Will you marry my sister?

Will you marry my sister?




A guy once came to me to say this, “I would like to marry your sister, we are engaged, everyone in my family and your family knows this except for you but before I proceed, I would like to get some well wishes and possibly some blessings from you, lately you seem withdrawn from all the other members of the family,” he said, “I love her very much, will I be happy with  her?” he asked.

This question somehow infuriated me a bit, I burst out in anger, saying, “what do you want me to tell you? That my sister is crazy, don’t marry her? Is that what you want me to speak? You are the one who set your eyes on her, I wasn’t there when you were holding hands together and narrated love poems to one another, do whatever it is you think of, and please don’t drag me into your love triangle, if you are so hungry and desperate for information about her, then you can talk to her peer girls in the neighborhood, I have nothing to tell you,” I said this and walked away.

I have two beautiful sisters whom I love very much, I will therefore do everything I can in my ability to see them through happiness.




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