fenty Beauty, and more.

Shop Sephora

ONE/SIZE by Patrick Starrr Eye Popper Creamy Matte Liquid Eyeshadow, $, available at SephoraEverlane
One R29 coworker always brings the chicest commuter bags to the office, which inspired us to put this worthwhile organic canvas tote on our list while it's a rare 40% off. It's one of many worthwhile buys currently marked down at the cult-favorite retailer's fall event this weekend.

Shop Everlane

Everlane The Organic Canvas Weekender, $, available at EverlaneSolgaard
We tested the promo code and, yes, the rumors are true: From now until August 31, score Refinery29 readers' favorite summer travel bag for 10% off with promo code FALLFRESH. It's not the steepest of discounts but a rare one nonetheless.

Shop Solgaard

Solgaard Carry-On Closet, $, available at Solgaard

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Best Summer Dresses: R29 Editors' Picks 2022

How R29 Editors Do "Quiet Luxury"

All The Best Labor Day Sales You Can Shop Now

- Irina Grechko
This Popular Wedding Guest Dress Just Got A New Look — How To Style It For Day & Night

If you’re on Fashion TikTok or Instagram, you’ve likely seen the Sir Aries dress. Since the Australian label launched the silk gown, marked by a lace cut-out detailing on the front, in 2019, it has taken over social media feeds, with internet’s most fashion-forward hailing it the It dress; IRL, celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens, Lily Aldrige, and Whitney Port have sported the style. While the black dress remains the most searched for item on Sir’s website, the style now comes in a variety of colors, from a rich brown and navy to a summer-y peach and yellow. In particular, the dress has become a fixture on the wedding circuit, both as a bridesmaid and a wedding guest favorite. Starting this week, prepare for the style to be even more ubiquitous as Sir has launched two new Aries iterations: a halter gown and mini dress.

“The Aries Gown has consistently been a bestseller since we introduced it to our range. It’s the style we have re-cut the most, and it sells out almost immediately every time,” Sophie Coote and Nikki Campbell, Sir’s co-founders and creative directors, told Refinery29 over email. “The timeless yet modern nature has allowed it to become a wardrobe essential for so many… It can be easily dressed up or down making it a perfect wedding guest option.”

For a more casual take, the mini frock has been reimagined in a mid-thigh length with a dainty straps neckline. The halter-neck maxi features the same bias-cut fit and length as the original while offering a deeper neckline and an open back, making for a far more sexier look. The additions also come in two colorways: black and lilac. “We wanted to bring an evolution that paid homage to the classic nature of the Aries gown and the history of a slip dress, with a new length and adapted silhouette that honored the origin[al],” Coote and Campbell say. “We see them being worn however the heart desires — be it for an occasion or to the grocery store.”

In preparation for the upcoming holidays and the next wedding season, we tried the Aries Sir halter gown to see how it compares to the original — and to test its versatility. Ahead, our thoughts.

Sir Aries Halter Gown, $520

I am no stranger to the Sir Aries dress. While it may look like a simple slip style, once on, the lightweight silk drapes the body in a way that instantly makes it clear why it has become such a popular style for the brand. With a timeless shape and streamlined silhouette, the dress can be styled in a variety of ways, making it a solid addition to a capsule wardrobe, particularly during events-heavy season.

While I didn’t think that the dress needed any improvements, I love that the thicker straps got switched for a slimmer neckline that gives the dress a slightly more formal look and feel, while still maintaining the effortless silhouette and movement from the waist down.

Sir Aries Halter Gown: Casual Look

For a beach trip to mark the end of the warm-weather season, I wore the dress with summer-y accessories like the printed head scarf and a shell-adorned raffia bag (from the Simon Miller x Mango collaboration). While I opted for a pair of low-heeled mules for a dinner at a restaurant, for a more casual occasion, the dress would look just as good with a fun throwback shoe like a platform flip-flop or a gladiator sandal.

Sir Aries Halter Gown: Formal Look

With an open back and a V-neck cut, it doesn’t take a lot to dress up this look. For a formal affair, pair the gown with shiny accessories that will enhance the sheen of the dress. While any heel will complement the style, I am partial to “naked” sandals that keep the focus on the dress. To really make the look stand out, drape a long necklace backwards to bring attention to the open back.

At Refinery29, we’re here to help you navigate this overwhelming world of stuff. All of our market picks are independently selected and curated by us. All product details reflect the price and availability at the time of publication. If you buy or click on something we link to on our site, we may earn a commission.

Like what you see? How about some more R29 goodness, right here?

- Victoria Montalti
Macy’s VIP Sale Is A Goldmine For Fall Fashion & Beauty Steals
Bargain hunters, deal-lovers, and anyone building out their fall wardrobe — come and get first dibs on discounted fashion, accessories, and beauty during Macy’s VIP Sale. The 11-day sale, which starts now, features major savings as well as an extra 30% off already-discounted items across women’s clothing, handbags, shoes, and jewelry with code VIP at checkout. You’ll find an avalanche of deals on standout products, from name brands like Vince Camuto, Burberry, Michael Kors, and Levi’s.

Macy’s VIP Sale also extends to select beauty products, making it one of the best beauty sales this week. Whether you’re due to restock your go-to brow product or perfume or want to start holiday shopping early with discounted skin-care sets, this sale doesn’t skimp out on fan-favorite beauty items. Enjoy 15% off best-selling makeup, skin care, and fragrance, also with code VIP. Ahead, the standout deals we think are worth carting up this weekend through October 2.

At Refinery29, we’re here to help you navigate this overwhelming world of stuff. All of our market picks are independently selected and curated by the editorial team. All product details reflect the price and availability at the time of publication. If you buy or click on something we link to on our site, Refinery29 may earn commission.

For more can't-miss shopping stories delivered straight to your inbox, sign up for our Most Wanted newsletter.Up To Extra 30% Off Macy's VIP Sale Fashion
It’s time to transition from trendy summer pieces to wearable fall fashion, so we combed through this mega-sale to find stunning fall essentials. From cropped jackets and fan-favorite jeans to a couple of fall dresses and a popular bra style, there are a ton of staples on sale right now. 

Shop Macy’s

Vince Camuto Cropped Collared Button Jacket, $, available at Macy'sMichael by Michael Kors Plus Size Faux-Leather Wrap Dress
Shop Macy’s

MICHAEL Michael Kors Plus Size Faux-Leather Wrap Dress, $, available at Macy'sCalvin Klein Perfectly Fit Full Coverage T-Shirt Bra
Shop Macy’s

Calvin Klein Perfectly Fit Full Coverage T-Shirt Bra, $, available at Macy'sLevi’s 311 Mid Rise Shaping Skinny Jeans
Shop Macy’s

Levi's 311 Mid Rise Shaping Skinny Jeans, $, available at Macy'sAvec Les Filles Mixed-Print Double Breasted Blazer
Shop Macy’s

Avec Les Filles Mixed-Print Double Breasted Blazer, $, available at Macy'sPlanet Gold Juniors' Mock Neck Imitation-Pearl Detail Sweater Dress
Shop Macy’s

Planet Gold Juniors' Mock Neck Imitation-Pearl Detail Sweater Dress, $, available at Macy'sGap Pajama Long-Sleeve Top & Drawstring Joggers
Shop Macy’s

Gap Pajama Long-Sleeve Top & Drawstring Joggers, $, available at Macy'sTommy Hilfiger Faux-Leather Faux-Wrap Skirt
Shop Macy’s

Tommy Hilfiger Faux-Leather Faux-Wrap Skirt, $, available at Macy's15% Off Macy's VIP Beauty
It’s also time to embrace fall beauty, whether that means choosing darker, moodier shades of your favorite lip balms and blushes or trying new products altogether. Luckily, Macy's VIP Sale has all of that, especially including top-rated beauty products from brands like Anastasia Beverly Hills, Dior, and Urban Decay.

Shop Macy’s

MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation, $, available at Macy'sAnastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz Skinny Brow
Shop Macy’s

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz Skinny Brow, $, available at Macy'sPrada Paradoxe Eau de Parfum Spray
Shop Macy’s

Prada Paradoxe Eau de Parfum Spray, 3 oz., $, available at Macy'sDior Addict Lip Glow Balm
Shop Macy’s

Dior Addict Lip Glow Balm, $, available at Macy'sKiehl’s Home & Away For The Holidays Ultra Facial Cream Set
Shop Macy’s

Kiehl's Home & Away For The Holidays Ultra Facial Cream Set, $, available at Macy'sNars Powder Blush
Shop Macy’s

NARS Powder Blush, $, available at Macy'sUrban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray
Shop Macy’s

Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray, $, available at Macy'sPhilosophy 2-Pc. You're Amazing Gift Set
Shop Macy’s

Philosophy 2-Pc. You're Amazing Gift Set, $, available at Macy'sUp To Extra 30% Off VIP Sale Accessories
Cooler weather means leather bags, chunky shoes, and cool-girl accessories and jewelry. Find tons of fall handbags on sale, including convertible styles, tote bags, and crossbodies that are perfect for everyday wear. Get deep discounts on shoes (our eyes are on boots right now) and savings on items like Burberry sunglasses and Michael Kors watches, too.

Shop Macy’s

Lauren Ralph Lauren Kassie Medium Leather Convertible Shoulder Bag, $, available at Macy'sMadden Girl Trust Lug-Sole Chelsea Booties
Shop Macy’s

Madden Girl Trust Lug-Sole Chelsea Booties, $, available at Macy'sFossil Kier Cactus Tote Handbag
Shop Macy’s

Fossil Kier Cactus Tote Handbag, $, available at Macy'sBurberry Gradient Sunglasses
Shop Macy’s

Burberry Gradient Sunglasses, BE4216, $, available at Macy'sFranco Sarto Balin Lug Sole Loafers
Shop Macy’s

Franco Sarto Balin Lug Sole Loafers, $, available at Macy'sThe Sak Lucia Crossbody
Shop Macy’s

The Sak Lucia Crossbody, $, available at Macy'sMichael Kors Lexington Three-Hand Gold-Tone Stainless Steel Watch
Shop Macy’s

Michael Kors Lexington Three-Hand Gold-Tone Stainless Steel Watch, $, available at Macy'sTorgeis Lauren Tall Boot
Shop Macy’s

TORGEIS Lauren Tall Boot, $, available at Macy's

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This Weekend's Best Sales, According To Us

23 Sale Alternatives To Amazon's Prime Sale

- Vivien Lee
Run, Don’t Walk — Vince Camuto’s 30% Off Sale Is Only Available This Weekend

What better way to celebrate the start of fall than with a Vince Camuto sale? It must be the season of discounts, as fashion retailers have been releasing sales left and right, and the latest to join the surge of weekend flash deals is from the popular women’s footwear brand. Although Vince Camuto is known for its chic booties and model-esque heels, it also has a fabulous curation of wardrobe staples, from chic jumpsuits to shimmering gowns to snazzy handbags. And through Sunday, September 24, you can get 30% off select styles. To guide you, we’ve handpicked our top picks from Vince Camuto’s sale as well as a few other discounted pieces. Just don’t forget to use the code SELECT30 at checkout.

DashDividers_1_500x100 Shoes

Shop the season’s best fall shoes with discounts on booties, wedding guest heels, and statement PVC sandals designed for the weekend. Don’t miss this chance to grab the Vince Camuto shoes you’ve had your eyes on. The sale will be over by Monday, and your favorite metallic cowboy boots might be out of stock. 


If you’ve had your fill of Vince Camuto shoes, take a gander at the brand’s eye-catching handbags. Who knows? You might be surprised to find the perfect Friday-night shoulder bag or a new crossbody to replace your old leather one.


Spruce up your fall wardrobe with our top clothing picks from Vince Camuto’s sale. The site is brimming with elevated styles, such as jaw-dropping date-night pieces, black-tie wedding guest dresses, and more.

DashDividers_1_500x100 Other Discounted Styles (Not Included In The Sale) DashDividers_1_500x100

At Refinery29, we’re here to help you navigate this overwhelming world of stuff. All of our market picks are independently selected and curated by the editorial team. All product details reflect the price and availability at the time of publication. If you buy or click on something we link to on our site, Refinery29 may earn commission.

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Don't Miss Saks Fifth Avenue's 70% Off Summer Sale

This Weekend's Best Sales, According To Us

23 Sale Alternatives To Amazon's Prime Sale

- Emily Ruane
15 Dresses With Pockets, From Casual Minis To Glam Gowns

Let’s get one thing clear: A girl’s best friend isn’t diamonds; it’s a dress with pockets. We’re often deprived of pockets (like, we don’t want pocketless jeans, okay?), so finding a dress with some extra storage is one of life’s simple pleasures. And since they can still be hard to come by, we did some internet sleuthing so you don’t have to. From casual dresses with pockets to ones appropriate for the office and others you can add to your wedding guest dress line-up, we’ve rounded up our favorites.

Scroll on to find a mix of casual mini and trendy midi dresses as well as formal maxi and glamorous gowns that got the pocket treatment. Cart them up ASAP to build your fall dress wardrobe and enjoy the privilege of storing your lip balm and phone somewhere other than your handbag.

DashDividers_1_500x100 Casual Dresses with Pockets

What do we mean by a casual dress, exactly? Well, anything you’d want to wear on the day-to-day to lounge around in, run errands in, or take hot girl walks in. We’ve found a range of sweater dresses and denim dresses with decorative pocket details, lightweight mini and midi dresses with pockets, and workout dresses with hidden pockets on the undershorts. So whether you’re looking for large-and-in-charge pockets or ones that are delightfully hidden, we’ve got you covered.

Dresses With Pockets For Work

Fall puts us in the back-to-school or back-to-work mood, so it’s time to get well-dressed for the office again. Dresses with pockets are ideal because you’re not typically walking around the office with your work bag in hand, so keeping your mini essentials on hand (aka in pocket) is super-helpful. Find a mix of business-casual styles and more formal, fashionable ones to upgrade your wardrobe.

Formal Dresses With Pockets

There’s very little that’s more exciting than finding a formal dress with pockets in it. It’s a fun little surprise that never fails to get compliments. Whether it’s a mini party dress or a gala-ready gown, pockets are especially a godsend when you don’t want to carry a large purse (or just don’t know what to do with your hands at social gatherings).


At Refinery29, we’re here to help you navigate this overwhelming world of stuff. All of our market picks are independently selected and curated by the editorial team. If you buy something we link to on our site, Refinery29 may earn commission.

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24 Amazon Plus-Size Dresses For Fall Festivities

We Found 27 Styles That Make The Best Work Dresses

- Jenna Igneri
It Took A Layoff, A Canceled Move & Turning 30 To Figure Out My True Calling

Every milestone is worth celebrating, no matter how big or small. That’s why we partnered with Shane Co., purveyors of timeless fine jewelry, to highlight the unique stories of those celebrating special life moments. Whether they found success in following their passions or are embarking on the next chapter of their journey, we’ll learn how these individuals are commemorating each milestone — and the role their jewelry can play in marking these significant events. Ahead, a former marketing consultant shares her journey of returning to her roots and finally pursuing her creative dreams at age 30.

When Jess Tran, a multi-hyphenate creative from Sydney, Australia, decided to move across the globe to New York City a decade ago, it was on a whim. “I followed a boy I met at a music festival at age 20,” she says. “I thought, You know what, I want to move to New York. I love this guy. What’s the worst that could happen?

However impulsive a decision it may have been, she had a very specific plan for her future in mind: She would pursue a career in marketing and climb the ranks of corporate America — something that, as a child of immigrant refugee parents from Vietnam (and as such, was raised with a scarcity mindset), felt like the “safe” route she needed to take in order to be financially stable. And then, once she turned 30, she and her partner would wrap up their life in America and return to Australia, where she’d move on to the next chapter of her life: motherhood. She had it all figured out…or so she thought.

All went according to plan for the first seven years or so, until a series of events catalyzed a complete and total life shift. First, the pandemic left her jobless and unceremoniously cast out of the corporate world. So, she pivoted into opening her own marketing agency to take a more entrepreneurial approach to her work — “a natural next step,” she says. Then, her relationship of eight years ended.

Through the inner work and therapy she leaned on to help navigate her breakup, it suddenly hit her that she had veered off her true path years ago, and with 30 quickly approaching, she needed to course-correct. “It was a very symbolic moment for me,” she says. “The dissolution of this relationship, combined with choosing a ‘stable’ career over one I was passionate about, helped me see that I was never on the path I wanted to be on all along.”

Rather than leaving America as part of a couple, she turned 30 in New York alone and closed her business to answer a different calling, one she can trace back to age 13: writing and photography. After coming across old teenage journals proclaiming her creative passions, she realized that she had always been this person, “but I had been suppressing it my entire life because I didn’t have the confidence or the language to identify myself as such,” she says. “I didn’t understand that Asian, immigrant-born people could pursue these paths. Today’s TikTok generation has access to people all over the world, but I didn’t have Asian role models or references growing up.”

All that’s to say, this new chapter of her life is not so much a pivot as it is a return to her roots — and in more ways than one.

Now balancing commercial photography with freelance brand consulting, Tran has the time to focus on a new body of work that’s deeply personal: a portrait series and a book, both of which explore immigration — specifically, the relationship between children of immigrants and their parents, and the behavioral patterns that can stem from their upbringing. “We tend to not have a sense or understanding of where we come from due to a communication gap with our parents; there’s this cultural divide,” she explains.

Undoubtedly, there’s a sense of fear in giving up the stability of your “money” job for your creative dreams — there’s less structure, there’s no formulaic plan to follow. But if there’s one thing Tran has learned through this process, it’s that money isn’t everything, and it’s never too late to pursue the things that mean the most.

“I think many people in their 30s have this anxiety of being ‘too old’ to find success or feeling in competition with younger people — especially thanks to social media and these arbitrary ‘30 under 30’ lists,” she says. “These very binary perspectives of what success looks like exclude 90% of people’s actual life paths. We should celebrate using wisdom, time, and age to understand that we can change directions and do what we actually want. As long as we’re doing something that matters to us and feels like we’re tapping into whatever unique skill we’ve been put on earth for, then age doesn’t matter at all.”

For this reason, Tran’s 30th birthday was especially symbolic — a marker of this major life shift and the knowledge and wisdom that came with it. And to commemorate it, she knew she wanted to gift herself something special. “When you buy some sort of object to celebrate yourself, you’re imbuing it with a specific meaning, and that symbolism has always been important to me in marking moments of my life,” she says.

For her, that was a pair of Shane Co. threader earrings featuring pear-drop amethysts — a stone that symbolizes clarity, decision-making, and inspiration, which not only represents the journey that got her to where she is today, but all she hopes to bring into her artistic practice over the next decade.

“For the first time in my life, I believe in myself in a way that I feel deep, deep down in my core, and I don’t think any of the women in my family have ever been able to reach this state,” she says. “I’m now acting from this feeling of self-belief that took my entire life thus far to reach. Life is so long — you’re allowed to make mistakes, and you’re allowed to rebrand yourself — and I’m just so excited by all the possibilities.”

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A post shared by Refinery29 (@refinery29)

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- Lauren Caruso
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Our Definitive List of Must-Have Shoes This Season

Photo by Daniel Zuchnik / Claudio Lavenia / Kirstin Sinclair/Getty Images This season’s collections are budding with intriguing new shoes …

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8 Styling Tips We’re Borrowing From Fashion Week Attendees

Fashion 8 Styling Tips We’re Borrowing From Fashion Week Attendees Including a master class in print-mixing.

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10 Luminous Cheek Tints for a Natural Flush of Color

Beauty 10 Luminous Cheek Tints for a Natural Flush of Color Achieve the lit-from-within look. Photo Courtesy Of Vapour Dreaming …

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Perfume Oils Are the Key to Effortless, Long-Lasting Fragrance

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Shield Your Strands With These 13 Heat Protectant Sprays

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Dal cotone alla lana, scopri la nuova collezione calze da uomo

La bella stagione ha ormai lasciato spazio al freddo e al gelo. L’inverno è arrivato e bisogna correre ai ripari. L’indumento che meglio si sposa con questo periodo dell’anno è la calza, declinata in diversi modelli e in diverse colorazioni, resta la protagonista sia per funzionalità sia per stile. 

Però, molti tra noi potrebbero riscontrare difficoltà nella selezione del modello giusto perché quelli presenti sul mercato sono davvero tanti e questo potrebbe portare un po’ di confusione. Innanzitutto, bisogna fare una scelta tenendo sempre ben a mente le proprie necessità

In seguito, bisognerà dare il giusto spazio al proprio estro e al proprio stile personale. In questo modo si potrà realmente scoprire un dettaglio dell’abbigliamento maschile che spesso viene sottovalutato ma che potrebbe davvero fare la differenza sotto un abito elegante o nella quotidianità. Prima di continuare a leggere, è bene dare un’occhiata alla nuova collezione Sarah Borghi

Calze da uomo, diversi filati

La scelta per le calze da uomo deve essere effettuata in primo luogo ponendo particolare attenzione alla scelta del filato affinché si possano rispettare appieno le proprie esigenze. Quindi, il vasto assortimento può essere suddiviso in:

calze in caldo cotone; calze in lana oppure misto lana; calze in microfibra.

Questi sono alcuni filati utilizzati per la realizzazione di questi accessori. Da precisare che tutti gli articoli sono targati Made in Italy come garanzia di alta qualità sia per quanto riguarda i materiali sia per quanto riguarda il benessere del proprio piede. 

Calze in cotone

Le calze in cotone si fanno notare per la loro morbidezza e per il loro estremo comfort quando vengono indossate. Rispetto al cotone estivo, quello invernale si differenzia per una sensazione più vellutata che si avverte al tatto e, ovviamente, per essere più caldo. 

La scelta del cotone garantisce a tutti gli uomini di indossare quotidianamente un accessorio che si abbina a qualsiasi tipologia di outfit e, soprattutto, che si sposi al meglio con diverse occasioni, da quelle formali a quelle informali. Inoltre, nell’ampio catalogo si trovano diversi modelli, dalle calze lunghe ai calzini a vista passando per i calzini no-show come, ad esempio, i fantasmini o i pedulini. 

Calze in lana e in microfibra

La lana, da sempre, è la fibra naturale più acclamata. Si è guadagnata il podio in fatto di filati per la stagione invernale e per la produzione di calze. Tra i pregi principali che possiede possiamo trovare:

coefficiente termico elevato: la lana si adatta alla temperatura del corpo e dell’ambiente grazie proprio alla naturale capacità del filato di intrappolare molta aria. In questo modo si potrà mantenere stabile umidità e temperatura; resistenza maggiore all’usura; capacità elastiche elevate: le calze in lana mantengono per molto tempo la loro forma di origine; traspirante

Le calze in microfibra, invece, possiedono ulteriori caratteristiche: mantengono la pelle ben asciutta e garantiscono estrema comodità, grazie all’elevata porosità consentono la traspirazione ed evitano la condensazione del sudore. 

Tutti i filati si declinano in diversi modelli sia relativi alla lunghezza sia al colore, dalla tinta unita a modelli molto più particolari. Il catalogo è ampio e questo consente a ogni uomo di trovare la calza perfetta per le proprie esigenze.

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Scopri l’offerta e i benefici delle creme La Roche-Posay

Il benessere della pelle è importante per il benessere di tutto il nostro organismo: stando più a contatto con l’esterno dobbiamo proteggerla da tutto ciò che incontra “fuori”. L’offerta di prodotti di La Roche Posay si prende cura della pelle del viso, del corpo, fino alla cosmesi; direttamente dalla nota località termale francese, La Roche-Posay porta i benefici dell’acqua termale direttamente ai suoi clienti. 

Frutto della fantastica ed efficiente collaborazione di acqua termale ed esperti di cosmesi e cura del viso, questi prodotti sfruttano tutto il potere lenitivo del loro ingrediente principale creando una vastissima gamma di prodotti sia per adulti che per neonati. Oggi ci soffermeremo sui benefici della crema La Roche-Posay.

La Roche-Posay: crema viso per il tuo viso

Le creme viso di La Roche-Posay sono adatte a rispondere alle esigenze di ogni tipo di pelle, anche e soprattutto le pelli sensibili grazie al potere dell’acqua termale, in grado di 

Ridurre le irritazioni Mantenere la pelle morbida e idratata Alleviare gli arrossamenti.

Scegli il trattamento più efficace per la tua pelle in base alla sua natura e alle tue esigenze

Pelli secche e sensibili

Per le pelli secche e sensibili, La Roche-Posay offre trattamenti come NUTRITIC e le creme idratanti di HYDREANE, che offrono alle pelli sensibili tutti i benefici lenitivi dell’acqua termale.

Pelli grasse

EFFECLAR è un trattamento completo per la pelle grassa con imperfezioni. 

Pelli mature 

Per le pelli mature ci sono prodotti come HYALU B5, utili a combattere l’invecchiamento cutaneo con gli ingredienti alla base del suo nome, ovvero l’acido ialuronico e la sua azione idratante e rimpolpante, insieme a quella riparatrice della vitamina B5. Per ridurre le rughe RETINOL può essere altrettanto utile. 

Pelli rovinate

Per le pelli danneggiate da arrossamenti CICAPLAST aiuta anche a ripristinare la barriera protettiva della pelle; nel caso di pelle disidratata invece potete provare il trattamento reidratante HYDRAPHASE.

Non dimenticare di detergere la tua pelle

La detersione è fondamentale per la salute della tua pelle: La Roche-Posay offre una serie di prodotti per detergere il viso in maniera profonda ed efficace.

Alla base vi sono prodotti ricchi di vitamina C (come VITAMIN C E REDEMIC e PURE VITAMIN C10), utili a mantenere una pelle luminosa e compatta, stimolando la produzione di collagene e di elastina.

Diversi tipi di delicate e pure acque micellari poi aiuteranno a detergere il tuo viso e liberarlo da ogni impurità, senza sostanze che potrebbero rovinare la tua pelle.

La Roche-Posay ti aiuta anche contro la dermatite 

Il marchio ha creato anche una linea di prodotti dedicata alle pelli di tutte le età tendenti alla dermatite atopica: la linea Lipikar è composta sia da un balsamo corpo con azione riparatrice che da una crema corpo emolliente per mantenere il tuo corpo morbido e pulito.

Il potere dell’acqua termale si può estendere anche alla cura di tutto il corpo con trattamenti per pelli delicate, come e soprattutto quella dei bambini. 

Non perderti poi il resto dell’offerta del marchio La Roche-Posay dedicata ai capelli e al make-up e ad altre creme per la protezione solare.

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Pronta per l'estate con il beachwear di Paramidonna

Finalmente le temperature iniziano ad alzarsi, e il sole scalda le nostre giornate.. io con la mente sono già proiettata all'estate! Così ho già iniziato a cercare qualche nuovo outfit per la spiaggia super cool da sfoggiare nei prossimi mesi. Ve ne mosto qualcuno super nuovo di Paramidonna, brand di luxury swimwear e beachwear. Sono modelli moderni e dalla vestibilità incredibile che non vedo l'ora di avere l'occasione di indossare.

Tutti i capi Paramidonna sono realizzati con tessuti di altissima qualità, ed oltre ad essere eleganti, sono anche responsabili sia dal punto di vista ambientale che sociale: Paramidonna lavora costantemente verso una direzione sostenibile, utilizzando materiali riciclati e riutilizzabili, e producendo in stabilimenti con condizioni di lavoro etiche.

I capi Paramidonna sono ispirati a luoghi esotici, hanno colori vivaci e intensi e sono curati in ogni dettaglio.

Ho scelto il bikini Anna color porpora, dalla silhouette minimal, perfetto per evitare i segni dell'abbronzatura.

Il costume intero Naomi rosa è perfetto per quei giorni in cui voglio un look stizzoso e fashion anche in spiaggia.

Il minidress Laura è super elasticizzato e valorizza perfettamente le curve di ogni corpo, mi piace l'idea di indossarlo come copricostume, ma anche per un aperitivo in spiaggia!

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Arredamento dell’ingresso: 6 consigli per renderlo favoloso e funziona

L’ingresso di casa ha una grandissima importanza nella nostra vita quotidiana perché è il luogo in cui ci prepariamo ad affrontare la giornata, e quello in cui veniamo accolti a casa la sera. Per questo un ingresso ben organizzato può fare la differenza tra il modo in cui usciamo la mattina: in una corsa frettolosa, o in maniera più semplice e distesa.

L’ingresso inoltre è il primo spazio che ogni ospite vede quando entra in casa nostra, e offre un primo assaggio del nostro stile personale.
Per tutti questi motivi è importante curarlo nel modo giusto: l’arredamento dell’ingresso dovrebbe essere accogliente, organizzato e in armonia con in resto della casa.

Che si tratti di un grande atrio, o di un piccolo angolino accanto alla porta d’entrata, di seguito troverai alcuni consigli per curare l’arredamento del tuo ingresso e sfruttarlo al meglio.

1 Scegli uno stile unico

L’ingresso è il biglietto da visita di casa tua, quindi è importante che ne riprenda il mood. Sicuramente tra i tanti stili che esistono (e che Westwing ha ben riassunto in questo articolo sugli stili di arredamento) avrai già individuato quello che fa al caso tuo: non ti resta che riprenderlo anche per l’ingresso di casa.

2 Scegli una combinazione cromatica

Se non sai bene da dove cominciare per arredare il tuo ingresso, il primo passo da fare è sicuramente scegliere una combinazione di colori: con essa puoi rendere più vivaci le pareti, e se per i muri preferisci una sfumatura neutra, puoi concentrare questa tinta sull’arredamento o sugli elementi di decoro. Una volta scelto il colore predominante del tuo ingresso, usalo per diversi complementi come tappeti, cesti, quadri, stampe, vasi e lampade.

Non dimenticare la porta d’ingresso: dipingila in modo che sia in armonia con il tema di casa.

Anche la carta da parati è un validissimo aiuto per arredare il tuo ingresso: sarà lo sfondo ideale per tutto ciò che disporrai in questa zona.

3 Crea un angolo funzionale

L’aggiunta di alcuni elementi funzionali e pensati, posizionati proprio nel tuo ingresso, può facilitarti quando esci o al tuo ritorno a casa, e avere così un impatto sulla tua giornata. Ecco perché per arredare il tuo ingresso devi tener conto di alcuni accessori come: un vassoio per le chiavi, un appendiabiti da parete (magari particolari come quelli di Westwing) dove riporre i soprabiti e la borsa, un mobile o una cesta per le scarpe, un cassetto o un porta-documenti per la posta.

4 Organizza i complementi d’arredo in maniera intelligente

Anche il posizionamento dei complementi d’arredo del tuo ingresso deve essere funzionale: pensa al percorso che compi ogni mattina, al modo in cui si apre la porta di casa, e tienine conto per decidere come disporre i mobili.

Prevedi anche uno spazzo chiuso, come un cassettone o un mobiletto. L’ingresso è sempre la prima e l’ultima stanza della casa che attraversi, quindi è incline ad accumulare disordine (zaini, pacchi, giochi dei bambini, borse) proprio per questo dei mobili chiusi sono l’ideale per riporre  tutto e per mantenere un aspetto più ordinato.

5 Aggiungi un tocco personale

Per i tuoi ospiti l’ingresso è il biglietto da visita di casa tua, ma per te è l’accesso al tuo spazio privato: curane l’arredamento aggiungendo qualcosa di personale come alcune foto della tua famiglia, decorazioni prese durante un bellissimo viaggio, qualcosa che ti rappresenti e che sia vicino al tuo stile personale. In questo modo, non appena varcherai l’ingresso ti sentirai davvero a casa.

6 Punta sull’eleganza e sulla semplicità

Spesso le soluzioni migliori sono quelle più semplici: per rendere elegante il tuo ingresso puoi optare per alcune piante in vaso, per dei cuscini decorativi; basta qualche pezzo ben scelto per dare un nuovo volto all’arredamento del tuo ingresso. Uno specchio ti aiuterà a far sembrare lo spazio più grande, usalo a tuo vantaggio e studiane bene la disposizione. La luce di una lampada renderà più caldo e accogliente l’ambiente.

Adesso sei pronta per progettare il tuo ingresso e per organizzarlo in modo che sia accogliente e funzionale e d’impatto!

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Quali sono le caratteristiche e le misure di un corpo curvy

C’è stato un tempo in cui la moda sembrava essere fatta solo e unicamente per le taglie 40 mentre adesso i tempi sono cambiati e nelle vetrine dei negozi d’alta moda e non solo è possibile trovare abiti anche per donne curvy, magnifico universo fatto di femminilità.
L'essere curvy è stato finalmente normalizzato: la misura che segna il punto di svolta e che lentamente si è guadagnata un posto d’onore nel mondo fashion è la 46. Da qui in poi, infatti, si parla di corpi morbidi, ciascuno dei quali è caratterizzato - proprio come accade per le donne dal fisico più asciutto - da una specifica forma. Si parla di pera, rettangolo, clessidra e mela. L’importante sarà sempre scegliere gli abiti seguendo le forme del fisico e avendo cura di donare un effetto armonico all’insieme. Inizialmente le case di moda proponevano alle donne formose abiti un po’ tutti uguali, abbondanti e quasi senza forma. Sono state soprattutto le influencer a rivoluzionare questa concezione, aprendo le porte alla messa in vetrina di look mai banali e ad alto tasso di femminilità.
Taglie e vestiti alla moda: i tempi sono cambiatiLa moda curvy è quella pensata per donne con specifiche misure: per esempio una donna con taglia 46 dovrebbe avere una circonferenza intorno ai 96 centimetri per quanto riguarda il busto, mentre invece i centimetri dovrebbero essere circa 103 per i fianchi e 78 per il girovita. Ogni 5 centimetri in più di circonferenza in questi specifici punti si sale di una taglia (in questo modo si possono calcolare le misure anche delle taglie successive alla 46). Oggi le donne curvy non hanno problemi ad acquistare vestiti alla moda e accessori dallo stile contemporaneo e giovane, sia online che nei negozi tradizionali.
Giocare con i colori per mascherare i punti criticiRicordate che giocare con i colori sarà una buona strategia da mettere in campo per far risaltare certe parti del corpo e nasconderne altre. Una buona idea sarà puntare su fantasie vivaci, che consentiranno di mascherare e mimetizzare i punti critici. Un effetto che, comunque, potrà anche essere ottenuto ricorrendo a un classico look total black. Leggings e lingerie contenitiva saranno anch’essi una buona opzione, l’importante è prendersi tutto il tempo necessario a sceglierla con cura (in questo modo si eviteranno fastidi ed effetti antiestetici). D’altra parte, lo sappiamo, il look giusto parte sempre da una buona base.
Quando infine arriva il momento di scegliere le scarpe, al di là delle calzature in stile comfy, la cosa migliore da fare sarà puntare sull’originalità e le fantasie: sì a lustrini, pois e dettagli scintillanti. Scarpe giocose, abbinate a un bel sorriso, vi renderanno ancora più radiose. Nei mesi più freddi dell’anno si potrà contare su alcuni look curvy friendly, come quelli che prevedono di indossare il poncho per uno stile casual, oppure gli abbinamenti di jeans lavaggio scuro e camicette ma anche cappotti dal taglio squadrato. In estate invece via libera alle fantasie fiorite e ai colori fluo.
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Antioxidant Kit di Pure Obagi: tutto quello che dovete sapere su questo kit antiossidante

Ormai non è più un segreto: per migliorare la bellezza della tua pelle dobbiamo assolutamente includere gli antiossidanti nella nostra skin-care.

Gli antiossidanti sono delle sostanze che riducono e prevengono i danni alle cellule causati dall'ossigeno. Alcuni sono già presenti nel nostro corpo, altri li assumiamo con l'alimentazione. Un aiuto in più è sicuramente l'utilizzo di trattamenti che li contengono.

Ecco perché nell'ultimo periodo sto utilizzando l'Antioxidant Kit di Pure Obagi. Vi spiego nel dettaglio di cosa si tratta.

L'Antioxidant Kit di Pure Obagi elimina lo stress e aumenta la luminosità della pelle. È ricco di vitamina C e aiuta a correggere e proteggere la pelle dai danni dei radicali liberi e dai fattori ambientali, come l'esposizione ai raggi UV. L'Antioxidant Kit è formato da:

-Obagi-C C-Cleansing Gel: schiarisce e prepara la pelle a ricevere gli ingredienti e gli attivi, rimuove anche il trucco, l'olio in eccesso e le impurità quotidiane.

-Obagi-C C-Balancing Toner: formulato in maniera specifica per la pelle da normale a grassa, questo tonico privo di alcool, regola il pH della pelle senza seccarla.

-Professional-C Microdermabrasion Polish + Mask: maschera 2 in 1 per il viso alla vitamina C con doppia azione, per una pelle dall'aspetto più giovane. Esfolia e prepara la pelle per una potente infusione del 30% di vitamina C, rende la pelle notevolmente più liscia, luminosa e dall'aspetto più giovane. Contiene un alto livello di acido L-absorbico.

-Professional-C Serum 15%: fortifica la pelle, aiutandola a mantenere un aspetto più giovane e fresco. È un siero altamente concentrato formulato con acido L-absorbico antiossidante puro per ottimizzarne l'efficacia e la permeabilità. Aiuta a trattenere l'umidità e a ridurre al minimo la comparsa delle rughette d'espressione e dei segni del tempo.

-Obagi Hydrate Facial Moisturizer: crema idratante per il viso non comedogenica che fornisce un'idratazione istantanea e duratura giorno e notte. È clinicamente dimostrato che migliora notevolmente, il tasso di umidità della pelle, e fornisce idratazione fino ad otto ore, migliorando la levigatezza della pelle.

-Sun Shield Matte Broad Spectrum: protezione solarecon SPF50 che combina la protezione UVB e UVA con un'elegante finish opaco e trasparente non comedogenica e dermatologicamente testata.

Adesso vi spiego come utlizzare in maniera corretta l'Antioxidant Kit durante la giornata.

Morning Routine:

Come primo step applicare una piccola quantità di Obagi-C C-Cleansing Gel su viso e collo con i polpastrelli inumiditi, e massaggiare con movimenti circolari. Poi risciacquare con acqua tiepida e asciugare con un asciugamano.

Utilizzare 3-4 pump di Obagi-C Balancing Toner su un dischetto d'ovatta e applicarlo sul viso e sul collo, farlo asciugare all'aria e non risciacquare.

Applicare 5-7 gocce di Professional-C Serum 15% sui polpastrelli e massaggiarlo su viso e collo fino a completo assorbimento.

Massaggia 1-2 pumps di Obagi Hydrate Facial Moisturizer sul viso.

Come ultimo step massaggia sulla pelle Sun Shield Matte Broad Spectrum SPF50, da riapplicare ogni due ore se ci si espone al sole.

Evening Routine:

Come primo step applicare una piccola quantità di Obagi-C C-Cleansing Gel su viso e collo con i polpastrelli inumiditi, e massaggiare con movimenti circolari. Poi risciacquare con acqua tiepida e asciugare con un asciugamano. Quando si indossa make up, questa operazione va ripetuta due volte.

Utilizzare 3-4 pump di Obagi-C Balancing Toner su un dischetto d'ovatta e applicarlo sul viso e sul collo, farlo asciugare all'aria e non risciacquare.

Due o tre volte a settimana applicare sulla pelle umida la maschera Professional-C Microdermabrasion Polish + Mask. Scaldare una quantità corrispondente a un cucchiaio nella mano prima di spalmarla delicatamente sulla pelle fino a formare uno strato sottile e uniforme. Aspettare 15 minuti  mentre la Vitamina C si infonde nella pelle. Puliscila con un panno morbido e umido o un asciugamano.

Massaggia 1-2 pumps di Obagi Hydrate Facial Moisturizer sul viso.

Devo dire che già dopo due settimane riesco ad apprezzare dei notevoli risultati sulla mia pelle, che appare più luminosa, radiosa, fresca e levigata. Ho deciso di provare l'Antioxidant Kit di Obagi positivamente influenzata dagli oltre 30 anni di esperienza tra scienza e innovazione del brand, che mira a potenziare tutto il potenziale della pelle, più che correggerla. Infatti Obagi sviluppa formulazioni di qualità clinica, scientificamente supportate, per promuovere una pelle sana e orientata al futuro.

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Tessuti moderni simbolo di eleganza


La caratteristica principale che si dovrebbe percepire quando si ha l’occasione di toccare un tessuto moderno è quella di elegante semplicità. Trama e ordito, in questi casi, rappresentano un incrocio di culture e una contaminazione di gusti che crea un equilibrio elegante.

La modernità di questi tessuti si svela attraverso galles, gessati e micro disegni che solo all’apparenza si presentano come tradizionali. Tuttavia, grazie al gioco di sfumature e cromie, acquistano una dimensione più moderna che strizza l’occhio all’estetica nel suo significato più intenso ed emozionale.

Tessuti moderni: un riconoscimento culturale 

Il tessuto moderno presenta nel suo DNA un invito ad allargare lo sguardo oltre il mondo della moda, ad aprirsi ad un pensiero sempre più contemporaneo che asseconda il dinamismo della vita dell’uomo contemporaneo e il suo innato desiderio di piacersi.

I tessuti alla moda reinterpretano le idee e i trend, dando loro concretezza, creando una nuova eleganza che diventa stile. Il punto di partenza dei tessuti moderni resta sempre l'ambito classico, insieme all'universo sartoriale. Questi mondi hanno modo di diventare fluidi e compenetrarsi, accompagnando il gusto del moderno gentleman verso il suo evolversi in un disincantato viaggio alla scoperta della pura passione per il bello. 

L’ambizione dei tessuti moderni è quella di dar vita a un nuovo Rinascimento culturale, facendo rivivere l’eleganza italiana nella nobile materialità dei tessuti. Questa nuova chiave di lettura dei tessuti moderni, rappresenta un lavoro di immensa memoria di ciò che un tempo era un privilegio riservato a pochi e che ora diventa una passione collettiva.

I tessuti moderni diventano così oggetti preziosi per un guardaroba contraddistinto da un’eleganza inusuale che disegna e modella la figura maschile, riportandola all’essenza dello stile. Sono le infinite emozioni tattili a raccontare la ricchezza dei fondi e delle superfici per rendere ogni tessuto alla moda espressione di una libertà stilistica che esalta l’estetica e la ricerca del bello.

L’italianità nell'universo dei tessuti moderni

Il successo dei tessuti moderni è da ricercarsi nel distillato di eleganza, che queste collezioni rappresentano. È un mix vincente tra la tradizione dell’arte tessile e la continua ricerca dell’innovazione per un risultato all’insegna della ricercatezza e dell'affermazione di un indiscusso gusto italiano

Sono i tessuti alla moda quelli che anticipano le tendenze per l’uomo della prossima stagione, destinati a un gentleman raffinato, amante del lusso, attento al dettaglio e alla qualità dei materiali. Un uomo che interpreta la vita metropolitana con gusto personale e distintivo.

Per informazioni più dettagliate, si rimanda a “Una proposta di tessuti moderni” di Carnet, fonte autorevole in campo di tessuti.

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Summer restyling: rinnovare casa con i poster Desenio


Negli ultimi due anni, per forza di cose, ci siamo ritrovati tutti a vivere molto di più le nostre case, e trascorrendoci tantissimo tempo, siamo tutti stati mossi dal desiderio di sentirle più "nostre" o di migliorarle, o semplicemente rinnovarle.

Da diversi anni ormai mi sono affidata a Desenio per dare una ventata di novità e freschezza a casa mia: rinnovare casa o anche solo una stanza con dei poster da parete significa farlo con un costo e un impegno davvero minimi, benché con un grande impatto visivo.

Cos'è Desenio?

Per chi non lo conoscesse già, Desenio è il sito numero uno per quadri moderni e poster. Su Desenio puoi trovare una vasta scelta di stampe per tutti i gusti: puoi scegliere tra le ultime novità in fatto di design, riproduzioni d'arte, frasi motivazionali e citazioni famose, rappresentazioni vintage e fotografie di grande impatto, e perfino quadri per arredare le camerate dei bambini. Inoltre su Desenio trovi passe-partout e cornici eleganti e dallo stile minimalista e mensole: insomma proprio tutto ciò di cui hai bisogno per decorare la tua parete.

Ti sei mai soffermata a guardare quelle gallery perfette con cui sono arredate tutte le stanze che vedi su Instagram? Ecco: la maggior parte è proprio di Desenio!

Scegliere i quadri giusti per arredare casa può essere un compito non proprio semplice. Se non hai ancora capito quale stile fa per te, o qual è l'idea giusta che potrebbe valorizzare al meglio una determinata stanza,   su Desenio puoi chiarirti le idee. Dai uno sguardo alle numerose proposte di gallery e lasciati ispirare dalle tendenze del momento. Puoi trovare tantissime combinazioni davvero vincenti, devi solo lasciarti guidare dal tuo istinto e capire quale ti farà sentire.. a casa!

Fare shopping su Desenio

Per poterti orientare meglio, Desenio ha strutturato la categoria dei poster in maniera più semplice e intuitiva possibile: troverai diverse categorie tra cui selezionare i quadri che ti piacciono di più: puoi cercare tra i più popolari, tra le novità, oppure puoi selezionarli per categoria (arte, vintage, bianco e nero, illustrazioni, piante, animali..) e ancora per dimensione, o per colore.

Summer restyling: come ho rinnovato casa con i poster Desenio

Con l'arrivo della stagione estiva avevo il desiderio di portare una ventata di freschezza e di novità in casa mia. Ho scelto tra le novità di Desenio tre poster con delle bellissime immagini di paesaggi di mare, che riuscissero a comunicare serenità, spensieratezza e un meraviglioso senso di pace. Desideravo dei colori tenui e delicati, capaci di emozionare. Così ho scelto le stampe Sri Lanka Palms Poster, Logan Rock Poster e Calm Beach Poster nella misura 50x70, tre passe-partout bianchi 70x100 e tre cornici in legno chiare della stessa dimensione. Li ho posizionati in ingresso, bene in vista, sostituendo i quadri che erano li, in modo da averli sempre davanti ai miei occhi quando sono nella zona giorno.

Poi ho rinnovato anche la zona pranzo: ho preso solamente le stampe, e le ho posizionate all'interno di alcune cornici precedentemente acquistate su Desenio. Ho optato per due poster che omaggiano la bellissima città in cui vivo: Rome Map Poster e Visit Colosseum Poster. Oltre a rappresentare la città a cui tanto sono legata, trovo che queste due stampe in bianco e nero risaltino ancora di più sulla mia parete azzurra.

Puoi trovare tutto ciò che ho preso per rinnovare casa qui!

Sapevi che Desenio è impegnato nella sostenibilità? Desenio è in possesso della certificazione FSC e per ogni albero utilizzato per la produzione delle sue stampe, si assicura che altri due ne vengano piantati!

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Prenotare un viaggio in sicurezza, grazie all'agenzia di viaggi!

L'estate porta sempre con se voglia di viaggi!!! Quest'anno più che mai, dopo un periodo difficile per tutti, abbiamo bisogno di rilassarci un pò, di scoprire qualche nuova meta in buona compagnia e di staccare dalla solita routine. Nadia, Ida Selvaggia ed io, ci eravamo ripromesse di trascorrere qualche giorno insieme quest'estate, mettendo per una volta da parte il nostro lavoro, e lasciando spazio al divertimento.

Per prenotare un viaggio in totale sicurezza è sempre importante affidarsi a dei professionisti del settore, quindi prenotare in agenzia. I vantaggi del prenotare un viaggio in agenzia sono molteplici: in questo caso un professionista si occuperà non solo di trovare il volo (o la nave, o il treno) più adatto alle nostre esigenze, ci consiglierà alcune soluzioni per il soggiorno, tra cui scegliere quella che più ci piace, ci proporrà diversi itinerari e punti di interesse da visitare durante la nostra vacanza, e ci farà sapere quali sono i documenti necessari, differenti a seconda della nostra meta.

Quest'anno a causa del covid, la situazione è abbastanza complessa: ogni Nazione ha previsto dei requisiti differenti e ha delle regole da rispettare, che è bene conoscere prima di partire per non andare incontro ad imprevisti. Proprio in vista di queste circostanze è davvero importante avvalersi dell'aiuto di chi organizza viaggi per mestiere.

Anche noi di The Fashion Mob ci siamo affidate ad un'agenzia di viaggi per organizzare il nostro viaggio estivo, destinazione Parigi!

In un primo momento in realtà avevamo provato a prenotare tutto da sole: abbiamo incontrato diverse difficoltà sia nell'organizzare il viaggio, trovando informazioni non complete e discordanti sul web, e infine ci siamo arrese davanti all'evidenza di non avere delle notizie concrete sui documenti che sarebbero dovuti essere in nostro possesso per entrare nel paese.

È stato proprio quando stavamo per rinunciare che Nadia ha avuto la brillante idea di affidarci a dei professionisti, così Ida è passata in agenzia di viaggio, si è fatta consigliare, ha raccolto tante informazioni utili, dai documenti, alla zona dove soggiornare, alle cose da fare una volta in Francia, fino all'organizzazione. Così, senza stress e in totale sicurezza abbiamo prenotato il nostro viaggio a Parigi in agenzia di viaggio!

Affidarsi a dei professionisti ci ha permesso di organizzare un viaggio nel migliore dei modi.. e voi siete già passati in agenzia per prenotare la vostra vacanza?

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L'ultima tendenza è lo shopping artigianale
il vero glamour italiano anche online
Quante volte andando in vacanza o in giro in un centro storico italiano abbiamo trovato un piccolo shop artigianale pieno di cose uniche e particolari, come una borsa fatta a mano, o una giacca sartoriale, o un gioiello dal design originale e l’abbiamo subito comprato per poi sfoggiarlo con le amiche alla prima occasione?Bene, se la vostra passione è trovare cose uniche da indossare o per arredare la casa, l’ultima tendenza è comprare artigianale!Con la pandemia le botteghe artigianali italiane, i designer emergenti della moda o del design, per non parlare dei creativi dai gioielli all’arte, hanno avuto una lunga battuta di arresto. Oggi, un marketplace online innovativo si occupa di rilanciare queste attività rendendo disponibili tutto ciò che è il bello del vero made in Italy, anche a prezzi accessibili: missione è quella di offrire maggiore originalità nello shopping online, lontana dalle proposte già note dei big brand. I piccoli brand della moda e del design, infatti, oltre a proporre prodotti di qualità, lavorano su piccole collezioni o edizioni limitate, fatte a mano o attraverso lavorazioni ricercate, eredi di savoir faire locali, quindi offrono uno shopping online alternativo alle cose che si trovano ovunque! Senza contare che comprare da brand di nicchia aiuta e promuove l’economia locale italiana.Vediamo alcuni dei pezzi originali o in edizione limitata che è possibile trovare su Mooza:

1. Girocollo nero in metallo dorato e cotoneUn piccolo punto interrogativo in crochet!
 Adatto a diversi outfit, questo girocollo semplice ed elegante, è disponibile in diversi colori per ogni occasione, ed è anche il regalo ideale per chi ha gusti ricercati. Reinventare in modo creativo materiali di uso comune, come i filati, è alla base della ricerca di questo brand artigianale. Attraverso uno studio accurato e una nuova interpretazione nella progettazione delle forme, si danno vita a materiali, come la seta o il filo di scozia, comunemente impiegati nel settore dell’abbigliamento. Questo girocollo è in ottone placcato senza nichel e cadmio e di cotone lavorato crochet.(disponibile su Mooza)

2. Gabry - Infradito cristallo con foulard leopardo Artigianali e green!

Questi Infradito con foulard in viscosa e intreccio alla caviglia sono realizzati in modo ecosostenibile, senza scarti di lavorazione, da una piccola azienda esclusivamente Made in Italy che produce anche per grandi brand del lusso.    
(disponibile su Mooza)

3.Borsa di paglia artigianale

Decorata a mano con l'uncinetto fa parte di una collezione di pezzi unici realizzati con materiali ecologici e sostenibili nel rispetto dell'ambiente e prodotti artigianalmente. L’idea di base per queste realizzazioni nasce dal riuso creativo di capi fallati e di tessuti inutilizzati, per trasformare e creare invece di consumare e gettare, con un occhio al design e al glamour.(disponibile su Mooza)

3. Aromalove Olio Corpo Biologico Arancia

Per la cura del proprio corpo i prodotti naturali e artigianali sono sempre più richiesti. Questo Olio corpo Bio dona alla pelle un effetto velluto insieme ad un effetto aromaterapico che combatte lo stress. Creato da una start-up italiana con un brevetto innovativo che permette di inserire all'interno del prodotto una pianta officianale ed Oli Essenziali.(disponibile su Mooza)

4.T-shirt Gelsomina Cotone Uomo/Donna - Latte Blu

T-shirt in versione gender-fluid a righe, per una moda elegante e senza tempo creato da un brand artigianale riminese che progetta capi come un oggetto di design destinati a durare nel tempo. (disponibile su Mooza)

5. FATILA – lampada a sospensione design

Questa lampada è realizzata prendendo ispirazione dal mondo degli strumenti musicali a percussione, per un disegn ricercato e unico.  (disponibile su Mooza)

6. Runner tavolo Home design. Centro tavola

Questo centro tavola è un prodotto interamente artigianale ed è un complemento di arredo per interni ottimo per cucine e salotti. Il processo di lavorazione è davvero particolare: il disegno è intagliato e scolpito a mano da un blocco di gomma, per creare un timbro, che viene premuto a mano utilizzando inchiostro sul tessuto utilizzando tinture vegetali.(disponibile su Mooza)

Insomma, un nuovo modo di pensare i propri acquisti, includendo anche il marketplace online come fonte di ispirazione e per trovare cose originali!

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Moda bambini: una giornata comfy chic

Moda bambini: una giornata comfy chic

Camilla è una vera appassionata di moda, proprio come me! Mano a mano che cresce, inizia a sviluppare un suo gusto nel vestire e si diverte a scegliere i suoi outfit. Adora lo stile glamour ed elegante, forse perché infondo desidera sentirsi sempre un pò principessa, ma è importante che i suoi capi siano allo stesso tempo versatili e comodi.Nell’ultimo periodo poi, è molto attenta ai trend del momento, quindi io sono sempre alla ricerca di look che soddisfino tutte queste caratteristiche, insomma di look per una giornata comfy chic.Ma è possibile essere comfy e chic allo stesso tempo? Assolutamente si!
Ecco come vestirsi per una giornata comfy chic.Come suggerisce il nome di questa tendenza bisogna indossare dei capi che siano comodi, ma con un twist in più, caratteristiche glamour che rendano il look stiloso. Una combinazione davvero perfetta per una bambina come Camilla che è sempre in movimento ma non vuole rinunciare a vestirsi alla moda.Il look di oggi per esempio risponde perfettamente a tutti questi aspetti: ha una gonna di tulle color cammello con una balza finale estremamente romantica e femminile; un top corto con il nodino in vita e una scritta glitterata estremamente cool; e un giubbotto jeans verde militare con una cascata di paillettes (rimovbili) che ricopre tutte e due le taschine.
Alcuni suggerimenti per creare un look comfy chicCombinare capi casual con altri dall’animo più elegante non è sempre facile: per questo ci sono tre suggerimenti da tenere sempre bene a mente:-combina tra loro capi con tessuti differenti, ad esempio il denim della giacca jeans, e il tulle della gonna;-gioca con i volumi! Il contrasto tra il top mini, la gonna lunga e la giacca dal volume over da vita ad un risultato super!-non avere paura di mixare capi formali con altri più comodi, la parola chiave è osare!
Follie's Group: capi glamour per i bambini di oggiAnche per Camilla compro spesso in rete e di recente ho scoperto uno shop online di cui si è, anzi lo ammetto, ci siamo innamorate. Si tratta di Follie's Group, dove ho preso il total look Lu’Lu’ by Miss Grant che indossa oggi. Follie’s Group è azienda che da oltre dieci anni è specializzata nella produzione e commercio di abbigliamento per bambini.Lu’Lu’ by Miss Grant è uno dei brand che potete trovare sullo store di Follie’s Group, store online con una vastissima selezione di abbigliamento per bambini. Follie’s Group nasce per offrire ricercatezza ed eleganza, ma anche comodità e praticità, strizzando l’occhio alle tendenze.Oltre ad avere una varietà e una scelta davvero eccezionale, di Follie’s Group ho apprezzato anche la rapidità nelle spedizioni, cosa per me fondamentale quando faccio acquisti online.
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Shopygood: tutto il meglio della tecnologia

Quale tipo di donna sei?

A) preferisci rilassarti e prenderti del tempo per te, e delegare le faccende domestiche a qualcun altro.

B) desideri prenderti cura di casa in prima persona, perché si sa. chi fa da sé, fa per tre!!!

Ci sono giorni in cui mi sveglio in "modalità B", altri in cui sono decisamente una "A". Per ognuna di queste due situazioni ho l'alleato perfetto: aspirapolvere senza fili, o lava e aspira pavimenti! Li ho presi entrambi su Shopygood.

Cos'è Shoopygood?

Shopygood è un portale per lo shopping online con tantissime proposte interessanti: qui puoi trovare tutto il meglio della tecnologia di ultima generazione. Scegli tra i prodotti della linea Xiaomi, a prezzi davvero vantaggiosi, quelli che fanno per te. Puoi acquistare prodotti per la casa ma anche prodotti tecnologici per lo sport o il tempo libero. Qualche esempio? casse portatili, proiettori, auricolari bluetooth, aspirapolvere senza fili, robot per la pulizia della casa, accessori per la demotica.. la proposta è davvero completa!

Quali vantaggi hai ad acquistare su Shopygood?

L'interfaccia di Shopygood è davvero molto semplice ed intuitivo, si possono effettuare delle ricerche tra le varie sezioni del sito, oppure impostando dei filtri. E se hai dei dubbi puoi affidarti all'assistenza alla vendita proprio come ho fatto io: la tuanesperienza di shopping sarà guidata passo dopo passo.

Su Shopygood, se effettui una spesa superiore ai 150 euro, la spedizione è gratuita! Inoltre, se lo desideri, c'è la possibilità di rateizzare il pagamento con Klarna, in tre comode rate, e senza interessi.

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10 Luoghi instagrammabili a Venezia: i posti per realizzare fotografie memorabili

Sono stata ormai diverse volte a Venezia e ogni volta me ne innamoro come se fosse la prima, per questo ogni volta ci tengo a fare un giro di tutti i punti di interesse della città, per poterli ammirare nuovamente e per riempirmi gli occhi di tanta meraviglia. Se anche voi volete visitare i punti più belli della città, ecco una lista dei post più instagrammabili di Venezia.

Sei pronto a scoprire i posti più instagrammabili di Venezia? Prendi carta e penna e scrivi, e preparati a scattare delle fotografie senza uguali.

Ponte di Rialto

Una volta a Venezia non puoi non fare una foto al Ponte di Rialto: il mio consiglio è di non scattare una foto qualsiasi da turista inesperto proprio sul ponte, ma di realizzare uno scatto davvero memorabile con il ponte più famoso della città alle tue spalle. Per farlo dovrai andare sull'ingresso nord del ponte (non quello dal lato di Piazza San Marco) e alla sinistra del ponte, proprio davanti alla Corte dei Conti, troverai un piccolo pontile da cui potrai scattare una bellissima foto, proprio come quella che vedi qui!

Ponte dei sospiri

Sapevi che il ponte ha questo nome perché da qui passavano i criminali condannati a morte mentre camminavano per andare in prigione e la visuale dal ponte era l'ultima cosa che avrebbero visto, e qui tutti sospiravano davanti ad un panorama tanto spettacolare. Anche qui il posto migliore per scattare è proprio sotto al ponte dei Sospiri: dal lato del Palazzo delle Prigioni nuove avrai una visuale perfetta per il tuo scatto instagrammabile di Venezia!

Piazza San Marco

Piazza San Marco è sicuramente il luogo più famoso e affascinante della città, nonché una delle piazze più visitate d'Italia. Ecco perché se vorrai scattare una foto instagrammabile a Venezia nella sua piazza più famosa hai due opzioni. La prima è alzarti davvero molto presto e arrivare all'alba a Piazza San Marco in modo da riuscire a scattare una foto d'effetto senza milioni di turisti attorno a te; la seconda è fare come ho fatto io e visitate la Basilica di San Marco e scattare una foto dalla sua terrazza, situata proprio sotto la Loggia dei Cavalli. La vista sulla piazza da qui è unica. L'accesso è consentito pagando il biglietto per il museo e l'orario della visita si può prenotare online.

Un'alternativa e scattare una foto sotto i portici che si trovano proprio dall'altro lato della piazza rispetto alla Basilica!

Un Hotel unico, il Papadopoli

Quando sei a Venezia, una scelta fondamentale è quella dell'hotel dove soggiornare. Ancora una volta io ho confermato l'Hotel Papadopoli Venezia MGallery by Sofitel, e non solo perché l'arredo elegante in stile 700 veneziano di questo boutique hotel lo rende il luogo ideale per scattare delle foto speciali al risveglio in camera o all'interno del magico ristorante il Giardino d'Inverno, che come suggerisce il nome è una magnifica oasi verde all'interno dell'hotel.

Ho scelto di tornare ancora una volta all'Hotel Papadopoli perché è una cornice d'eccezione in cui rilassarsi dopo aver camminato per calli e ponti, ed un posto incantevole in cui svegliarsi con il piede giusto, pronti per affrontare una nuova giornata a Venezia carichi di energia e positività.

Inoltre questa incantevole struttura immersa nel verde del parco da cui prende il nome, si trova in una posizione strategica, a pochi passi dal Canal Grande e dal Ponte della Costituzione, vicinissimo alla stazione di Santa Lucia.


Tra gli scatti più instagrammabili di Venezia non posso non menzionare una foto a bordo di una gondola. La città sulla laguna, merita di essere vista e ammirata dal suo elemento, l'acqua. Se non l'avete mai fatto, vi consiglio di fare un giro i gondola, sarà un'esperienza unica e davvero romantica, che vi farà vivere e vedere la città in una maniera unica, che faticherete a dimenticare. Naturalmente dalla gondola avrete la possibilità di scattare delle foto indimenticabili.

Fondaco dei Tedeschi

Se vuoi ammirare il panorama della città di Venezia vista dall'alto devi assolutamente visitare la terrazza del T Fondaco dei Tedeschi, palazzo storico vicino a Rialto. La visita è gratuita, dura 15 minuti e va prenotata online. Dalla terrazza, godrai di una vista mozzafiato e a 360° sui tetti di tutta la città

Libreria Acqua Alta

La Libreria Acqua Alta è senz'altro la libreria più famosa della città. A renderla davvero particolare, e -diciamolo- anche inflazionata, sono le gondole che fungono da ripiani, e l'area esterna, piene di antichi libri impilati che formano una scala su cui salire per realizzare un altro scatto originale nella città sulla laguna.

Riva degli Schiavoni

Un altro dei luoghi più instagrammabili della città è molto vicino a Piazza San Marco e al Ponte dei Sospiri: è la Riva degli Schiavoni e da qui potrai scattare una foto instagrammabile, tra le gondole ormeggiate sulla riva, e con una visuale bellissima sulla Giudecca che si scorge in lontananza.

Canale S.Moise

Questa è una vera chicca, un canale a Venezia davvero bello e particolare, ma anche poco conosciuto e frequentato. Si trova proprio dietro all'hotel Moisé. Per raggiungerlo segui le indicazioni psul navigatore per raggiungere l'hotel e una volta arrivato, girati a sinistra e ai tuoi occhi apparirà una location davvero caratteristica. L'indirizzo è 2036 Piscina S.Moise Venezia.


Ogni angolino di Burano è una vera e propria esplosione di colori: qui non avete bisogno di un mio consiglio preciso! Ogni casa, calle e ponte, è estremamente fotografico e scenico! Il tragitto con il traghetto per arrivarci è un pò lungo, ma ne vale decisamente la pena!

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Osteria dell'Orcia: meraviglioso Relais a Bagno Vignoni

Il nostro Paese custodisce tante bellissime perle, una di queste è Bagno Vignoni, nel cuore della Val d'Orcia. Tra panorami mozzafiato, file di cipressi e buon vino, sono stata insieme al team di The Fashion Mob, alla scoperta di questa terra incantata, nel sud della Toscana.
Dove soggiornare a Bagno Vignoni: il mio consiglioPer il nostro week end in Val d'Orcia abbiamo scelto di soggiornare a Bagno Vignoni, al relais l'Osteria dell'Orcia, un hotel immerso nel verde ideale per staccare la spina e rigenerarsi.L'Osteria dell'Orcia è nato dai ruderi di un edificio storico del Cinquecento, ed oggi è il luogo ideale per trascorrere un soggiorno all'insegna del benessere e del relax. Si trova lungo la via Francigena, all'interno del Parco Naturale della Val d'Orcia, patrimonio UNESCO.Il Relais l'Osteria dell'Orcia è situato in una posizione strategica: dista pochi passo da Bagno Vignoni, ma allo stesso tempo è immerso nel verde della natura e sembra un luogo sospeso nel tempo, lontano dal caos cittadino.Le camere sono arredate in perfetto stile toscano e offrono tutti i comfort di cui si può aver bisogno. Al Relais dell'Orcia nulla è lasciato al caso: in bagno troverete i prodotti beauty di Laboratori Hur di Firenze: una vera coccola di bellezza, 100% naturali, biologici e realizzati con materie prime. Potrete trascorrere un momento di pausa a bordo piscina o all'ombra del curassimo giardino del relais, e potrete fare un saluto a Zorro, un asinello tenerissimo che ha conquistato gli abitanti di Bagno Vignoni e dintorni, divenendone la mascotte.

Dove mangiare a Bagno VignoniLa Toscana è famosa non solo per i suoi paesaggi, ma anche per la sua cucina e il suo ottimo vino, quindi se siete di passaggio in questa regione, ecco dove dovete assolutamente fermarvi a mangiare a Bagno Vignoni.Molto conosciuto e apprezzato è il ristorante dell'Osteria dell'Orcia: La Vecchia Posta. Qui abbiamo mangiato piatti tipici della cucina toscana, sapientemente cucinati ad arte e serviti in un contesto sopra le righe. Se, proprio come noi, oltre che i piaceri della tavola apprezzi il buon vino, prendi nota: il Relais Osteria dell'Orcia offre la possibilità ai suoi ospiti di fare una degustazione di vini del territorio, un'esperienza che consiglio assolutamente. 
Bagno Vignoni e dintorni: esperienze da fare assolutamenteSe stai pianificando un week end romantico in Toscana, o una vacanza benessere, Bagno Vignoni è il luogo ideale. Bagno Vignoni infatti, ha un fascino d'altri tempi ed offre esperienze indimenticabili, inoltre è un luogo in Toscana molto famoso perché ospita delle sorgenti termali. Una visita al borgo di Bagno Vignoni è d'obbligo: la piazza centrale della città, costruita in epoca rinascimentale è in realtà una vasca d'acqua termale. Qui ci sono anche le antiche terme romane nel Parco dei Mulini.Un altro luogo con piscine d'acqua termale in cui immergersi è Bagni San Filippo: un posto incantato, immerso nella natura rigogliosa dove le formazioni calcaree, le cascate e le piccole piscine d'acqua calda circondate dalla natura sembrano trasportarvi in un altra dimensione.Un altra piccola gita che non potete perdere è Pienza: incantevole borgo che vi conquisterà con la sua bellezza e.. con la bontà dei suoi formaggi, tra cui un pecorino stagionato che ha più volte vinto il titolo di miglior formaggio del mondo.

Un pic nic con vista sulle colline toscane, vicino Bagno VignoniNon molto distante da Bagno Vignoni, a Montepulciano, c'è il Caseificio Cugusi, un posto che ci è stato consigliato direttamente dal Relais dell'Orcia per vivere un'esperienza irripetibile. Qui si ha la possibilità di scegliere prodotti gastronomici tipici della zona e di mangiarli con un cestino da pic nic godendo di una vista spettacolare sulle colline toscane. Insomma il posto ideale per gustare il miglior pecorino di Pienza ammaliati da un paesaggio scenografico che difficilmente dimenticherete.Quella in Val d'Orcia è una vacanza che vi consiglio di fare assolutamente, se deciderete di soggiornare nel bellissimo Relais Osteria dell'Orcia, con il codice sconto The Fashion Mob avrete diritto ad un 10% in meno su tutte le stanze!
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Degustabox di Maggio: apriamola insieme

L'arrivo della Degustabox è sempre un momento molto atteso qui a casa nostra: siamo sempre contente di scoprire tutte le gustose novità contenute al suo interno. La Degustabox di Maggio ci ha fatto scoprire:

-Le nuove Sfoglie Mais di Gran Pavesi, preparate con pochi e semplici ingredienti, cotte al forno e senza olio di palma.

-Kozel Premium Lager è una lager dalla lunga tradizione, che si contraddistingue per la fedeltà alla ricetta originale e l'utilizzo di ingredienti di alta qualità, per un gusto ricco e bilanciato. Dentro Kozel c'è tutto l'amore e i valori di ospitalità degli abitanti del villaggio di Velké Popovice in cui è nata.

-I Croissant BuonEssere Bauli sono un mix irresistibile di 7 cereali uniti a semi di girasole, di chia e di lino in una pasta sfogliata ancora più soffice, per darti tutta la bontà che cerchi nella sua forma più autentica.

-TuttoTonno è una nuovissima gamma con l'idea di lanciare sul mercato un prodotto per tutta la famiglia, senza compromessi! Prova le varianti all'olio di oliva e all'olio di girasole. 

-PICK UP! choco & milk 4-pack: una vera tavoletta di cioccolato con una deliziosa crema al latte tra due croccanti biscotti. Prova le versioni choco, black & white e il formato Minis.

- Quelli di Madama Oliva sono gustosi paté, perfetti per bruschette e tartine, o per arricchire qualsiasi tipo di piatto.

Serra 1.25€

-Biofrutto Albicocca Serra è una morbida barretta di frutta, con purea di frutta fresca con il frutto caratterizzante primo ingrediente al 90%, senza zuccheri aggiunti, conservanti o aromi. Tutta naturale.

-Dalla tradizione di Estathé nell'infusione di foglie di the, nasce Estathé InFusion Mix, una nuova frontiera dell'infusione e del gusto, sorprendente infusione di pregiate foglie di the, frutti selezionati ed erbe rinfrescanti per offrirti un gusto mixtico!

-Morato Pane sono spesse e Morbide fette di pane, preparate con olio d'oliva, ideali da farcire per toast più sfiziosi.

-Daygum Insta White è un chewingum senza zucchero che offre un effetto di bianco istantaneo temporaneo per il tuo sorriso con un solo confetto! Avere un sorriso effetto wow oggi è facile come masticare un chewing gum!

-Il nuovo Pesto Rosso di pomodoro Mutti è sfizioso e saporito ma più leggero, perchè ha il 45% di grassi e sale in meno rispetto alla media dei pesti più venduti, grazie all'utilizzo del pomodoro nella ricetta. 

-Santal Dolce di Natura è la linea Santal dedicata alla celebrazione della frutta, 100% di origine naturale, senza zuccheri aggiunti. Il gusto arancia rossa ti permette di scoprire tutte le sfaccettature di questo frutto, in una bevanda dissetante, con ingredienti 100% di origine naturale, senza conservanti e senza zuccheri aggiunti.

-In un momento così delicato, Degustabox e Sole, vogliono prendersi cura di noi... e della nostra lavatrice! Sole Cura Lavatrice Express è l'alleato perfetto per un bucato fresco e profumato, che aiuta a rimuovere germi e batteri.

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Pigiama per bambini: come sceglierli in base al sesso, all’età e alla stagione

Tra tutti i capi di abbigliamento, il pigiama è quello preferito dai bambini, perché è comodo e li lascia liberi nella loro naturale voglia di movimento. Se potessero, lo indosserebbero anche per uscire fuori a giocare con gli amichetti!

Proprio per questi motivi, le aziende che si occupano di abbigliamento per bambini dedicano ad esso grande attenzione, realizzando modelli comodi, belli e originali. In questo articolo scoprirete quali tipologie di pigiami per bambini esistono e come sceglierli.

Cosa è un pigiama

Nato in Persia, il “Pae Jama”(da qui trasformato poi in pigiama) era un semplice pantalone che copriva le gambe. Nel tempo, è stato utilizzato come indumento usato per la notte, al quale si è abbinata una maglia.

Ai giorni nostri, il pigiama viene spesso usato anche per stare comodamente in casa, soprattutto dai bambini. Proprio per tale motivo, le aziende di abbigliamento per bambini propongono sempre nuovi modelli, tra i quali troverete sempre quello più adatto ai vostri piccoli. Ma quali tipologie di pigiama bambino esistono?

I pigiami per bambini

Sul mercato potete trovare diverse tipologie di pigiami per bambini, come ad esempio il classico due pezzi oppure quello che sta spopolando da qualche anno, ovvero a tuta intera. Vediamoli entrambi nel dettaglio. 

Il pigiama bambino a due pezzi

I due pezzi che formano il pigiama per bambini sono una maglia, una t-shirt o una canotta, abbinati a un pantalone o a degli shorts.

Rispetto a quello intero, è sicuramente molto più semplice da indossare e da levare, per i piccoli.

Il pigiama a due pezzi deve essere scelto della misura giusta perché se troppo stretto e piccolo, può lasciare la schiena e le caviglie scoperte, se invece è troppo largo, i bambini possono rischiare che il pantalone scivoli troppo mentre si muovono, dormendo.

In commercio ne trovate di tutti i tipi: a tinta unita, coloratissimi o con le stampe dei personaggi preferiti dei cartoni animati dei vostri bambini.

Il pigiama intero per bambini

È quello più utilizzato per i bambini più piccoli, fino ai tre anni di età, perché li copre completamente senza che rischino che la schiena e piedini rimangano scoperti durante la notte.

Tuttavia, negli ultimi tempi il pigiama intero è diventato una vera e propria moda, tanto che oggi trovate in commercio modelli per bambini più grandicelli e anche per adulti.

Li trovate sotto forma di simpatici animali, come gli orsacchiotti o i gettonatissimi unicorni, e sono quelli che i bambini usano maggiormente nelle fredde giornate invernali anche per stare dentro casa.

Come sceglierli

Che siano estivi o invernali, i pigiami vanno scelti tenendo conto soprattutto dei tessuti e della loro qualità.

Il cotone è sempre la fibra da preferire, perché è molto traspirante e non trattiene il sudore dei bambini sulla loro pelle, con il rischio di farli raffreddare.

In inverno, meglio preferire il caldo cotone, il misto lana e la flanella, anche questi molto traspiranti.

Visto che il pigiama bambino è un indumento che si usa così frequentemente e quindi si lava spesso, vi conviene farne una buona scorta.

Il consiglio è quello di prenderli in confezione multi pack o aspettare gli sconti stagionali per fare una buona scorta, avendo la possibilità di risparmiare!


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Hypnia: materassi memory foam per un riposo di qualità

Da adolescente potevo dormire pochissime ore, anche in un letto scomodo, o addirittura su un divano, magari a casa di un'amica, ma comunque il giorno dopo ero riposata e carica di energia. Magari potesse essere ancora così! Con qualche anno in più sulle spalle ho imparato che la qualità del sonno è fondamentale per me, e che riesce a condizionare la mia persona secondo molteplici aspetti. Dormire bene mi aiuta ad essere produttiva ed efficiente durante la giornata, influisce positivamente sul mio umore e sulla mia concentrazione, inoltre il sonno potenzia il sistema immunitario e la memoria. Insomma il sonno non solo riesce a determinare l'andamento delle mie giornate, ma incide notevolmente sul mio benessere fisico e mentale.

Questo è qualcosa che negli anni ho sperimentato sulla mia pelle, ed è proprio così che ho compreso affondo l'importanza del sonno: la qualità del riposo notturno può davvero fare la differenza.

Hypnia: un punto di riferimento per i materassi memory foam

Così ho imparato a non sottovalutare il sonno, anzi a dargli la dovuta importanza e a impegnarmi per far si che le mie notti siano riposanti e di qualità. Per dormire bene, naturalmente è fondamentale avete un materasso di qualità, per questo ho deciso di provare Hypnia, azienda francese specializzata in materassi memory foam. Si parla di memory foam perché dopo l'uso, il materasso riprende la sua forma iniziale; questo è possibile perchè la schiuma viscoelastica e termosensibile presente nello strato superficiale si adatta alla forma del corpo sposandone i contorni. È in questo modo che riesce a garantire il massimo confort e a eliminare tutti i punti di pressione. Inoltre grazie al memory foam, viene stimolato il microcircolo e sostenuta la colonna vertebrale. La restante parte del materasso può essere dotata di molle o di altra schiuma.

Prova il tuo materasso Hypnia per 120 notti

Hypnia vende i suoi materassi esclusivamente online, per rendere più semplice e più accessibile l'acquisto del materasso ideale e recapita direttamente a casa vostra un Bed in Box, ovvero il materasso scelto, arrotolato e sottovuoto in uno scatolone: la consegna è gratuita e Hypnia ti da 120 notti per testare il materasso prima di decidere se sei soddisfatto o se vuoi restituirlo gratuitamente. Inoltre tutti i materassi Hypnia sono garantiti per 15 anni.

Che fine fanno i materassi che vengono restituiti? Prendono strade diverse a seconda delle condizioni in cui si trovano. Se i clienti li restituiscono in perfette condizioni, Hypnia li dona ad associazioni di beneficienza affinché possano regalare notti migliori ai più bisognosi; se invece sono rovinati, vengono riciclati evitando sprechi e tutelando l'ambiente.

Hypnia: materassi attenti alle esigenze di ogni persona

Sul sito di Hypnia puoi trovare 8 materassi differenti tra cui scegliere il tuo materasso ideale. Puoi sceglierlo in base alle tue necessità: magari hai bisogno di un sostegno più rigido o più flessibile, magari desideri un pò di sollievo dal mal di schiena o dai dolori cervicali. Fra l'altro per capire meglio quale modello si adatta meglio alle tue esigenze, sul Hypnia trovi un veloce test per individuare il tuo materasso dieale.

Tra i vari modelli proposti da Hypnia ho ho scelto il Materasso Supremo Benessere un materasso Memory Foam con molle insacchettate e 7 zone comfort ottimizzate 30 cm di spessore per un comfort extra-lusso e notti da sogno. È un materasso eccellente, lo trovo comodissimo e mi sta regalando notti di sonno incredibile che mi rigenerano completamente.

Con il codice FABRIZIA20 avrete un 20% di sconto su tutti i prodotti presenti sul sito Hypnia: è valido per una settimana a partire da oggi!

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Clutch o Pochette: minibag che passione, ma quale scegliere?

Clutch o pochette, questo è il dilemma? Ad accomunare le due minibag è tendenzialmente la piccola taglia, ma anche lo straordinario interesse che dimostrano le donne verso i due modelli, pratici trendy e dall’ingombro minimal.

Clutch o pochette: quando scegliere l'una, quando l'altra

Clutch e pochette sono diverse per consistenza. Se la prima vanta una forma sostanzialmente rigida, e dotata di chiusura a scatto, la pochette è di norma realizzata in tessuto morbido e completata dalla presenza di un manico o di una sottile tracolla.

La pochette si abbina perfettamente agli abiti da sera, lunghi ed eleganti, grazie alle versioni più sfavillanti e ricche di luce, che illuminano l’outif, ma sono rari i modelli più casual, anche di taglia medio-maxi, portabilissimi di giorno con i jeans e gli abiti più sportivi. 

Le clutch, da reggere rigorosamente a mano, vantano dimensioni tendenzialmente piccole, sino a diventare addirittura minuscole, come veri e propri gioielli. Tanti i modelli proposti con la tracolla, seppur esigua, per consentire alle mani di restare libere.

Se sei alla ricerca di nuove idee per la tua prossima borsa in pelle, potrai trovare molti esempi di borsette clutch differenti sul sito della casa di moda Reptile's House, dove abbiamo scoperto anche questo bellissimo modello verde acqua. 

La storia della clutch

La clutch nata nella Francia di fine Settecento è una delle borse più amate di tutti i tempi. Se l’iconica Chanel 2.55 è sicuramente il modello più famoso, non possiamo dimenticare la knuckle clutch di Alexander McQueen, caratterizzata dall’originalissima impugnatura con lo spazio per contenere tutte le dita. 

Belli senza tempo i modelli gioiello realizzati negli anni ’20 da Judith Leiber, la famosa fashion designer ungherese.

Negli anni ’60 si è trasformata in un vero e proprio simbolo di libertà per le ragazze in minigonna, che l’hanno considerata un accessorio decisamente pratico e funzionale, a partire dalle dimensioni che ne hanno fatto l’accessorio di tendenza per eccellenza.

La storia della pochette

La pochette è la regina indiscussa delle Gran Soirée, ma non mancano i modelli da giorno, che si adattano perfettamente anche ad un look sportivo e vengono proposte in dimensioni diverse, senza disdegnare taglie medio-maxi.

La progenitrice delle proposte più attuali nasce nel 1800, quando le donne per uscire utilizzavano sacche di seta ricamate, che nel gergo del tempo venivano chiamate ‘reticoli’. La scelta della piccola taglia consentiva comunque di portare con se gli oggetti utili alle donne del tempo e quindi ago e filo, i sali, una boccetta di profumo e l’immancabile fazzolettino ricamato.

La pochette oggi si rivela estremamente utile per una donna super organizzata, che si muove molto e sa perfettamente che cosa è importante avere sempre a portata di mano. 

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Occhiali a forma di cuore? E' amore a prima vista!
Occhiali a forma di cuore? E' amore a prima vista!
Occhiali a forma di cuore: accessorio must have summer 2019 L'aria frizzante e spensierata dell'estate porta con sé una nuova tendenza ironica e divertente: gli occhiali a forma di cuore. Accessorio pop e ironico, con la giusta dose di frivolezza, gli occhiali a forma di cuore sono il must have del momento, il dettaglio che proprio non possiamo lasciarci sfuggire. Dalle prime ore della giornata fino al tramonto, gli occhiali a cuore con le loro lenti romantiche e divertenti allo stesso tempo, cattureranno lo sguardo di tutti. Si indossano al mare come in città, in spiaggia ma anche per una passeggiata tra i negozi! Madrina indiscussa di questa tendenza che spopola nell'estate 2019, è la Lolita di Stanley Kubrick, icona che indossò gli occhiali a forma di cuore con estrema malizia e sensualità.
Occhiali a forma di cuore: come li indossiamo noi di The Fashion Mob A dimostrazione del fatto che ogni tendenza, per quanto particolare, possa essere interpretata e fatta propria, ecco il team di The Fashion Mob che indossa gli occhiali a forma di cuore. Ognuna un paio di occhiali differenti, abbinati a modo proprio ad un look dai connotati estremamente diversi. Scegliendo il giusto paio di occhiali per se stessa, ognuna di noi ha espresso la sua personalità e ha raccontato qualcosa di sé con un semplice accessorio. Colorati, asimmetrici, trasparenti o specchiati, come preferisci gli occhiali a forma di cuore?
Occhiali a forma di cuore? E' amore a prima vista! Occhiali a forma di cuore? E' amore a prima vista! Occhiali a forma di cuore? E' amore a prima vista! Occhiali a forma di cuore? E' amore a prima vista!
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Apriamo insieme la Degustabox di Marzo

La Degustabox di Marzo di avvicina al benessere e al gusto con tatti prodotti dedicati a questa tematica:

I buonissimi biscotti Oreo, adesso soni ricoperti da una copertura al gusto di cioccolato al latte e cioccolato bianco, per un'esperienza di extra gusto straordinaria.

Scopri il giusto intenso della birra doppio malto 8.6 Red, adesso disponibile anche in bottiglia da 33cl. Una birra ricca e corposa che offre un insolito mix di note dolci e amare, unite a gradevoli sfumature di malto e caramello.

Zymil Benefit è la gamma di latte, senza lattosio, con benefici utili per prendersi cura del proprio benessere ogni giorno. Zymil Benefit Fibre favorisce l'equilibrio della flora intestinale ed è anche fonte di Vitamina D.

Nelle storiche saline della Bretagna arriva Gemma di Mare, un dalle marino raccolto a mano mediante un antico sapere artigiano, umido e naturalmente ricco di oligoelementi. Deve il suo colore grigio perla all'argilla contenuta nel terreno dei bacini salati in cui avviene la cristallizzazione.

La squisita pastafrolla e il gusto intenso del cioccolato fondente si uniscono alla fresca golosità del cocco, dando vita alle golose Gocciole Coconut.

Le tagliatelle e gli spaghetti a nido Delverde sono realizzati con acqua pura di sorgente e semola di grano duro. Da provare anche in versione integrale.

Scopri il lato goloso dei Pavesini: Pavesini Double! I pavesini di sempre si rinnovano con un sorprendente lato fondente da gustare dove e quando vuoi.

W.K.Kellogg Senza Zuccheri Aggiunti Frutta Secca combina una deliziosa gramola con cereali integrali, arricchita da gustose mandorle, anacardo e scaglie di cocco.

Devo è il tuo equilibrio quotidiano, scopri le nuove bevande a base di aceto di mele biologico con madre, utile per riequilibrare il proprio organismo con un sapore unico

I nuovi Fiori d'Acqua con farina integrale Mulino Bianco sono croccanti e ricchi di fibre, preparati con ingredienti semplici e utilizzando molta acqua nell'impasto senza aggiungere lievito.

I fiocchi di riso e mais croccanti senza glutine si uniscono al sapore intenso della base delle gocce di cioccolato fondente o frutti rossi formando le barrette Multigrain.

Dopo il successo dell'unico inimitabile Pancake Pasquier, arriva una golosità ancora più ricca: il pancake Pasquier con una pioggia di gocce di cioccolato!!

- Kate Saunders
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Chartreuse is a shade that has been on my radar since the Jenna Lyons days of J.Crew. It is such a fun color pop, particularly in the fall. You can see a few ways I have been wearing it recently here, here, and here. It is also a relatively easy shade to mix and match […]

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Thank you to Nordstrom and Collective Voice for sponsoring this post Skirt: Open Edit // Shirt: ShuShuTong // Shoes: Tods // Headband: Lele Sadoughi It is the season of the mini! Listen, the midi skirt will always have a special place in my heart and my closet, but I am embracing the mini for fall. […]

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Dress: Elliatt (sold out, similar here) // Blazer: Acler // Shoes: Gucci // Bag: Mark Cross

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June’s Back to School Shopping List

I am so excited that it’s back to school season. Not only does it mark the changing of summer to fall, but it’s the beginning of the holiday season which is my favorite time of the year. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to hit refresh on your wardrobe and get the kids stocked up with...

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My All Time Favorite Pair of Jeans

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My Coastal Summer Curation from Amazon

You know I’m always all about finding the latest and greatest goodies from Amazon and this summer is no exception. When Staples by The Drop reached out to ask me to curate a collection for high summer, the theme of Coastal Summer immediately popped in to my mind. During summer months I am all about easy,...

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Summer Trip to Cabo

I must admit that I was a little worried about jetting to Cabo in August because of the heat, but it ended up being one of the best trips ever. I’d been itching to do a mom and daughter trip with a few friends for months. Last Monday, we spontaneously booked the Esperanza for a...

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A Few New Things and It’s Beyond Hot in LA

It’s been 101 degrees in Los Angeles lately but I’m honestly not mad about it. I love the heat. Between the new Linen Collection at Wyeth and my favorite half zip from Amazon that I have in 3 colors (it’s a great over the shoulder addition for cooler evenings or AC filled store runs), below...

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Top 10 Prime Day Favorites

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My Stay at AMAN NY

I have been waiting and waiting to stay at the all new Aman New York and last week my mom and I took a little work (meets play) trip and were able to experience the hotel. I’ll just start by saying WOW. If you are looking for what just might be the nicest, most luxurious hotel...

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4th of July Edit

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Life {And Outfits} Lately

Hey there, it’s been a while. I don’t know how it’s already mid-June. I’d love to blame my lack of blogging on the newness and adjustment to our baby Hugh but he’s nearly 1 year old already (July 15th, oh my gosh how time flies!). I’ve also been quite busy with all things Wyeth as...

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End of summer skincare – and 25% off Elemis

End of summer skincare – and 25% off Elemis

  I’ve always been low-maintenance when it comes to make-up and grooming, I’m not sure I’ve ever had a ‘beauty regime’.  But our skin does change as we grow older and, ...

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How To Start A Baby Clothing Line

Wondering how to start a baby clothing line? You’ve come to the right place. With nearly nonstop demand (there are always kids being born), the baby clothing market can be a lucrative one. But be careful, there is still a lot of hard work to do because kids' clothing brands have their own unique set of challenges. 

One of those is the stringent safety laws to adhere to - particularly if your target market is in the US. But, don’t worry - I’ll get to all of that soon enough. 

The thing about creating a baby clothes line, is that, unfortunately, it’s not as simple as launching general kidswear startups. So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t worry. I’m here to help. While I have a lot of advice on the blog about starting a fashion brand, this article will solely discuss creating baby clothes. So, let’s get to it. 


Have you heard about the super secret document that everyone in the fashion industry uses, but no one is talking about? Probably not. That is because you can't find it on Google or Instagram (believe me, I've tried).

It's a form I have used for over 13 years at every job I have ever had. Literally everyone from brands to fabric suppliers, use it, but you can't find it anywhere publicly.    

The best part? It can cut your sourcing time in half, and save you tons of money in product development! This is the kind of info consultants charge the big bucks for. And, I'm giving it away for free until the end of the month. 

So, get ready to make fashion startup life a whole lot easier, and GRAB YOUR FREE DOWNLOAD OF THE NOT SO SECRET SOURCING DOC HERE.

  HERE’S WHAT YOU’LL LEARN IN THIS ARTICLE… Pros of starting a baby clothing line Challenges of designing baby clothes Baby clothing manufacturing obstacles and limitations  Compliance and laws Labeling and testing requirements  Baby clothes and sustainability Bonus tip - How to use your brand to build generational wealth Additional resources to help you start your baby brand   THE PROS OF STARTING A BABY CLOTHING LINE BUSINESS baby clothes business

Let’s start off with all the good and fun parts about starting a baby brand.


As I mentioned, people are always having babies, needing the perfect baby shower gift, and buying baby clothes in general - so the good news is, there will always be customers needing your brand. In fact, the baby clothing market is expected to reach USD 82.54 billion by 2027.

And, social media is amplifying this demand. Most, new parents today are millennials who have grown up on Facebook and Instragram, and tend to purchase a lot more thanks to social medias rapid trend cycles, than generations before them. 


I wouldn’t say sales are easy, but once you get momentum going with your marketing, it requires little work to keep the orders coming in thanks to higher than average repeat customers.

A major reason why parents return more than any other customer, is that they’re constantly needing to purchase the next size up for their rapidly growing children. Did you know that babies can grow up to seven sizes in the first two years of their lives! That’s A LOT of repeat business! 

Not only do kids outgrow and need new clothes quickly, but all kidswear, including baby clothes, are worn hard. They’re subject to all types of tumbles, spills and stains, sometimes to the point that they’re unwearable. Clothes may get ruined in the wash or go missing and replacements are needed. All reasons why a parent might come back for more.

Bonus tip to help boost repeat buys.

Parents are generally busy and overwhelmed, so the easier you can make their lives the better. Having an online clothing store is an absolute must! And make sure you take extra care that your online store is easy to navigate, order from, and is optimized for conversions. Because, once their baby starts crying they might forget about you, and you’ll loose the sale.


Many new parents start babywear brands because they experience pain points or gaps in the market firsthand. This could simply be creating clothes they would like their children to wear or solving a parenting problem, such as: 

Clothes for kids that have sensory issues Garments for tall, skinny or non standard sized kids Or, clothes with designs or practical features that they simply like and think other parents would too   BABY CLOTHES: DESIGN CHALLENGES

baby clothing design

While there are lots of pros to starting a baby clothing line. There are some challenges that are unique to the product category. Let’s discuss a few.


While growing babies can be lucrative, it does create some design challenges that baby clothing brands need to be aware of. Like the fact that parents hate spending so much money on things their kid hardly gets to wear. It’s costly, wasteful and time-consuming. They need and want baby clothes that fit in the present and in the near future too. In other words, they need to last as long as possible over the next two years. 

For this reason baby brands that are price competitive (read, cheap) tend to do well, as well as the brands that are able to offer original designs that can grow a few sizes with the baby.


If you think you have a design for your baby clothesline, you may need to reconsider it. 

Childrenswear for any age has restrictions because it needs to meet rigorous safety criteria to be sellable. This includes fabric choices, fastenings, designs and product testing. 

The rules for babywear and children’s clothes differ slightly too, so it’s important to know what age range you’re making the clothes for and if they’re appropriate for their stage of development. Don’t worry, we’ll go through this in-depth later. 


Although babies don't wear them for long, baby clothes still need to be durable enough to withstand multiple washes. The fabrics should be easy to wash and retain their shape and softness. They should also be as stain-resistant as possible. 

The keyword here you want to focus on is easy care for tired parents. Basically, they should be able to be thrown in the washer and dryer and come out looking the same way they went in. 


Targeting parents is way too broad. Because, there are all different types of parents with different needs.

A lot of people that come to me wanting to create a baby line will then tell me that their niche is not just baby clothes, but sustainable baby clothes.

Where is the wrong buzzer?

Again, still too broad of a target audience.

There are all kinds of sustainable parents. There are the hard core, super crunchy, research EVERYTHING ones.

Then there are the parents that dabble. They want what’s best for their kids, but who has the time to go down every rabbit hole.

And then there are the parents that just want a cheap price because, let’s be realistic, the kid is probably only going to wear it for a few months anyway.

On the other side there are the parents that want their kid decked out in designer labels and dressed as little mini mes. 

The bottom line? You need to do the market research, and really narrow in on what type of parent you are going to serve before you can even think about starting the design and product development process.


goal child

Image credit: Foal Child (Launch My Conscious Line graduate) 

Not only are there design challenges, but there are also manufacturing challenges through the entire supply chain. Here are a few that you should be aware of.


Becasue babies grow so quickly, the require a lot of sizes. Sadly in baby clothes you can't get away with just small, medium, and large. Baby clothes come in 9 different sizes - preemie, newborn, 0-3 months, 0-6 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months, 9-12 months, 12-18 months, and 18-24 months. That’s a lot, and all these sizes will impact your supply chain in multiple ways.


Product Development Costs

9 sizes means 9 different patterns, and 9 different samples. And, each one of these costs moolah. To be candid, designing a baby line can be 3x more expensive than designing a kids or adult line. Wow!


Larger Than Average MOQs

This is one thing that can be a bit difficult when talking about how to start a baby clothing line, but, because there are so many sizes, factories often require a higher MOQ (minimum order quantity). 

Think about it…

If you wanted to place an order of 100 pieces in 3 sizes you would be making about 35 pieces in each size.

But, if you wanted to place an order of 100 pieces split between 9 sizes you would only be able to make about 10 piece in each size.

And, here is why this is important.

Every size requires it’s own mini operation. From cutting and keeping track of all the fabric pieces for each size, to quality assurance where the factory measures every single point of every shirt to double check for accuracy, to labels and tags specific to each size. There is no doubting that more sizes creates more work. 

And, for all this extra work, suppliers often require a higher MOQ, or charge a surplus fee for more sizes.


Speaking of MOQs. Another reason why they tend to be higher for baby clothes is because of small margins.

The margins are small for a few reasons. First of all as I mentioned in the start of the article, baby clothes are nearly akin to fast fashion, they don’t last for long. So, parents tend to want to get the best price they can.

Also factories normally take their profits as a percent of the cost of the product. So if it costs them $5 to make the product they might charge the customer $5.50. The thing is, baby clothes are small and don’t require a lot of materials, so the amount the factory can make on each piece is tiny, in this case 50 cents.

But, factories that make adult clothes that cost say about $15 (because they consume more material) will be sold to brands for $16.50. So, a $1.50 margin.

The truth of the mater is - it takes the factory just as much time and effort to manufacture a $5 product as it does a $15 product, so why go for the product (baby clothes) that would make them less money?

To combat these small margins, baby clothing manufacturers often require brands to place bigger orders. So while they are only making 50 cents or less on a garment, when you multiply that by thousands it ads up.


All the materials and accessories you use to make your baby clothes must comply with safety regulations (again, I’ll get to this in just a minute). This means they need to come from speciality suppliers or go through additional testing. 

These tests, and generally higher quality materials cost more, and will ultimately reduce your bottom line.


holy pals

Image credit: HolyPals (Launch My Conscious Line graduates)



As I’ve already started to touch upon, there are special laws surrounding baby clothes. When learning how to start a baby clothing line, you need to know that all children’s clothes sold in the US are subject to safety standards, chemical and heavy metal restrictions, and specialty labeling and testing as enacted by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) in 2008. It seems daunting to get your head around but don’t worry, I’m going to show you where to start. 

It’s important to note that these rules are specific to selling baby clothes in the US. If you plan to sell your baby clothes to countries outside of the US, I recommend checking their own laws as there may be some differences. 

This is serious stuff. Those who don’t comply could end up with a fine or even a prison sentence. And, at the very least, it’s a giant waste of money money if your clothes aren’t legally allowed to be sold. 

BTW. If you register as a small batch manufacturer, you may be exempt from carrying out costly third-party testing to be compliant with certain regulations. Instead, you may be permitted to do your own tests, use a non-CPSC accepted laboratory or get written assurance from suppliers.

BTW, Importers, or brands, can also register as small batch manufacturers, but their supply chain partners must also qualify as well.

To qualify, you and your suppliers must have a total gross revenue of $1,337,894 or less from the sale of consumer products in the past calendar year. You should also have a ‘covered product,’ This means no more than 7,500 units of the same product were manufactured in the past year. 


how to design baby clothes


CPSIA is a mandatory tracking label for children’s clothes which your suppliers need you to supply in a ready-made label file when you submit your tech pack. This must include your: 

Company name Company information  Production location  Production date  Batch number   FABRIC TESTING

It’s not enough to supply label information though. All kidswear (including baby clothes) must go through third-party testing with a CPSC-accepted testing company. Visit the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission website to find a full list of accredited companies. It looks a bit overwhelming at first but they have a video tutorial explaining how it works. 

There are additional costs you need to factor in your budget for mandatory third-party testing. Tests start from around USD $300 per clothing style. Don’t forget, all fabrics, materials and accessories you use must be tested which incurs more costs. 


Most kidswear must be compliant with the Flammable Fabrics Act 1953 which regulates highly flammable clothing. Both day and night wear must meet a standard for flame resistance. This means you’ll need to pay more attention to your sizing as clothes need to be snug-fitting. You will also have to test prototypes for flammability. 

Compliance with the Flammability Act is mandatory for all clothing aimed at children aged nine months to 14 years. There’s one exception. Baby sleepwear for newborns under nine months doesn’t need to meet these requirements as babies at this age aren’t as mobile. They’re exempt from being treated with flame retardant chemicals as long as: 

A one-piece garment doesn’t exceed 64.8 cm (25.75”) in length A two-piece garment has no piece exceeding 40 cm (15.75”) in length  


All fabrics, dyes and materials (such as buttons and zippers) must meet total lead content restrictions. 



If you use dyed fabrics, paint or screen printing or added any accessories like buttons, you will need to get your clothes tested for lead by a CPC-accepted laboratory. 

The most common place phthalates hide are in pigment prints! So, be careful. 


Generally baby clothes should avoid draw strings, and anything with holes that a babies hands could get caught in. For example faux tacked down bows are often used instead of the real thing. And knits and laces should not have large openings that fingers could get stuck in.

There are lots of other regulations around baby clothes so, I suggest reading up on government websites, or hiring a legal professional to make sure you are checking all the boxes to be compliant. 


how to start a baby clothing line

Since baby clothes have a high turnover rate, it’s a good idea to think about the environmental impact of your baby clothing business throughout its lifecycle. Keep reading to find a few ways to make your baby clothes more eco-friendly. 


The fabric you choose has an impact on the environment as well as the baby. Infants don’t develop a skin barrier until the age of two so their skin is delicate and highly sensitive to temperature changes, moisture, fabrics, chemicals and even air quality. 

In general, organic natural fabrics are much healthier for baby’s skin as they’re hypoallergenic and non-irritant. Natural fabrics like cotton and hemp are known to be breathable, comfortable, durable and temperature-regulating. They’re also more stain-resistant than synthetic fibers as they’re much easier to clean. 

Natural fibers are also better for the environment because the majority of them are renewable and biodegradable. This means they can be cultivated without depleting the earth’s resources. Then, once they reach the end of their useful life, they will break down without a trace or be easily recycled. 

Choosing organic takes natural fibers a step further as it ensures no harmful pesticides, fertilizers or other chemicals were used in the supply chain. It also means the baby’s clothes are free from irritant-causing chemicals. If you do go down the organic route, aim for materials that have been tested and certified. 


Think about this. Young children tend to chew or suck their clothes. What if the fabric they were putting in their mouth was toxic? Natural dyes tend to be a lot safer.

Using natural dyes helps ensure the baby doesn’t come into contact with potentially harmful carcinogenic synthetic chemicals. 

And, the same goes for the environment. Natural dyes have a much lower impact on the planet and can more easily biodegrade and return back to the the earth than synthetics. 


Remember how early I discussed how baby clothes need to meet certain flammability requirements. The solution is not necessarily ading a fire retardant finish on the fabric. Because many of those finishes can be quite toxic.

Also, chemical finishes such as PFAS are used in all types of clothing for their waterproofing and stain-resistant properties (sounds like another great option for messy kids right?) However, these toxic chemicals have been found to be endocrine disruptors which are harmful to the immune system and physical development. They may even be carcinogenic. 

BTW, PFAS have been nicknamed ‘forever chemicals’ because they take so much time to break down naturally. As a result, they end up polluting the environment. Forever chemicals have been found in waterways, fish, soil and even in polar bear livers. 


Since baby clothes have a high turnover, it might be worth creating a recycling or ‘take back’ scheme for preloved babywear to reduce the amount going to the landfill. For example, Carter's® Baby & Kid Clothing collaborates with TerraCycle to recycle children’s clothing from any brand. 

Or you could find ways to make baby clothes last longer by ‘growing’ with them like Patata Modeler and their award-winning Clothes That Grow range. The innovative  brand has found a way to reduce fashion waste by creating a fabric that expands with the child. 


patata modeler

Image credit: Patata Modeler (Launch My Conscious Line graduate)

If you have a baby or young children, you may be able to get a tax break for your business if you employ them. As long as they’re doing legitimate work for your business, you can pay them tax-free. 

As an example, you could hire your kids to be your models and pay them an annual wage of up to $12,000. There’s no federal income tax and your business gets to take a deduction for the payment. Not only does it keep money in the family but it’s a good way to get your kids involved in the business. Plus, you don’t have to pay models to test or promote your clothes. It’s a win-win!

ADDITIONAL RESOURCES Step by step guide to go from idea to launch in just 6 months How to start a fashion brand in 9 step Apparel sourcing tips Business plan template   WHAT DO YOU THINK?  DID I ANSWER ALL YOUR QUESTIONS ABOUT HOW TO START A BABY CLOTHING LINE?

Are you ready to break into the baby clothing industry? Let me know in the comments! BTW, thinking about starting a kids clothing line - I’ll have the follow up to this baby article for you very soon!

{ "@context": "", "@type": "FAQPage", "mainEntity": [{ "@type": "Question", "name": "How much does it cost to start a baby clothing line?", "acceptedAnswer": { "@type": "Answer", "text": "The cost of starting a baby clothing line can range anywhere between $5,000 to $50,000. How many styles the brand is designing, how big its bulk production order will be, and what the marketing plan is all determine the cost of the startup project." } },{ "@type": "Question", "name": "Does selling baby clothes make money?", "acceptedAnswer": { "@type": "Answer", "text": "Yes. Not only do baby clothes have great margins, but, there is a never-ending new customer base of people having babies every day. The other good thing about making money selling baby clothes is that babies grow. So, it is easy to get repeat customers that come back and purchase again." } },{ "@type": "Question", "name": "What are the most profitable baby clothes?", "acceptedAnswer": { "@type": "Answer", "text": "Organic baby clothes tend to have the best margins." } },{ "@type": "Question", "name": "What is the profit margin on baby clothes?", "acceptedAnswer": { "@type": "Answer", "text": "Here is an example of baby clothes profit margins: 1. A brand will buy clothes from a factory for $5 a piece 2. They can sell that item to stores and boutiques for $9 3. The garment would retail at the boutique and on their own website for $20" } }] }
- Melanie DiSalvo
Italian Shoe Manufacturers: How Luxury Shoes Are Made
Thinking about starting a shoe brand? This guide will talk you through the 35 step process luxury Italian shoe manufacturers use.


- Melanie DiSalvo
Garment Samples - Do You Really Need 12 of Them?

Once you’ve designed your clothing line, created a tech pack, put together a garment spec sheet, and found a factory you want to use, you’re ready to start the garment sampling process. Garment samples are where your designs come to life. They are the factory’s physical interpretation of all your instructions and sketches. 

Similar to your tech pack, samples are a work in progress designed to be refined, corrected, and adjusted until you have a garment you are happy to take to mass production. 

There are 12 types of samples in the product development and production lifecycle. While they are necessary to get your production right and minimize financial loss on your bulk order, their cost can quickly add up. 

Large brands have the luxury of big budgets that allow for tons of sampling to create perfectly designed garments. But, small brands often find themselves needing to bootstrap. And, that’s ok! 

While you need some sample renditions, you won’t need all of them. As I walk you through the sampling process, I’ll show you exactly what you can skip and save money on.

Let's begin. 


Have you heard about the super secret document that everyone in the fashion industry uses, but no one is talking about? Probably not. That is because you can't find it on Google or Instagram (believe me, I've tried).

It's a form I have used for over 13 years at every job I have ever had. Literally everyone from brands to fabric suppliers, use it, but you can't find it anywhere publicly.    

The best part? It can cut your sourcing time in half, and save you tons of money in product development! This is the kind of info consultants charge the big bucks for. And, I'm giving it away for free until the end of the month. 

So, get ready to make fashion startup life a whole lot easier, and GRAB YOUR FREE DOWNLOAD OF THE NOT SO SECRET SOURCING DOC HERE.

  WHAT YOU WILL LEARN What a garment sample is  Why a garment sample is important  Steps to making a garment sample  Types of garment sampling  Pre-development samples Digital sample Mockup Development samples Fit sample Proto PP sample Size sample set SMS GPT Production samples Gold sample TOP Shipment sample Press sample How many samples do you really need Additional resources   WHAT IS A GARMENT SAMPLE? 

garment samples

Let’s start with the basics. A garment sample is a physical prototype of the clothing design in your tech pack. There are garment samples for every stage of product development and production. And, they each play a role in ensuring you get what you ordered, and your customers get the best possible garment. 

Think of a garment sample as the dress rehearsal for your design. It allows you to privately refine and and make changes, until it’s perfect. Your bulk order is like opening night, and a product of all the hard work (you definitely do not want to be making any mistakes here!).

There is no limit to how many samples you can develop. It all depends on your budget and timeframe. In some cases, sample production can start up to two years before bulk production begins. But, don’t let that scare you, the average sampling time is about 3 months. 


production samples

The harsh reality of fashion is this: sometimes, designs that look amazing on paper just don’t translate into something wearable in real life. 

And the sampling process is about learning what works off the page.

A quick word of warning. Samples CANNOT be skipped. 

Brands often come to me and say they have already made a proto with a local sample room, so they are ready to dive into production.

No, they are not.

What that sample proves is that a local sample room can make it, not the factory. The thing is, it is the factory that will run your bulk production, not the sample room. 

It would be like if someone bought a cookie from a world-famous bakery, gave it to you, and then said, ‘ok, make this exact cookie, and you only get one try.’ A totally unreasonable task. Everyone needs a little trial and error to get something perfect, even if they are just copying. 



There are six steps to making one single sample - they are:

1. Design and design review 

The design is created by the brand, and then analyzed by the factory team. Before any sample creation starts, all questions and clarifications are discussed.

2. Paper pattern 

These paper pieces act as stencils for the garment.

3. Pattern cutting

The factory will trace the paper patterns on to the fabric and then cut the pieces out.

4. Sewing

Next, the factory will sew all the pattern pieces together

5. A fit model will try on the garment

This helps the factory and brand get a better idea of how the garment will look on a person. Sometimes, especially with knits, garments can look very different from a hanger to a person. Someone at the factory might even try it on to see how it fits. Changes can then be made before the factory sends it (FYI, shipping costs add up, so you want to try and get as perfect a sample as possible before it’s sent).

6. Sample comments and approvals 

The sample is sent to the brand, and they review it in real life. The brand will note any necessary changes to the sample, and the factory will try again. If the sample is perfect, it is approved and moves on to the next step!


what is a garment sample

There are four different categories of samples. They are:  

Pre-development  Development Production Factory samples

Pre-development samples are like the local sample room samples I mentioned earlier. They are everything you create before you pass the work on to your factory. 

Development samples happen before the production phase. They are similar to pre-development samples, but they must be made at the factory that will be making your bulk order in production quality materials. 

Production samples are made during production to help you ensure everything is going smoothly and are part of a good quality assurance plan. A lot of people think that sample development ends when the product development phase is over, but it doesn’t.  

Factory samples are a second set of identical samples that the factory keeps. If there is an issue to fix, you and the factory can look at the garment together in real time, no matter where you are in the world.


pre development garment samples

Again, these samples come before anything is sent to the official factory.


Digital garment samples are a virtual representation of your design. You can even create models with digital fabrics to help you see how your design will look and move with different fabrications and on different body types.  

Investing in 3D virtual sampling software is costly, but it could save you a lot of time in product development. Sampling can take months to tweak and edit, while digital garment samples take minutes. 

The first time I saw this technology was in 2011. And, wow, has it come a long way since then? While the software is still in its infancy, I believe it’s only a matter of time before it becomes more widespread in the fashion industry as artificial intelligence tools continue to develop. 

While it’s not essential to your garment sampling process, it allows brands to create lots of designs without having to make physical samples, so, it could be a helpful tool to utilize. I recommend SEDDI Textura if you want to look into this. 


We call the first physical sample created a mockup. And, FYI, there are different types of mockups. 

It could be a very simple physical prototype you make yourself out of cheap and easy-to-use fabrics like muslin. Or, you could hire a sample room to make it for you and have something really professional made.

The goal of a mockup is to physically communicate your ideas to a factory. It doesn’t have to be perfect, because it is really just a communication tool.

Afterward, you send your mockup along with your tech pack, and fabric swatches to the factory to begin working on the development samples. 

Don’t worry if you don’t have the skills or the budget to make a mockup. Not all garments and designs need them, and not all factories work with them. But, they are a good tool to know about if it feels like there is miscommunication between you and your factory.  


development samples

These are samples that your actual factory makes BEFORE you place the bulk order.


This is the first sample you will get from your factory.  

Manufacturers typically create a fit sample using cheap fabrics like muslin. You can think of them like a sketch, but IRL. The purpose of a fit sample is to see how your design looks off the page and get an idea of how it will fit a human body. 

The fit sample stage is a great time to make big picture design changes. We aren’t trying to perfect each measurement with a fit sample. The goal is just to see the big picture, what is working, and what isn’t. That bell sleeve you envisioned? Maybe it needs to be smaller. Perhaps the total shirt length is too long? This is the time to make those alterations. 

A common misconception about fit samples is that they have to be made in the middle of your size range. For example, if a brand’s size range was XS-XL, they would create a fit sample in size medium.

But, while this is good practical advice, it isn’t product development law.

Most startup brands make the fit sample in their own size so they can try it on themselves. This can save money because you don’t have to hire a fit model. It can also create a better product because no one cares as much as you do about your clothing line.

Just be careful if you DIY it. 

Brands pay fit models to not fluctuate in size. During the pandemic, quite a few of my clients came back to me complaining that the factory made all their garments too small. It turned out they had put on a few pandemic pounds, and it wasn’t the clothes that had shrunk.

While this simple mistake seems almost comical, it really pissed off my factories. They did not appreciate being accused of making the designs incorrectly. And they did not enjoy the extra time they needed to take out of their already busy days to measure each original sample and each counter sample to prove they made them correctly. 

So, if you do go the DIY fit model route, please keep all that in mind when evaluating fit samples so you can maintain a good relationship with your factory! 


Once the brand approves the fit sample, they can move on to the proto sample. This is one of the most exciting samples to receive because it’s the moment your design really starts to come alive. 

A proto sample or mock up is basically a sample that is using readily available materials that are really close to production quality components. For example, in a proto sample, your buttons might be silver instead of gold, and your fabric might not have its custom print. But, it’s as close to the real thing as possible, minus a few details.

The purpose of this sample is to give you a better idea of what your garment will look like, as cheaply as possible. It is somewhere between a fit sample and a PP sample (I’ll get to that in a minute). Basically, it’s more detailed than fit sample, but a lot cheaper to make than a PP. 

Speaking of custom prints. During this time in the product development calendar, you should also get lab dips and strike-offs. FYI, lab dips are tools for solid color matching, and strike-offs make sure prints come out correctly.  

The factory might also send you some additional fabric selections that could help make your product better, decrease the price, or quicken your production time.


Both you and the factory use this sample as a production test run. It is made with the exact fabric and trims you will use in production. I like to think of this sample as the dress rehearsal before your apparel goes to mass production, aka opening night.  

If you take anything away from this blog post, please let it be this. If the PP sample is not perfect, you cannot move on to production. Period. 

Now, you might be wondering, if this is the only sample that really matters, why can’t we just skip to this one, and forget about all the others? The thing is… Pre-production samples are the most expensive to produce. Printing tiny quantities of fabric or dying a few meters to match your exact color is pricey. So before investing all that money into a PP sample, we want to make sure we have basic things like fit, fabrication and color approvals done. 

The nice thing about fit and proto samples is that they cheaply allow for mistakes. You can play around with the design at a much lower cost. Quick tip - as a small brand, keeping your bottom line in the black is all about utilizing your cash as efficiently as possible.  


Once you nail down and approve every little detail of your garment, a sample is created in each size. This is because, sometimes, when brands see what their XS or XL looks like in real life, they want to go back and tweak their size charts before production. 

I urge the brands I work with to call their friends and try to find someone in every size sample to try on the full-size set. That way, you can make accurate revisions based on human wear. 


Salesman samples are also known as marketing samples. 

These extra sets of samples are given to sales agents who bring them to trade shows, display them in showrooms and use them in meetings with buyers. These samples are also used for photoshoots, runway shows, and other types of promotional material. 

Fashion is a very visual and physical industry. Buyers prefer to buy based on samples rather than sketches on paper. They want to see and feel the garments in real life.


If you are creating performance garments like jackets, workout wear, or other technical products, you might want to invest in a garment performance test sample (GPT for short). 

You can put this sample through a series of tests to see things like, whether the colors run, how the fabric copes with washing, how easily the garment tears and the strength of the seams.  

If you want a full list of garment tests, you can check out the AATCC. But, remember, these tests are extremely expensive to run, costing between $300 to thousands!



Again, you MUST have a perfect pre-production sample before you move on to your bulk order - no exceptions, no “we’ll fix it in production”. It must be 100% correct. 


Once you approve your pre-production samples, you will seal them to prevent loss or tampering. Sometimes we refer to these samples as gold samples. BTW, an unapproved sample is known as a red sample, and are literally marked with a red tag.  

Gold-sealed samples act as the blueprint for mass-producing your garment. All garments in mass production should match exactly to the gold sample. 

As a brand, this is your insurance policy. If your apparel production comes out looking wonky, you go back to the gold sample and have proof that whatever happened in production was not what you and the factory agreed to. This sample makes negotiating for chargebacks a whole lot easier. 


The TOP sample is one last check in your production process. This is done to catch any last-minute problems.

Here is something you probably don’t know. A special room in a factory, called a sample room, is where factories make samples. In that room, they have different sewers and processes from the ones on the factory floor. The sewers here are usually the best in the factory. 

Sometimes when a design goes from sampling to production, a few small changes need to be made to allow for ease of sewing on the actual production line. Getting a TOP sample is your way of finding out about those small changes before you receive your bulk order.

A TOP sample is also your chance to check the bulk fabric and trims and make sure all components are exactly what they should be.

Pro-tip. Remind your factory to check the TOP sample before cutting all of the bulk fabric. If you find there is a problem with the fabric in your top sample, but all the fabric has already been cut - guess what? You can’t return it to the fabric supplier. You are stuck with it.


After mass production is complete, it’s time for your garments to be shipped. Before that happens, the factory will send you some shipment samples for you to inspect. This is more of a quality control step than a sampling step. But, technically, yes, it’s still a sample on this list.

A shipment sample is a sample that is literally pulled from your production order straight out of the box that is waiting to be picked up by the freight forwarder. This is your chance to look at your production order one last time and make sure they are perfect. If there is a major issue, it allows you to have the factory fix it before spending thousands of dollars on shipping.


The photoshoot sample is a production sample that’s used to sell your garment. 

It’s similar to the salesman sample, but this time, it comes directly from your production line. You can send these samples to models, editors, influencers, and anyone that you want to promote your designs. 


factory garment samples

Here is where things are going to get interesting, and hopefully save you a lot of money. Back in the early days of fashion education, factories were putting out blog posts claiming that all brands needed ALL of the samples I mentioned above. But, here’s the thing, you don’t, and most of them were only saying this because it meant more expenses for brands, meaning more money in their pockets. 

If you’re new here and don’t know me. I love to save people money. So let’s dive in.


For the brands I work with on a budget, here is where I (safely) cut corners.

First, I combine the fit and proto into one sample. I try to use as close to production quality fabrics as possible. We skip right to the proto but also use it for fit notes. Never skip the pre-production sample. But, if you are a small brand and doing all the sales yourself, you can use your pre-production samples as SMS sales tools. And, you can even use them for testing after the sales period is over.

So, at minimum, you must have at least two different kinds of pre-production samples. A working proto, with maybe a few revisions and a PP sample. 

One last tip, if you are going to make an SMS, make sure your pre-production samples are perfect first. You don’t want to end up with five sets of bad samples that need fixing. 


Here’s what we do with the small brands I work with.

The PP sample becomes the gold sample - so that is free. For small brands, we skip the TOP sample because small orders (100 pieces or less) are usually samples made in the sample room. So, there aren’t going to be the issues that big brands face). Then I combine the shipment samples with the press samples. Not only does this save a step in the sampling process, but also in shipping fees. If the brand is using their SMS as press samples (which I recommend to save even more cash), they can skip the shipment samples altogether, and instead have a video call to approve the shipment samples. This will cut shipping costs, and save time.

So, in production, all you need are two samples - the gold sample, and the shipping sample. And, if you are low on cash, you can cut it down to 1, just the gold sample. 



Skip the product development process and go straight into production The ultimate guide to creating garment spec sheets Should I hire a sample maker to help develop my line?   WHAT DO YOU THINK? 

Are you ready to start developing garment samples? Let me know in the comments!


- Melanie DiSalvo
Lab Dip Guide: The Key to Perfect Color Matching in Fashion

If you didn’t already know, color is THE most important factor in fashion industry. Every good apparel merchandising team knows that the first thing that pulls a customer into a store is the color. Basically, when we shop, we are like tropical birds; pretty colors draw us in. Then we start to care more about things like cut and fit after that initial attraction. So, today I am going to teach you all about how custom colors are made and matched through the product development lab dip process, or l/d for short. If you didn’t know lab dips are tiny fabric samples, so small they almost looks like scraps, but they are crucial to the fabric color matching process.


Have you heard about the super secret document that everyone in the fashion industry uses, but no one is talking about? Probably not. That is because you can't find it on Google or Instagram (believe me, I've tried).

It's a form I have used for over 13 years at every job I have ever had. Literally everyone from brands to fabric suppliers, use it, but you can't find it anywhere publicly.    

The best part? It can cut your sourcing time in half, and save you tons of money in product development! This is the kind of info consultants charge the big bucks for. And, I'm giving it away for free until the end of the month. 

So, get ready to make fashion startup life a whole lot easier, and GRAB YOUR FREE DOWNLOAD OF THE NOT SO SECRET SOURCING DOC HERE.

   WHAT YOU WILL LEARN What is a lab dip? VIDEO Choosing color standards Pantone Neelam Picking your own color Reading the color and creating a formula Preparing the fabric  Mixing the dye Dying the fabric Drying and checking the fabric Employee certifications and credentials Customer approvals and revisions More resources WHAT IS A LAB DIP?

lab dip

A lab dip, or l/d for short, is a teeny swatch of color - we are talking just a few inches -  that holds the secret to matching colors. Despite its size, it has a very in-depth process, and the best way to explain what is going on and why it’s important is to walk you through the entire procedure - which I will do in just a minute. 

Think of the lab dip process as the mini-dye process that occurs before production. If the bulk dye machines are like the massive Ben and Jerry’s factory (yes, I went on the tour in Vermont), then a lab dip is like something made in an Easy Bake Oven (I begged for this for Christmas, anyone else?). Essentially, the lab dip process is proof that the mill has the capabilities to match the color that the brand needs (and believe me, this is often easier said than done).


No. But, they are similar.

Both lab dips and strike offs are part of the development process as a way to test if the fabric is going to come out correctly in bulk. But, lab dips are strictly for solid dye fabrics, while strike offs are for print fabrics.


Not in the mood to read? Check out this quick 7-minute video of me at a dye house in Italy, breaking down the whole process in person.


pantone color standard

The first step in the lab dip process is choosing a color standard. A color standard allows the designer or brand, the mill, and dye house to all be on the same page. It is a physical reference of what the color should be.

Now, let’s talk about how the Pantone color standard works. Pantone is the most popular color-matching system, and you might have heard of it thanks to its infamous, “Color of the Year.” When Pantone announces a color, fashion brands race out to dye everything in that shade. It’s so well known, even my sister and her non-fashion college friends would have a Pantone Color of the Year party, where the theme revolved around the selected color – food, drinks, costumes, you name it. Pantone simplifies color communication in the global supply chain. 

Pantone has a multitude of colors (2161 to be exact), with each color having a numerical code. There are even different number systems for different materials. For example, if you are dyeing polyester, you’ll use a different color system than for dyeing natural fibers like cotton and rayon. This is because natural fibers, especially when it comes to bright and neon colors, are a lot harder to dye. 

Back when I worked in fast fashion, one of my first problems to solve on the job was to figure out why some dyed fabrics turned out hot pink, while others looked muted and faded. What was taking my boss months to figure out, I knew the solution immediately: the bright fabrics were polyester, and the dingy ones were cotton. 

How did I know? 


Simply, the Pantone color system does not include neons for cotton fabrics, as they are almost impossible to create using the type of dye that cotton needs. Pretty cool, right?

A brand typically buys Pantone’s big book of colors, known as their “Color Passport,” to pick out colors they like for their designs. Every color, whether for print, fabric, or hang tags, or even packaging, is assigned a Pantone color code and put into the tech pack. The tech pack can then be sent digitally, allowing the factory to open up their Pantone book and pick out their desired colors to match to. 

Now, you might wonder: Why can’t we use digital colors? Why can’t I just use my computer or phone to choose colors? Why do I need to buy this passport when the colors are available online? 

Well, matching colors on screens is very difficult, if not impossible. Different screens show colors differently depending on the dvices settings. And, color looks different on screen than it does on a physical fabric. So, color matching becomes very difficult.

The nice thing about Panton is that they provide dye formulas. A dye formula is like a recipe, that when followed should allow a dye house to dye a color exactly. By Pantone sharing the dye formula (most people keep this top secret) it gives dye houses a head start in creating lab dips (read: you can work quicker). While Pantone is the biggest color system and probably the most famous, there are a few other color systems that you might not have heard of before.


Neelam is a popular color system used in India, especially by smaller artisan dye houses. There are a lot fewer colors i the Neelam system. But, the advantage to these small dyers is that they are A LOT less expensive. 

The other thing about Neelam is that they are actually thread shade cards. Meaning for all the colors you can easily buy matching threads. This makes the development and garment manufacturing process very easy, because sewing thread that matches is easily available. When you choose a Pantone color, you will usually need to cusome dye your thread. And this not only ads on an additonal expense, but more logistical work. 


If you know me, you know I love a good DIY money-saving startup fashion hack. Pantone Passports can cost thousands, and buying a single color can be $15 or more. That adds up quickly, especially for a small brand. But here’s a savvy tip - and, even big businesses use it, so you won’t look unprofessional if you do it too. What’s the trick? Free Home Depot paint chips. 

Yup, your local hardware store is a great way to communicate your colors. After the startup brands I work with create their print and color designs, I advise them to go to the hardware store and pick up some free paint chips in the colors they like. Then, we match these paint chips back to the designs. Once we’ve selected the perfect paint chips, we staple them right on to the hard copy of the tech pack. Then, the entire tech pack, complete with paint chips, is then shipped to the factory, where they will use the chips to match the colors on the first set of samples.

Now, it's true that this method may involve a bit of extra time and money spent on shipping compared to investing in Pantone. However, it still usually comes out significantly cheaper than using Pantone, making it an excellent cost-saving alternative. Plus, it's a tried-and-true technique utilized even by prominent brands, proving its effectiveness and reliability.


lab dip formula

Once the lab dip reaches the mill, the first step (if we arne’t given a Pantone dye formula) is popping it into a machine called a photo spectrometer to read the color. Have you ever seen those viral color-matching videos where a painter chooses a random object and, using just red, blue, yellow, and white, and magically matches the exact shade of orange on a pumpkin at the grocery store? Well, a photo spectrometer is basically the machine version of these people. 

It reads the color, breaks down the exact combination of primary colors that make it up, and even suggests the initial dye formula (which dyes to use to match the color). Now, like I said, the nice thing about using Pantone is that they give you all of this info – the color breakdown and the dye formula. And that’s part of the reason Panton is so expensive; it provides a serious head start to the lab dip process. 


pfd fabric

Now that we have the dye formula, you would think it’s time to start dyeing the lab dips. But, there is still one more step we need to do in order to ensure everything comes out perfectly: the PFD, or Prepare for Dye process. The PFD is a fabric preparation process that involves washing it with a mild detergent and a very mild bleach. This step is super important and, please never, ever skip it! 


When fabrics are knit or woven on industrial machines (and even in the hand woven khadi process), the yarns that form the fabric are covered in a substance called sizing. Sizing is used as protection to strengthen the yarns and maintain the overall quality of the fabric during the weaving or knitting process. It can be eco-friendly, made from materials like cornstarch, or less environmentally friendly, made from petroleum. Regardless of its composition, we need to remove sizing before dyeing. That is because, dye molecules find it challenging to penetrate the sizing and reach the fibers. If the sizing is not properly removed, the color will wash right off the fabric the first time the customer launders it.


The PFD process creates a blank canvas for the application of color. In its raw, unprocessed state, fabrics typically have a slight yellowish tint. This is especially important to take note of when you are dying lighter colors. For instance, if you want to dye the fabric a light blue, but it has a yellowish base, the resulting color might end up looking a little green (blue and yellow make green) due to the influence of the underlying yellowish hue. To ensure that the colors express themselves as intended based on the dye formula, the semi-bleach process is crucial for achieving a nice white base to work with.

Now, some people go overboard with the semi-bleaching process, believing the whiter the fabric, the better. As a result, they end up using something called optical brighteners. Optical brighteners are what make your whites super bright. While they are great for white clothing, they are terrible for the dyeing process. Fabrics treated with optical brighteners and then dyed result in a final fabric that appears splochy and lacks uniform color. So, always avoid optical brighteners to ensure a successful dyeing process.


dye formula

A dye lab will have different beakers of primary colors ready to use. Then, depending on the dye recipe, specific quantities of each primary color will be combined. So, the dye recipe might call for 5 drops of blue 1, 2 drops of blue 2, 3 drops of red, and 3 drops of yellow. All of these color components will be meticulously combined and mixed in a separate beaker.


melanie disalvo dyeing lab dips

It's time for the dyeing process to begin. Now that the fabric is ready, and we have a custom color mix - it's showtime, baby! 

The first step that many people don’t know about but is one of the secrets to getting a good uniform dye, is wetting out the fabric. Basically, we dampen the fabric with plain old water. And, just like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, you don’t want the fabric to be too wet or too dry. Once the fabric swatch (about 6”x6”) is ready, we put it  into a small metal beaker. Next, we carefully pour in the dye recipe and securely screw on the top. Lastly, we place the metal beaker into a machine that will shake and heat it up. 

Both heat and movement are critical components in the dyeing process. 

The movement is important because it will create a uniform dye. Have you ever dyed an Easter egg, and the bottom of the egg is darker than the top? That is because the dye is heavier than water and tends to sink becoming more concentrated at the bottom. So if you just let fabrics sit in a dye bath, the dyes will sink, and the fabric will not come out the same color throughout. So, to avoid uneven coloring, we ensure the fabric is continuously moving during the dyeing process. 

Heat is also important because it opens up the fibers, allowing the dye to penetrate them more effectively. You can think of heat during the dye process like steam in a facail. The heat will help to open up the fibers pores allowing the dye molecules to penetrate deeper (meaning the color will get stuck in there, and won’t fade). 


melanie disalvo

The first color check occurs after about 20-30 minutes of dyeing. At this point, we stop the machine, and carefully remove the lab dips to dr. Looking at a wet fabric can be very deceiving because they tend to look a lot darker than the actual color. So, always make sure to do your color assessments on totally dry textiles. 

In the video above you can see the special little devise we use to quickly dry the fabric. 

Once the fabric is dry, the mill will compare the lab dip to the original color standard. They will then make a few tweaks to the dye recipe, and try again. The mill will sometimes do a few trials before showing the customer, because when they present the lab dips to the brand, they want to make sure they are matching almost perfectly. 


Have you heard of a lightbox? Here is something interesting about colors: They can look different in different light. Sometimes a color that matches perfectly in the lab will not match at all in natural dye light. The technical term for this phenomenon is a metameric match (which we want to avoid). To prevent this confusion from happening and to ensure color consistency, lap dip swatches are analyzed in a lightbox. As the name suggests, a lightbox is a box equipped with different types of light sources, such as UV, outdoor, incandescent, and fluorescent. The lab dip is checked under each setting to ensure it matches all lighting conditions.


fabric dye

Not everyone can do this job. Working with colors requires a keen eye and a sharp perception. Sadly, color is a young (wo)mans game. As we grow older, our ability to perceive colors may alter, and we tend to see them with a slight yellowish tint. This change in color perception emphasizes the importance of having well-trained professionals who can accurately analyze colors.

Color specialists are must pass a series of color tests annually. These tests consist of ombre blocks that need to be lined up from one color to another. It’s not as simple as transitioning from primary colors like red to purple to blue. Instead, imagine aligning different shades, like going from lime green to highlighter yellow. These tests are quite challenging, and the average person would find them difficult to pass. At FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology), we were subjected to all of these tests, and even at 21, with youth on my side, I couldn't achieve a perfect score every time.

So, make sure you have someone well qualified on your team that is commenting on lab dips, and color approvals.  


After creating about 3-4 lab dips, each using slightly different dye recipes, we ship the swatches to the customer for assessment. Some customers may think all the colors look the same and wonder why they received four duplicates. But, remember, to a highly trained eye, these lab dips are all actually quite different. The customer will pick out the lab dip they like the most, and this will become the official formula for their bulk production order. 

But, what if the customer doesn’t like any of the lab dips? Well, then the process will need to happen again. But generally, remember this, if the factory isn’t able to hit the color in the first round, they might not be the factory for you. 


Here's a helpful tip on being a good customer (your factories and mills will truly appreciate this). Give your factories a big piece of color standard to work with. Often a brand or buyer sends a microscopic cuttings of colors to match, and this makes it difficult for the machines to read the colors accurately and for the mill to do in-person color matching. Always try to send at least a 3”x 3” color standard to make their lives easier. Trust me, as your friendly factory representative; it’s the little things that make your supply chain partners love you. 


Fabric tip: Always have your lab dips made on the exact same fabric that you plan to use in production. And when I say exact, I mean exact. Different fabrics, depending on their weights, construction, and even yarn density, will absorb the dyes differently and create fabrics that look totally different. To make sure that your bulk matches your lab dip approval, make sure you are using the correct fabrics. If you take nothing else away from this entire article, please let it be this. Because, this mistake could end up costing you thousands of dollars.


Tip for color assessment: Use photos first. Shipping lab dips and samples can be expensive. Nothing hits you harder than opening up a long-awaited package from a factory and being totally disappointed in what they sent. So, I like to have my factory send me photos but you need to do this in a very specific way.

As previously discussed, some colors in certain lights photograph totally differently. I once had this teal color I was working on matching in India, and when the dye house sent me a photo, I was like, “What is this? It looks totally brown.” They assured me they had matched the color, but I didn’t believe them, so I used this trick. To help figure out if the color is actually matching to the standard, I always have them take 1 side-by-side photo with the color standard and the lab dip right next to each other.  In the above India example, I was able to see that they were indeed matching. By seeing the photos of the lab dips before shipping, it gives the brand an opportunity to have them remake them before they spend money and time on shipping.


bulk fabric dye

With the dye recipe approved, it's time to proceed to the bulk dyeing process.


fabric dye resources

Want to learn more about bulk fabric dying check out these articles…

WORK WITH THE DYE HOUSE FEATURED IN THIS VIDEO Pigment dyes and prints Textile printing machines DIY indigo dye { "@context": "", "@type": "FAQPage", "mainEntity": [{ "@type": "Question", "name": "What are lab dips?", "acceptedAnswer": { "@type": "Answer", "text": "A lab dip, or l/d for short, is a teeny swatch of color - we are talking just a few inches - that is the key to color matching. A lab dip is the fabric mills' way of practicing color matching before they move onto bulk fabric. It also serves as a system of checks and balances, allowing the customer or brand the chance to approve the color before the dye house moves onto the bulk fabric." } },{ "@type": "Question", "name": "What are lab dips for approval?", "acceptedAnswer": { "@type": "Answer", "text": "Lab dips are sent to customers for their approval. The customer will make sure the color is exactly what they want. If it is, they will approve it, and the dye house will move on to the bulk fabric. If the color is not correct, they will give the dye house notes, and the dye house will try again." } },{ "@type": "Question", "name": "What is a lab dip and strike off?", "acceptedAnswer": { "@type": "Answer", "text": "Lab dips are used for solid color matching. While strike offs are used for printed fabric approvals." } },{ "@type": "Question", "name": "Why is a lab dip important?", "acceptedAnswer": { "@type": "Answer", "text": "A lab dip is important because it ensures that the dye recipe is correct before all of the bulk fabric is dyed. It is more cost-effective to make dye mistakes on tiny swatches of fabric than it is to ruin possibly thousands of yards of fabric with the incorrect dye recipe." } }] }
- Melanie DiSalvo
How To Start A Clothing Line with No Experience - 9 Steps

Spanx… Glossier…. Nasty Gal. These are all mega brands started by creative, driven people who had little to no experience when they first got their start. And you know who else was scared they didn’t have enough experience (even after working in the fashion industry for 7 years) to start their company? Me. So, today I am going to share with you my blueprint for how to start a clothing line with no experience.  


Have you heard about the super secret document that everyone in the fashion industry uses, but no one is talking about? Probably not. That is because you can't find it on Google or Instagram (believe me, I've tried).

It's a form I have used for over 13 years at every job I have ever had. Literally everyone from brands to fabric suppliers, use it, but you can't find it anywhere publicly.    

The best part? It can cut your sourcing time in half, and save you tons of money in product development! This is the kind of info consultants charge the big bucks for. And, I'm giving it away for free until the end of the month. 

So, get ready to make fashion startup life a whole lot easier, and GRAB YOUR FREE DOWNLOAD OF THE NOT SO SECRET SOURCING DOC HERE.

  HERE’S WHAT YOU’LL LEARN: One of the biggest mistakes I ever made in my (professional) life The secret to creating an iconic brand that doesn’t get lost in the noise How to find proof (hard data and numbers) that your idea is a good one Business plan 101 Product strategy Do this to create a product that sells out Sourcing Turning your brand into its own world Launching Scaling A few extra pro tips Quick Resource Guide

I am going to be brutally honest with you. It won’t be easy. You’ll work your butt off; it might even feel like you are working more than you did in your 9-5. But, I promise it will all be worth it. And, I can confidently say that if you stick with me, not having experience will be the least of your worries. 

So, here’s what you need to do:



how to start a clothing line with no experience

The first year I was in business I found myself $30,000 in debt. I even had to take out a second credit card, because I’d maxed out the first one. I was basically the poster child of what not do for how to start a clothing line with no experience.

The thing was, there was no one huge bill. It was a dribble of things: $150 for a print artist here, $200 for a popup there, $500 for Facebook ads… but it all added up.

When I took out the second credit card, I forced myself to take a look at all my numbers. And I realized a lot of the things I was spending money on weren’t making me money. And some of the things I was doing that actually were helping my business grow, I wasn’t investing enough in.

I audited my entire company. And you know what? In 6 months I was able to pay off my debts and start making profits.

The lesson here? Have a plan. Don’t just start this whole brand thing haphazardly (and, don’t worry if you have no idea how to budget, down below I will get more into all the money things with you)!



how to start an apparel company

You can’t start an empire without knowing where to build it

You probably wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t already have some sort of idea about the type of brand you are trying to build. Whether it’s the perfect, casual-wear suit for women, a line that aims to make Eastern styles more accessible in the West, or a brand that is all about embracing individuality —something brought you here. 

[BTW, if you are interested in learning more about my amazing clients who were literally sitting right where you are now with zero fashion experience - check them out here.]

Your first task when starting your own clothing line is to distill all the thoughts in your head into one single sentence. This is your mission statement. This one sentence will guide everything you do and every decision you make from this point forward.

Take ex-New Zealand soccer player, Tim Brown, who was driven by a singular question: why weren’t the amazing properties of wool being utilized in the shoe industry? As a result, the brand Allbirds was born. 

Allbird’s mission statement is “we create high-quality earth-friendly shoes using nontraditional materials, for people who care about performance but also the climate.”

Get it?

What are you making, and who is it for?

If this isn’t clear from the start, you risk never finding an audience who “gets” your brand. Not because you didn’t do a great job designing and manufacturing a beautiful, quality clothing line. But because you got lost in a crowded marketplace. So, really narrow in.

Once you know all of this you can get to work creating your logo, tagline, and brand identity.

For more help creating a brand identity, check out this post



building a clothing line

I think my idea is a good one, but is it really?

The key to figuring out if you have a good idea is learning if customers are going to want to buy your products, and how much they are willing to pay for it. And the secret to figuring that out is learning everything you can about your target market. 

And, this is done through market research. You are going to need to deep dive into the world you want to sell to, becoming an expert.

This step is really important when figuring out how to start a clothing line with no experience, because it is literally going to make you an excerpt in your niche. Here are a few tips to do that.



Is the market saturated? How many brands are out there doing what you want (or close to) what you want to do?

Then, look at the market size. How many people are interested in the type of product you want to make? You can figure this out by looking at your competitor's web traffic and Google Search Trends.

The ideal market has low competition, and a large market size.

If there is high competition and small market size, you might want to tweak your idea a little bit to something less competitive.



When starting your own clothing brand, you want to study your competition carefully. What are they doing right, and what are they doing wrong? Where are the gaps and opportunities in the market?

My favorite trick to do this is the 3-star review. You don’t want to look at what the die-hard fans of the brand have to say, or the ‘Karens’ - you want middle-of-the-ground people, the ones that like the product, but think it could be better.

Figuring out what you can do better, will be your key to outperforming the competition.



Ask yourself, who’s out there already buying what you want to make? 

You want to get into their heads. Where are they hanging out? Go there, and make new friends. What are they reading? Don’t just read it, join a book club. Really, immerse yourself in their world.

Once you are totally in the community, it’s time to create a customer profile. This profile will help you determine everything from the fonts in your branding to the words you use to describe your product, to the colors and prints you offer.

A customer profile is a description of one very specific (fictional) person, where you answer questions about them like… Who are they, where do they live, work, and what do they do after work? What are their friends like, what are their hopes, dreams, and fears?

By visualizing just one person, it will help you niche down, and become super relatable to your target audience. I bet you’ve heard this before, but it’s so true - when you try to be everything to everyone, you end up being forgotten, so try to get really focused with your customer profile. 



steps on starting a clothing line

The most valuable homework you’ll ever do! Please learn from my mistakes.

A lot of people think that the purpose of a business plan is to convince investors to give you money. But, the real purpose of a business plan is to keep you financially on track. It’s estimated that 20% of small businesses fail in the 1st year, and 45% won’t be around long enough to see year five. 

When people ask me about how to start a clothing line with no experience and be successful, I am always really transparent with them. Almost all of these failures can be traced back to a bad business plan, and poor financial planning.

I know, this is the worst part. We’re in fashion to be creative and fun, not sit at an Excel spreadsheet, right? But, you really need to do this.


EVERY CLOTHING BUSINESS MODEL LOOKS A LITTLE DIFFERENT. BUT, GENERALLY THEY ALL INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING... An executive summary and company description that includes your mission and inspiration for starting the brand A market analysis that includes industry trends, market size, your business’s growth potential, your closest competitors, and a thorough review of your customer demographics and preferences (basically all that stuff that I just told you about) A solid product strategy and competitive advantage that includes the unique features, design aesthetics, innovations, or materials that’ll set you apart from your competition (that’s where the 3 star reviews come in) The marketing and sales strategies you’ll use to promote and sell your fashion line including brand positioning, pricing strategy, distribution channels, and marketing An organizational structure for the management of your business including key team members, hiring plans, etc. (it’s ok if it’s just you to start) All the operations and logistics including your sourcing materials and suppliers, QC measures, inventory management, etc.  Financial projections such as projected revenue, expenses, and profitability. Plus budgeting and a detailed account of funding requirements  A risk assessment to identify potential challenges and plans to mitigate them (because nothing ever goes perfectly, no matter how much you plan)

For help creating a business plan, you can check out this FREE resource



how to make a clothing line

Don’t design a Fendi if all you can afford to make is a Mango

Perhaps the most underrated step but one I think can have the most potential impact on your bottom line: product strategy. 

As Tony Hsieh (the late founder of Zappos) has said about both poker and business: “I learned that one of the most important decisions you can make is what table to sit down at.”

So, to have a good product strategy you need to get 3 things right.

What are you selling? What price point will you be at? What margins do you need to stay in business?

Here’s how to dial all that in:



Smaller is better, trust me. Especially when you’re first starting out. Not just for your cash flow, but even in terms of choice for your customer (as in, too many options can fuel customer indecision–a total sales killer!).

Case in point: A client of mine first launched a huge multi-piece line of womenswear, but over time realized she was barely breaking even. When she enlisted my help, we analyzed her sales to find her best-selling pieces were by far her sweaters. So we stripped down her offerings and when she relaunched as a luxury sweater line, her sales (and profitability) went through the roof. 

Too often new brand founders feel like they have to go the department store route - offering everything. But, you don’t. Pick one product that you want to be known for, and get started with just that.



Here’s the truth, I worked with a brand that sold their pants for over $250 and a brand that sold their pants for under $50. They both used the exact same fabric from the exact same mill.

The only difference? They had totally different target customers and brand strategies. Also, the brand that was selling pants for $50 was selling millions, while the $250 was selling in the  thousands. The lesson, a lower or higher price point isn’t always better.

Figuring out your price point is not always about the quality of the materials and product - you can learn more about that here. It’s often about knowing what your customer wants and being able to offer it to them.

Any way you go about it, though, pricing is tricky. You’ll probably get it wrong a few times before you get it right (and in truth will probably keep adjusting it indefinitely, especially as raw material costs only continue to inflate!) But, consider it all just part of the process: refining your idea, and your strategy, so that you can make an indisputable business case for your clothing line.



One of the worst feelings in the world is to find out that after all the work of designing a clothing line that is actually selling well, — is that your profit margins won’t allow you to sustain that business long-term. 

In the fashion industry, profit margins can vary wildly but on average you’re looking at between 2.2 and 2.5x markup. So, say a designer spends $50 to produce a dress, and sells it to a retailer for $110. That retailer then marks it up 2.2x, to bring the price tag up to $242. [Ugh, going to show how once again, it’s literally impossible to make that $12 dress you saw at Target without exploitative labor practices!] You can learn plenty more about margins and profit outlook here.

A pricing strategy may seem premature before you know what your individual pieces look like – but trust me, it’s not. If you know how much you can afford to spend on an article of clothing, it makes decisions about materials, processes, and finishes a whole lot easier.


how to create your own fashion line


It’s never too earlyy to start marketing

This breaks my heart: brands forge ahead into production and tell themselves they can just throw up a website or write up some Insta ads at the last minute. How hard could it be if you have a great product to sell, right? 


To stand out these days, a well-crafted sales strategy is absolutely critical. Therefore, it’s never too early to start thinking about your marketing, messaging, and promotional activities. Even before you have a product. 

My favorite way to get started is on social media platforms. 

Don’t have a business name yet? That doesn’t matter. Choose any name to start with. You can always change it later. Don’t have a product to create content for? You don’t need one. Instead, create videos and images about what you are working on now. Are you going to a tradeshow, or taking an online course? Share it. You can also create questions and polls that you’re target audience would enjoy engaging with.

It’s never too early to start building an audience (read, potential customers).

Now, there are so many other things that go into a marking plan, and I teach ALL of them in Launch My Conscious Line, but this getting started on social media right now is something that anyone can start today. 



i want to start a clothing brand

Now you're going to understand why step 4 was so important…

When readers ask me how to start a clothing line with no experience - fashion skills are almost always what they are talking about. That is because the world of manufacturing is confusing, and often clowely gate kept.

Sourcing the right materials at the right price, as well as finding the right, qualified manufacturers is –seriously– a huge piece of this puzzle. 

This means exploring what seems like an overwhelming number of fabrics, processes, and finishes. All from a bazillion suppliers you’ve never heard of.

To help, I encourage you to start establishing some sort of qualifying criteria to narrow your choices down. This is where all the previous work we did helps you to streamline your sourcing process.

By this point, you should know

Exactly what you want to make How much it needs to cost  And, your nonnegotiables (sustainability, ethics, etc)

Armed with this critical info, you will be able to shortlist suppliers and save time by asking them the exact questions that will move the process forward.

Once you settle on a supplier, you will move into sampling. The most important thing to remember about the sampling phase is to never, ever, move forward with production unless you have an absolutely perfect sample. 

Think of the sampling process as the supplier’s way of proving they are capable of making your product to the standards you need.  That way, when it’s time,  production becomes as simple as making multiple of your sample.

For more fabric sourcing and manufacturing help, check out the resource section below.



how to start a small clothing business

Draw your customer in with tiny branded details

From your website to your packaging to your business cards, you want to create a cohesive brand image. Even the style of photography you choose should match the mood of your fashion brand and the aesthetic of your target customer.

This step is all about the finishing touches. The little things that will take your brand over the edge.

Some stand-out ideas my other successful clothing line clients have used are: 

Little gifts that come free with orders, like charms and crystals Stickers Fun packaging that can be reused

At this time, you also want to make sure your online store and social media account align with your brand identity. If you haven’t set up a website for your own online store, for many brands, this is their first sales channel – or at least a landing page –  make sure to do that.



help starting a clothing line

You did it!

So, how are you going to release your clothing brand baby to the world?

The brand Everlane, for example, used their unique value proposition to launch their brand with an invite-only referral system that got 60,000 signs ups in 5 days (even though the founders, being new to the whole thing—only had about 1500 Tshirts to sell at the time!). 

Organize a launch event, or fashion show, and/or create as much buzz as you can for your new clothing line through press releases, media coverage, and other grassroots efforts to get the word out. 

Here’s a must-read for more help with a sales marketing plan.

Over time, track your sales and use data to your advantage. Stay on top of learnings and customer insights, making sure to monitor any feedback gleaned from user and/or critic reviews. Use that information to adjust your strategies accordingly. 



how to start apparel business

You’re off and running; now it’s time to GROW!

Having the guts to launch a clothing line without any experience was a real achievement. But after you start selling, maintaining your business, and growing it, is your new challenge.  

But growing a loyal customer base or household name takes care. And, the secret is to build and maintain customer relationships by providing excellent customer service. 

Zappos was a disruptor in the shoe industry because they offered unparalleled customer support that slowly won over an audience who, at first, was hesitant to order shoes site-unseen. But free shipping, a 365-day return window, 24/7 support, and personable, trained reps allowed to solve customer problems with lenient refunds completely changed the game. 

Consider how you’ll nurture your customer relationships into the future. Try things like implementing a rewards or customer loyalty program or growing an email newsletter base. 

Encourage customer reviews, ratings, etc. This way, you can learn from customers and get critic feedback. And continue using data to discover new opportunities. Like expanding into international markets. Or exploring wholesale opportunities by working with showrooms, etc. In other words, continuously innovate and update your product offerings to cater to your growing fanbase.



Once you have an idea about who your customer is and what their preferences are, don’t just assume you’re right. You should always be looking at your data and seeing how you can do better. 

Take ‘Girl Boss’ Sophia Amorusa, who started selling her vintage wares on eBay. Her “magic” was simply paying close attention to what items sold, and even what models seemed to be selling her ‘cool-girl’ lifestyle aesthetic the best – then leaned in. She used what she knew worked, and eventually moved her studio-apartment-and-a-laptop operation to LA’s fashion center as the megabrand Nasty Gal. Using data to your advantage, keep learning every step of the way. 



fashion startup tips

Starting a clothing line without any fashion experience may seem like a pipe dream, I get it. But my clients and I are living proof that with the right mindset, a few pointers from folks like me who’ve done it before, and a smart and strategic approach, it is entirely possible to turn your fashion dreams into a reality. 

What do you think? Do you agree? Who’s done it themselves? Chime in! 



fashion startup help

These resources were listed throughout the article, but here they are again (because I like to make life easy for you 😉)

Fashion branding 101  Fashion plan budgeting guide What makes a product luxury? Step-by-step fashion marketing plan How to start your own clothing line with no money Work with me!  { "@context": "", "@type": "FAQPage", "mainEntity": [{ "@type": "Question", "name": "How much does it cost to start a clothing line?", "acceptedAnswer": { "@type": "Answer", "text": "The cost of starting a clothing line depends on three things. 1. What you want to make. 2. Where you want to make it. 3. How many pieces of each style you want to order. It is possible to start a clothing brand with as little as $2,500, but some brands start with hundreds of thousands of dollars. A bigger budget does NOT guarantee success." } },{ "@type": "Question", "name": "How do I start a fashion brand from nothing?", "acceptedAnswer": { "@type": "Answer", "text": "There are 9 steps to starting a clothing brand. 1. Find your niche, the more targeted your audience, the higher your chance of success. 2. Research. Ensure your niche is not over-saturated, and confirm your price point is affordable to your target market. 3. Create a business plan 4. Create a merchandising assortment and product plan 5. Source and develop samples 6. Mass produce the samples 7. Develop a marketing and sales plan 8. Launch 9. Gather and analyze current sales data to strategically grow and scale" } },{ "@type": "Question", "name": "How many pieces do you need to start a clothing line?", "acceptedAnswer": { "@type": "Answer", "text": "All you need is one well-researched and quality-made product to start a clothing line." } },{ "@type": "Question", "name": "Can you make a living from a clothing brand?", "acceptedAnswer": { "@type": "Answer", "text": "Yes. But it will take some hard work and time. Sadly social media has led many people to believe it's possible to find fashion fame and success overnight. The reality is that it takes many brands at least 3 years to reach financial stability." } },{ "@type": "Question", "name": "How To Start A Clothing Line With No Experience", "acceptedAnswer": { "@type": "Answer", "text": "Some of the most successful brands, like Spanx, NastyGal, and Glossier, were all started by founders without any prior experience. But, what they all had in common is they hired a team of professionals to help guide them and fill in the gaps of what they didn't know." } }] }
- Melanie DiSalvo
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What Is Tencel Fabric: Sustainable Lyocell Guide

Great drape? Check. Doesn’t wrinkle when you wear it, or stuff it into a suitcase for vacation. You betcha. Easy to dye and for factories to work with. Yup. And, wait, it's also breathable (read, comfortable), feels luxurious, and it’s sustainable. The fiber I am talking about is Lyocell. Or, if your fancy, Tencel Lyocell fabric. So, what is tencel fabric?

No wonder lyocell material has become one of the fashion industries' fibers of choice for the past few years. Because, these features make it a particularly popular textile not just for clothing, but also home goods. But, if Lyocell is so perfect, why isn’t everyone using it for everything? Don’t worry, I’ll get to that. 

This article is going to teach you all about what lyocell is, explore the fibers pros and cons, help you determine if it’s the right fiber for your clothing garments, and teach you where to source it. 

We are going to cover some high-level textile stuff (sciencey). But, it’s important, and I know you can handle it. 


Have you heard about the super secret document that everyone in the fashion industry uses, but no one is talking about? Probably not. That is because you can't find it on Google or Instagram (believe me, I've tried).

It's a form I have used for over 13 years at every job I have ever had. Literally everyone from brands to fabric suppliers, use it, but you can't find it anywhere publicly.  

The best part? It can cut your sourcing time in half, and save you tons of money in product development! This is the kind of info consultants charge the big bucks for. And, I'm giving it away for free until the end of the month.

So, get ready to make fashion startup life a whole lot easier, and GRAB YOUR FREE DOWNLOAD OF THE NOT SO SECRET SOURCING DOC HERE

HERE’S WHAT YOU’LL LEARN What is the difference between lyocell and Tencel? What is lyocell fiber? How is lyocell fabric made? Properties of lyocell fabrics Stretch  Hand feel Shrinkage  Absorbency  Does it wrinkle?  Is lyocell better for hot or cold weather? Wash and care instructions Should you use lyocell in your clothing line? Pros Cons This or that? Tencel™ lyocelll vs lyocell Lyocell vs modal Lyocell vs viscose Sustainability - I saved this for the end for a reason Where to buy Lyocell fabric Additional sustainable fiber resources  LYOCELL VS TENCEL?

lyocell fabric

Is lyocell the same as tencell lyocell? Yes, and no. Is a Xerox and photocopy the same thing? How about a band-aid and bandage? Or, a Kleenex and tissue? The difference between each example in all of these pairs is that one is a name brand, and the other is generic.

Tencel Lyocell fabric is a name-brand version of Lyocell that is made and controlled by the company Lenzing.

But, it gets a little more confusing. While Lyocell is a fiber, and Tencel is the branded version of that fiber, lyocell is also a manufacturing process (I'll explain more in just a minute).

The pro to using Lenzing's branded Tencel and not the generic kind of fiber is that with Lenzing, you get all their traceability, meaning you know exactly where and how the fibers were made. But, the down side is that information comes at a higher price. 


lyocell material

Lyocell is a third generation rayon. First came viscose, then came modal (which was an improvement to the original viscose system), then came lyocell. And, all of these fibers are different types of rayons (think all squares are rectangles, but not all rectangles are squares).

All rayons are semi-synthetic cellulose fibers made from plant material. Viscose, modal, and lyocell are just different types of rayons. The same way, scarlet, fire engine, and crimson, are all different variations of the color red.

Modal was first invented to try and make viscose more sustainable, which resulted in a semi-closed loop system. This means that some of the waste product from the production of modal was able to be reused to make more. 

Then, lyocell took this a step further and created an almost completely closed-loop system. About 99% of the waste from lyocell production can be put back into the system to make new fibers. Pretty cool, huh?


lyocell viscose

Lyocell fibers are made similarly to viscose and modal. Lyocell and Tencel Lyrocell are semi- synthetic fibers, meaning they are man made, but are derived from plants. A totally synthetic fiber would be made from petroleum, FYI. 

During the production process, wood pulp is gathered. The pulp is broken down into a liquid by chemicals, and that liquid is pushed through a teeny tiny shower head called a spinnerette. It’s pushed into a solution on the other side that will solidify the liquid and turn it into solid yarns.

Technically lyocell material can be made of any type of regenerated cellulose, but bamboo and eucalyptus trees tend to be the most popular wood sources. 

Tencel lyocell can also be made from different types of wood pulp, but generally, it is made from eucalyptus only. 

Both bamboo and eucalyptus are fast growing, so they can be harvested and replanted quickly without leading to deforestation. 


I bet you have seen bamboo fabric marketed as a sustainable fabric option in stores. It is especially popular in pajamas, and home goods like bed sheets. 

But, that bamboo fabric isn’t what a lot of brands and the media have led you to believe. It is not a natural fiber that comes from the dirt like cotton. 

It is a rayon.

Now, here is something very interesting that a lot of people don’t know. Bamboo rayon can be made in two different ways. It can be made using the old viscose rayon system. Or, it can be made using the lyocell system. Viscose bamboos tend not to be a very sustainable option, while bamboo lyocell that is made in a closed-loop manufacturing system is.

So, the next time you are buying bamboo bed sheets, know they are nothing special, they are just regular old viscose or lyocell. 


tencel lyocell fabric

This section is going to help you learn lyocell fabric properties - everything that Lyocell can and can’t do. This way, you can determine, for yourself, if it is the best option for your clothing collection. 

For simplicity, in this section I am going to use the word Lyocell, but please note that everything I am saying also applies to Tencel Lyocell fabric and fibers as well. 

What does lyocell fabric feel like?

Lyocell feels like a cotton viscose blend. It’s the best of both worlds! Lyocell has that nice, slinky, drapable feel that looks like silk or viscose. But, it tends to feel more comfy and cozy like cotton. 

When you look at lyocell fabrics under a microscope, you can see tiny hair fibers poking up. This would also be the case if you were looking at cotton. Those little hair fibres are what create that soft feel (compared to a sleek and smooth hand feel with silk).

Is lyocell fabric stretchy?

Lyocell, on its own, is not a stretchy fiber. But brands that use it will often add spandex, elastane, or lycra, which are all very stretchy fibers. Underwear is a common example of a lyocell product that also has elastane added into the fabric!

But, there are other ways to get stretchy fabrics without adding stretchy fibers. 

Knit fabrics tend to have more engineered stretch than woven fabrics. Meaning you can use non stretch fibers, and still get a stretchy fabric. So, if you are looking for a stretchy lyocell fabric without elastic, opt for a knit over a woven. 

Does lyocell fabric fabric shrink?

Lyocell fibres tend not to shrink significantly. 

But, the most important factor in fabric shrinkage is not the actual fiber, but the fabric construction. Knits, especially loose knits, tend to shrink the most. Woven fabrics tend to be more stable. 

The way around shrinkage, no matter the fiber, is to have the fabric mill pre-shrink the fabric by pre-washing it or using a system called sanforizing. Sanforization is more eco-friendly because it does not use water. Instead a machine vibrates the fabric to relax the yarns, which allows them to shrink up to the same way a washing machine would. 

Is lyocell fabric absorbent?

It is very absorbent. Even more so than cotton. Cotton fibers have an absorbance of about 8%, while lyocell material has around 11%.

This increased absorbancy is great for moving moisture away from the body, and creating a cool-feeling fabric - perfect for hot climates.

Does lyocell fabric wrinkle?

The ability to not wrinkle is actually called resiliency in the textile science community.

Resilience is rated on a scale: excellent, good, fair, or poor. Cotton and viscose have poor resiliency, meaning they wrinkle easily. Lyocell material comes in with a rating of fair. While that is not great, it is still better than the other two fiber options. 

And, if you are curious, the fiber with one of the best resiliencies is polyester. 

Is lyocell fabric ideal for hot weather?

In hot weather, lyocell is very good at not just absorbing but also wicking moisture. Wicking sounds like a super technical sporty term, but really all it means is moisture movement. So, fabrics that are good at moving moisture are good at wicking. 

When a fabric is both good at absorbing and moving moisture, it is an ideal option for hot climates. That is because it will absorb sweat from the wearers body, then move and spread it out so it evaporates quickly. The key to staying cool isn’t just absorbing it up; it’s evaporating it quickly. That evaporation is what creates the sensation of cooling. 

What are the wash and care instructions for lyocell fabric?

While lyocell is not as delicate a fiber as silk, I still recommend washing on cold and drying on a tumble setting. Modern washing machines and dryers create a lot of friction. That friction is what breaks garments down and makes them look worn out. 

I also always give shopers the bonus tip to wash clothes inside out. By doing this, you will protect the fabric on the outside and help keep your clothes lookinf new for longer.


tencel lyocell fiber

One: It’s a Good Alternative To Organic Cotton

I can’t tell you how many times I have had this exact conversation with designers (too many). It goes something like this…

Designer – I want to use only organic fibers Me - cool, cotton? Designer – no, cotton is too stiff and rigid, I was something flirty and flowy Me – ok, how about silk Designer – no, too expensive Me – rayon? Designer – no, I like it, but according to the influencer I follow, rayon isn’t eco friendly and is killing orangutans Me – ok, so we’re back to cotton or silk, then

And, we never really get anywhere. 

Lyocell is kind of the loophole to this conversation. 

It offers the flowyness that designers are looking for, but it is much more sustainable than traditional viscose. It is the bridge between cotton that is too stiff, and rayon that leads to deforestation and other environmental contamination issues.

Two: It Is More Sustainable

Lyocell does not contribute to deforestation or chemicals in the environment and is biodegradable. 

One of the most important yet overlooked issues with sustainability is wearability. I always tell my clients, you can have the most sustainable fibers and products in the world. But, if no one wants to wear it because it’s ugly or doesn’t perform well, then what is the point?

Lyocell material allows you to have your hyperboreal cake and eat it too. 

That is because, Lyocell is a versatile and sustainable fabric that offers a great alternative to traditional materials like cotton and rayon. Its ability to wick moisture, shape retention, and biodegradability make it ideal for hot climates and eco-conscious consumers. With proper care, Tencel Lyocell garments can last longer and help reduce our impact on the environment, as sustainable fashion continues to gain popularity.

CONS OF LYOCELL FIBERS One: It Still Uses Chemicals and other Resources

Lyocell is not a natural fiber, even though it’s often made from bamboo or eucalyptus. And at the end of the day, a lot of chemicals and resources are being used to create it. Some examples of these chemicals include N-methyl morpholine- N-oxide (NMMO) and amine oxide (MMNO). Both of these chemicals are considered very low toxins, and most of the chemicals (up to 99%) can be reused again in the process. 

But, the collecting of the wood, turning it into pulp, making a fiber, then packaging and shipping those fibers to a yarn spinner is all very resource heavy. It requires water, heat, and tons of electricity! Which all lead to climate change. 

When you think about recycled and regenerated materials in general, ask yourself, how much more needs to go into the system, for something new to come out? And, is the cost of those resources worth it?

Two: It’s Pricey

Brand name Tencel Lyocell fabric is even more expensive than textiles made with generic fibers. But, in recent years, the price of Tencel lyocell fabric has come down a lot. But still, it is one of the most expensive fibers around. 

To reduce costs many brands end up using generic lyocell material, which usually means less transparency (read, insight into wear the fibers came from and how they were made).

Understanding this tradeoff between price and transparency, is, in my opinion, one of the keys to understanding greenwashing. 


tencel lyocell textiles

Again, I will be using the term lyocell to include Tencel Lyocell fabric in this section. 

Ok, so let’s pretend we are designing a womens dress. In the following examples, I will tell you where lyocell would be the best choice or where other fibers might be a better choice. 

Let’s go!

Lyocell VS Cotton

What we are really looking at in this comparison is flow vs structure.

Many of my clients often complain that they love the feel of cotton, but it’s just too stiff for the styles they are creating. They want something that moves and flows in the wind. So, If you want that easy, breezy, comfort of cotton, but a little more flow. Lyocell is the choice.

Lyocell VS Modal

Same, same, but different.

Do you prefer the feel of silk or of cotton? Both fabrics are going to have a nice drape and feel. They will also both have a lot of movement (think, not stiff or structured). If you want your dress to feel more like silk and be a bit more shiny, modal is the way to go. For a more natural and matte cotton feel, choose lyocell material.

Lyocell VS Viscose vs Cotton

For brands that want the feel of cotton, but the drape of silk.

Lyocell material is unlike all other viscose because it is designed to feel more like cotton. The fiber will fibrillate when washed. Meaning, it will become a little bit fuzzy, the way cotton does. 

Now, there is a hack to get a viscose to feel like cotton. And that is by using staple-length viscose fibers. Viscose is generally one very long filament fiber. But some manufacturers will cut it up into cotton-size pieces, and twist those pieces together to form a yarn. The result is a fabric that feels a lot like cotton.

So, again, if you want a cotton feel with a silk like flow, the Rolls-Royce rayon of fibers is going to be lyocell. But, if you are looking for something cheaper, you can try staple length (don’t forget to say that bit) viscose.

For all of the property comparisons of cotton, viscose, lyocell, and modal, click here.


tencel lyocell yarn

Are you looking for sustainably sourced textiles? It might be right for you. Or, maybe not. 

It really depends on you and your values. 

If you know me, then you know I am a true believer that nothing and everything is sustainable. 

The right answer for every brand depends on what the end use of the product is, and the pros and cons of the alternative. 

That is why I took the time to create so much high-level, textile science, information in this article. I didn’t just want to tell you, hey Lyocell is a closed loop system, and it doesn’t use petroleum; omg, so sustainable use it. I want you to learn the facts and make your own decisions for yourself. 


tencel lyocell

Thinking about using Lyocell, or branded Tencel Lyocell fabric in your line? Here are some of the best ways to source the fabrics you are looking for.

Start with Lenzing: Lenzing is….They will be able to direct you to fabric manufacturers in their supplier matrix. They might be a little more pricy, but when you buy from them, you know that the cellulosic materials going into their system are not damaging the planet and leading to deforestation, making this process more environmentally friendly. Birla Excel: The little known competitor of Lenzing is Excel fibers by Birla. “Birla Excel is made from a unique closed-loop process where the byproducts are completely reused, thereby minimizing discharge and reducing environmental impact. Designers swear by this resilient, wash & wear fabric as it imparts wonderful lustre, drape and softness. Its unique propensity to fibrillate can be controlled or accentuated for aesthetic versatility.”

lyocell breathable

Want to learn more about other types of sustainable fibers? I got you.

Rayon: everything you could possibly ever want to know about all the different kinds of rayon. Recycled cotton: pros and cons, and information on if it is a commercially viable option to help clean up fashion supply chains. Recycled polyester: Is it really just greenwashing? Spoiler, kinda. Modal: a comprehensive breakdown, just like this article, but on modal instead. WHAT DO YOU THINK?

Do you plan to use Lyocell or Tencel Lyocell fabric for your brand? Let me know in the comments!

- Melanie DiSalvo
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What Is Modal Fabric - How It’s Made + Used

Today, modal fabric is used as a sustainable and vegan silk alternative. For many brands that want to offer more affordable, sustainable options to their customers - modal fabric makes that possible without compromising a luxurious look and feel. But, there is a secret to substituting modal for silk. And, it’s understanding that not all modals are the same. Don’t worry, I am going to give you the cheat code. Let’s start from the beginning - what is modal fabric? And what is the material used in?


Have you heard about the super secret document that everyone in the fashion industry uses, but no one is talking about? Probably not. That is because you can't find it on Google or Instagram (believe me, I've tried).

It's a form I have used for over 13 years at every job I have ever had. Literally everyone from brands to fabric suppliers use it, but you can't find it anywhere publicly. 

The best part? It can cut your sourcing time in half, and save you tons of money in product development! This is the kind of info consultants charge the big bucks for. And, I'm giving it away for free until the end of the month.

So, get ready to make fashion startup life a whole lot easier, and GRAB YOUR FREE DOWNLOAD OF THE NOT SO SECRET SOURCING DOC HERE

WHAT YOU’LL LEARN What is modal fiber? Evolution of rayons and the invention of modal How is modal fabric made? Properties of modal fabrics  stretch feel shrinkage absorbency wrinkle hot and cold weather Washing and care instructions Should you use modal in your clothing line?  4 pros of modal 3 cons of modal This or that? Viscose vs modal Tencel vs modal Modal vs cotton Modal vs polyester Is the Lenzing modal better?  Is modal really sustainable?  Where to buy modal fabric Additional fiber resources 
WHAT IS MODAL FIBER how is modal made

All fabrics are made up of fibers. 

Fibers are single strands about the width of a human hair. These fibers can be natural like cotton and silk, or man-made like modal and Tencel. The fibers are then spun together into a yarn. And from there the yarns are combined to form a fabric through weaving or knitting. 

Modal is a fiber. And modal fibers make up a modal fabric. 

You can have modal knit fabrics and modal woven fabrics.

Think of it this way, modal is like eggs. An egg is an egg. But with that egg you can make all sorts of dishes - scrambled eggs, an omelet, poached, etc.

That’s exactly the relationship between fibers and fabrics.


But, modal fiber is also a type of rayon.  

Confusing right?

Rayon is the umbrella term for different man made semi-synthetic fibers that are made out of cellulose (plant material). Other types of rayon include Tencel, Lyocell, Viscose, and Bamboo fabric.

Another term for rayon fibers is regenerated cellulosic fiber (not to be confused with regenerative farming, which is a totally different thing).


is modal breathable

Fiber science is an evolution. It is constantly changing, especially today with new technologies and variations being discovered regularly. Modal is an extension of that evolution. 

First came the invention of viscose, which was then improved, and modal was invented. Modal fabric is considered second-generation viscose (Tencel and lyocell are third-generation). 

While many people think of viscose as an alternative to cotton, it was actually invented by French scientist Hilaire de Chardonnet as an alternative to silk. The first viscose was extremely flammable and had to be recalled from the market because it was just too dangerous. This led to the German Bemberg Company developing a less flammable and more consumer-friendly variation. While the Bemberg Company just wanted to make something that wouldn’t explode into flames while cooking breakfast, the inventors of modal (in Japan in 1951) set out to create a more sustainable option. 

HOW IS MODAL FIBER MADE? what is modal fabric

The scientific process. Yea, this might be a bit boring. I mean, we are here for fashion, not science, right? But, understanding this process will help you understand the sustainable advances in modal rayon, as well as some greenwashing to avoid. So, bear with me.

Step 1 – Gathering Cellulose

What is modal fabric made out of? 

In modal, the source of the cellulose (plant material) is beech trees. The reason beech trees were chosen for modal is because they propagate easily. Meaning, they are very easy to grow. Theoretically, you can take a branch from a birch tree, stick it in the ground, and grow another one. And, birch trees also grow very quickly – they don’t take the centuries that great oaks take. This makes birch an ideal sustainable source of cellulose. It can be regrown easily and quickly, preventing deforestation from tropical rainforest areas. 

Step 2 - The Wood Pulp Breakdown

This part of the production process is not so earth friendly. In this step, the wood pulp is broken down. First into tiny wood chips, then into a liquid with the help of some pretty harsh chemicals - sodium hydroxide used.

Step 3 - Liquid Modal

More chemicals - carbon disulfate - is added to make a liquid modal fiber. And a chemical reaction takes place to create and orange substance called sodium cellulose xanthate. 

We'll get more into all the chemicals used in a little bit.

Step 4 - Extrusion

The liquid modal fiber is then pushed through a spinneret, something that looks like a mini shower head, into another chemical solution - this time sulfuric acid. This causes the orange chemical solution to solidify, creating fibers.

Step 5 - Repeat

Then, the process is repeated with some of the waste. Modal was the first fiber to attempt a closed-loop model. Meaning, the waste of the process could go back into the system to make more of the fiber. 

Modal is not a perfect closed-loop system; while some waste produced can go back into the system, not all of it can. That is why modal production is often referred to as a semi-closed loop system. 

While this is much more environmentally friendly than traditional viscose, third-generation lyocell was able to completely close the loop, making an even more sustainable product.


Modal fabric is made all over the world, but production hubs are located in Austria, China, and even the United States.


modal in clothing

What does modal fabric feel like?

Is modal fabric stretchy?

Modal fibers on their own are not very stretchy. But, you can make them stretchy through fabric construction. Knit fabrics tend to have a lot of natural engineered stretch in them. So a knit modal fabric, compared to a woven modal fabric will be more stretchy. 

If more stretch is needed then it is possible through fabric design - elastic, spandex, or lycra which are fibers with natural stretch in them, can be added.

How does modal fabric feel?

Modal fabric manufactured from beech trees feels similar to silk or synthetic bamboo fabric. It is slick, shiny, and tends to have a cooler feel. 

Does modal fabric shrink?

Modal fibers are very stable and tend not to shrink. But (And, this is a big ‘but’) just because a fiber does not shrink that does not mean a fabric won’t. 

When fabrics are knit or woven into textiles the yarns that make them are stretched. After the textiles come off the machines, they relax a little, meaning they shrink a little. Then, when water is added (think washing), they relax even more, and shrink even more. Knit fabrics (mentioned above for their stretch), tend to shrink a lot when washed for the first time. 

So, be careful. Just because modal itself does not shrink, that does not mean your shirt won't.

Is modal fabric breathable?

Yes. Modal is very breathable and performs similarly to cotton. 

The trick to assessing if a fabric is breathable or not is looking at if it absorbent. Fabrics that have higher absorbancy rates, tend to be more breathable. 

Does modal fabric wrinkle?

When it comes to wrinkles, modal is pretty middle ground. Cotton and linen tend to wrinkle more, but modal is not as wrinkle resistant as polyester. 

If you want a wrinkle resistant modal, I would recommend using a knit fabric instead of a woven one. That is because, in general, knit fabrics tend to wrinkle less than wovens.

Is modal fabric warm?

Modal fibers do not offer much insulation, so they are not good for cold weather. 

They do offer good wicking capabilities, which make them a great choice for warm weather. The secret to good fabrics for hot weather is not just fabrics that absorb sweat, but fabrics that can wick (meaning move) the moisture away from the body, and disperse moisture, to help it evaporate quickly.  That cool feeling comes from evaporation.  

How do you wash modal fiber?

Washing and care instructions for modal fabric will depend on the knit, weave, and other manufacturing details. But as a good rule of thumb, wash in cold water, and dry on delicate. Modal fibers can be steamed and ironed, but try to use a low setting to not damage the fibers with excessive heat.


what fabric is modal

To figure out if using modal fabric is the right choice for you, I want to tell you about a few modal fabrics pros and cons. Let’s start with the pros.

MODAL FABRIC PROS It’s a Good Financial Alternative to Silk

Today modal is used as a silk alternative for both price and ethics. Modal is a fraction of the price of real silk. For example, the same dress that would be about $25 to produce in modal, would cost about $50 or more to make in silk. That’s a huge difference.

It’s Vegan

The other pro to using Modal is that it is vegan. If you didn’t know, there is a lot of crossover between the sustainable and vegan fashion spaces. By using a vegan option, brands are able to appeal to a wider customer base.

It Does Not Contribute to Deforestation

While the use of viscose was a step in the right direction (in my humble opinion), like everything, it is not perfect. And, one of the biggest issues with viscose is that it could be contributing to deforestation. However, with modal, specifically the Austrian company Lenzing’s modal, there tends to be much more transparency in the supply chain. Lenzing is one of the biggest suppliers of modal in the world. The company works hard to eliminate deforestation and verify where all its cellulose is coming from. And, because modal is only using birch trees and not any old type of tree, like viscose rayon, the process of verification and tightening the supply chain tends to be easier. 

It has High Wet Modulus (HWM)

One of the downsides to using viscose is that it tends to stretch out, especially when wet. That makes washing and caring for viscose difficult. High wet modulus, or HWM means that a fiber is actually stronger when wet. In the case of modal, it is about 50% stronger when wet. That means that it is a lot easier to wash and care for modal than viscose. And, in the world of sustainable fashion, that is a really good thing. Because the easier a garment is to wash, the longer it will last, and the longer it lasts, the less likely it is to end up in a landfill. 

Modal tends to be easy to dye because of the fiber’s high absorption rate (how fast it sucks that dye right up). There also tends to be less damage (read money lost) during the dying process because of the increased strength.

CONS OF MODAL It Still Uses Chemicals 

Many people believe that rayons are natural because they are made from plants. But, as I explained earlier, a lot of chemicals go into the fiber manufacturing process. 


Sodium hydroxide is just one example of those chemicals. High concentrations of sodium hydroxide have been known to cause burns to the eyes, skin, digestive system, and lungs. And, prolonged exposure can cause permanent damage, and in some cases death. Sodium hydroxide is also harmful to aquatic life. That is because when sodium hydroxide comes in contact with water, it creates an exothermic reaction. Meaning it makes the water hot. Sometimes too hot for marine animals to survive. 


There is also use of carbon disulfide. Workers exposed to carbon disulfide have complained of dizziness, poor sleep, headaches, anxiety, lack of appetite from stomach problems, and vision changes when inhaled. It is also believed the chemical can cause harm to the eyes, kidneys, heart, liver, nerves and skin. 


Exposure to sulfuric acid can cause pulmonary edema – or a build-up of fluid in the lungs, which is a medical emergency. Repeated exposure can cause permanent damage. While the way we handle these chemicals has improved through the years to protect the works in manufacturing plants, it is still important to remember that these are some heavy-duty chemicals, and in the wrong hands or without the proper safety guidance can cause serious lifelong problems.

It is Super Absorbent

While this is pro for the dying process, as mentioned above. It can be a negative for garment wearability and comfort. If you have ever noticed, sometimes when you are super hot, and sweating a lot, your cotton shirt might feel really heavy. That is because all of the sweat from your body is quickly absorbing into the shirt like a sponge. So, you could understand why modal would be a terrible choice of fiber for swim and athletic wear.

It Pills and Snags

Many online articles are reporting that modal does not pill. And, that simply is not the case. 

I have run dozens of clothing programs that use modal fabric. And one of the things I always discuss with my clients is that while the fabric looks beautiful straight out of the factory, there might be some complaints in the future after the customer washes it a few times. 

There are also newer modals that tend to pill less. Make sure to be very clear with your development and manufacturing team that you want an option engineered to pill less.


what is modal made of 

Many brands get confused about what fibers they should use for what type of products. So, I am going to break that down quickly for you. 

Because, here is the thing. You can have the nicest garment design, but if you use the wrong fibers and fabrics, it will be a disaster. So, for all of these examples, let’s pretend we are designing a dress, and then decide which fiber would be best for the design.


The first thing to remember is that viscose and modal are both rayons. But, they have some different properties. Modal tends to have a silkier feel than viscose, and it also tends to be more breathable. Generally speaking, modal tends to have a more luxurious feel than viscose, and it also tends to be more expensive. 

Our dress example: Both viscose and modal are going to create a very flowy breezy dress. But, if you are concerned with comfort, especially in hot weather, you would want to opt for modal. 

Also, if you want a more luxury product (read, sell for more money), modal does tend to have a more luxurious feel and appearance than viscose. 


Again, modal and Tencel are both different types of rayon. But, while modal mimics silk, Tencel tends to feel more like cotton. Except, a more comfy cotton.

Our dress example: Modal and tencel are both going to offer a lot of movement and flowyness in the fabric. But, if you want the fabric to have higher shine, and feel more like silk, you should choose modal. 

If you want the dress to have more of that cozy cotton feel, then choose Tencel.


Modal is a semi-synthetic rayon that was created to feel like silk. Cotton is a natural fabric that tends to feel a little more rugged. Naturally, cotton has a much stiffer handfeel than modal.

Our dress example: A dress made with cotton will be more rigid, and tend to have a lot more structure (think a woven button-down poplin shirt). Whereas, a dress made with modal will be flowy with movement or a light breeze. 


Modal and poly are both going to offer shine and drape comparable to silk. Generally, polyester is considered an easy care fabric. Meaning it does not wrinkle, and is very easy to wash. The downside to polyester though, is that it is basically a plastic and tends not to breath well – meaning it isn’t great for the heat. 

Our dress example: If you want something that will not wrinkle (thinking packing in a suitcase for vacation) polyester is going to be your best bet. But, it’s also going to be hot and sweaty.

If you also want the dress to be comfortable, especially in hot weather, I would pick modal (just remember to pack a steamer for those wrinkles). 

Also, from a sustainability standpoint modal fabric is the clear winner here.


In my opinion, yes. 

You don’t just get the traceability of the brand, you also get tons of technological innovations that were meant to solve problems and help you create the best product possible. That is because, Lenzing doesn’t just make 1 type of modal – they actually make 9 different types (as of April 2023). 

A few of my favorites…

These different types of fibers aim to solve different problems for the customer. Lenzing micro technology is used to make modal micro and modal micro air. This technology produces finer and lighter fibers that are better suited for athletic wear. 

Lenzing eco color technology creates modal color and modal color black. These fibers are a special set of options that come in premade color options. The color is actually added into the liquid mix, before it is turned into solid fibers. The benefit to this type of technology is that there is no additional dying process – meaning it saves a TON (literally) of water and energy. The downside is, brands must choose from a predetermined set of colors. But another benefit to this technology is that it tends to have better color retention (meaning will not fade) compared to other traditional dye methods. The color black is notorious for fading, so the fact that Lenzing makes a special black option is noteworthy. And, Lenzing indigo color, is just what it sounds like an indigo denim modal option.


what is modal

I saved this for the end. Because, to answer it you need to understand all the ins and outs, and pros and cons of using it. The thing is, sustainability isn’t black and white. It isn’t good and bad. Sustainability is about doing the best you can. 

So, if you are using polyester for a dress, and can use modal then ya, it’s probably a more sustainable option. But, if using modal, like in the example of swimwear, creates a lower quality product, something that people won’t like using, and will just leave in their closets, ultimately end up in a landfill, then, no it’s not.

At the end of the day if something is sustainable or not is determined by you and your values, not what a magazine article says.

There you go! All of the secrets have been revealed. Once you understand everything there is to know about modal, and by now you do, it’s really up to you if you consider an option for you or not. Remember, there is no right or wrong answer.



Global tradeshows 


properties of modal fabric

What is rayon

What is polyester

Recycled cotton

What is tencel lyocell, and is it sustainable? 


Sustainable clothing brands, let me know in the comments - what do you think now that you really understand, what is modal fabric? Are you going to use it in your line?

- Melanie DiSalvo
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