Wisdom is better than intelligence, science should learn from the wisdom of nature

Wisdom is better than intelligence, science should learn from the wisdom of nature



Nature is smarter than science, how does a flock of seagull find their way across the oceans without a captain or a compass? Some lowly creatures are much smarter than many scientists of the modern day who keep building machines that keep killing them. How does a bee know its hive is supposed to be an hexagon? What calculations do they use when building the cells of their hives into exact geometric shapes, is it basic arithmetic, calculus or algebra? Isn’t it a solid proof that bees are much smarter and more organised than we humans are?

They call dishonesty smart and wickedness genius, an evil genius should they say, anything they don’t understand they call it stupid, those professors come up with silly ideas and refer to it as intelligence and call madness philosophy. The so called elite scientists are teaching themselves dangerous knowledge.

What they don’t remember is that all knowledge and skill comes from above, any man who does magnificent things that amaze many whether he acknowledges the giver of gifts or not should do it with the desire to benefit all mankind.

The whole world has been deceived into worshiping a pagan god of knowledge and understanding called Science, they blindly adore it and give it offerings, “Everyone suddenly believes in him and frequently go to him to ask questions, to inquire of what other things are in the world that they do not know about yet. Men kneel down before him and say, “please tell us everything you know, teach us all tricks all knowledge and all wisdom, we too want to know everything that is there to be known.” they beg endlessly.

Science is like a cunning master that wittingly teaches its students mischief, when they have finished their training some students use their newly acquired lessons to do good while others use it to do evil. Wisdom breeds virtue while intelligence harbors malice.




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