Why So Rich so fast? When you suddenly get rich, be ready to answer a thousand questions from super suspicious folks

Why So Rich so fast? When you suddenly get rich, be ready to answer a thousand questions from super suspicious folks






When some folks say they need more transparency in your financial operations, what they actually mean is that they need to know how much money is in your personal bank account, how much goes in and how much goes out daily, then broadcast that live to the whole world, then probably later they will figure out a way to rob you of your cash through extortion, blackmail, whatever way. If you refuse asking them to show more proofs of their leniency, “you are not some kind of authority are you? Show me your warrants before you can enter my apartment,” if you were to ask them, In that case they will start branding you with all kinds of evil names, a gangster, a secret drug lord, a money launderer, a grave robber, etc., anything they can think of, none of the two sides is better anyway, it’s just up to you to choose which one you can take.


People have their own way of explaining things they don’t understand. Since they are not included in your ventures or do not benefit in any way they give you a tongue lashing or lots of negative comments.


Two middle aged employees were asked by their parents in the countryside what job they did in the cities that they got so rich in a matter of a few years. The gentleman said that he is a professional code breaker, he works for a large firm as a security director.


The girl on the other hand said that she was a professional sleeper, she tries out new mattresses and pillows that a certain company produces, gives them a good rating before they can be mass produced. If the pillow or mattress turns out to be too hard or too soft, or should it cause her to have a muscle ache in the morning, the specimen is immediately removed from production for the fear it might have the same effects on customers.


Upon hearing their children’s new careers the parents were shocked beyond belief, because they could not fully comprehend what exactly their children did in the cities, such careers were not present during their era. They immediately prohibited their children from returning to the cities, until when they have decided what they should do about it. Their parents were not condemning them, they simply feared for them. They did not understand what was happening as at the present time. “Our son is breaking into things in the city as a profession, while our daughter is sleeping around, what misery has begotten us!” the old couple said to one another as they hugged each other, they cried in each other’s arms. “How can we peacefully depart from this world if we do not know the fate of our descendants?”


It was only after many weeks later when their uncle who lived in the city with them came to explain the intricate details of the profession that the elderly couple worries were finally quenched, he said to them that their children are among the new generation that’s going to change the face of the city.




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