Will Bad News Ever End?

Will Bad News Ever End?



I was listening to a reporter  a while ago on a satellite television, he had visited a certain city which  he was giving a report on, surprisingly it happened to be the same city I was living in that he was talking about, I couldn’t believe my ears, he was saying the vilest of things about my city, horrible beyond belief, he would move from one situation to another and another each coming one worse than its preceding opinion, I felt so bad that I wanted to pick up my things and move on to another city, I felt like I am living in a dustbin and all round me being surrounded by garbage.

 I decided to gather all my luggage to move to a nearby city, to my surprise, the place I went to was not very different from the one I had been before, so alternative thought was to move out of the country, fly away and never come back, but there was an obstacle, the place I live in is landlocked and all our neighboring countries speak a language different from ours and worse, there are no kinds of jobs I do in those countries. Where do I go now? If the city I live in is dangerous, so are all the others in the world.

This group of reporters who call themselves the grey eagles, they have an inordinate duty which is to warn the inhabitants of the earth that they are in a terrible place, horrible beyond belief, and they won’t stop until somebody pays them attention.

Many times after I’ve watched the news I feel like going out there and punch somebody’s face, making him pay for his treachery,

Sometimes when you watch the news you might think the world is going to end tomorrow.

What a sad thing it is to view the world through the eyes of the media? You are let to visualize the world is on fire, the entire planet is in flames, raging torrents ,it sends a chill down your spine when you fathom to be living in such a cold dark world.

If you really want to know plenty about a city, and its history or problems, then ask dwellers who have been there for four-five decades, they probably may have much more comprehensive understanding of the problems it has experienced for many years compared to somebody who has been there for only a few weeks, a lot of information is often relayed through the media press, but there is often much more left out.

The Controller in My Hands

Why did I forget that the power is in my hands, by the simple press of a button you can cut off all that noise, and turn onto something useful?  Right now there are about a thousand satellite broadcasting stations around the world relaying news twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, in the next decade, there is going to be ten thousand, and the following one, there will be one hundred thousand.

 Why waste time worrying when you can simply switch the channel? When I suspect a news briefing is simply designed to cause me pain, I quickly run for the remote and change, why weigh yourself down with too much stress, I get lots of stress at the workplace already I simply can’t take in any more when I reach home, no time for double stress, evening time is a precious moment to cool oneself up from the hot day’s sun and to relax, not worrying about things that don’t concern me,

Saddening creeds I shall switch them off, I shall turn away from doctrine driven agendas and mind controlling debates.




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