Which Author has had the biggest influence in your life?

Which Author has had the biggest influence in your life?


For me it is none other than Count Leo Tolstoy, he is my favorite author of all time, I have read everything he has ever written, and my book shelve is full of his titles. His thoughts and his way of seeing things matched perfectly with mine, discovering his books was like running into a long lost friend, its like we knew each other already in another life. This fellow started his adventurous life more than two centuries ago, born into a traditional Russian family and lived his life serving his country and local community. He lived to a ripe old age and died in comfort, buried in his home town. His grave was desecrated by the invading Nazis in early 1940s but later restored after the Nazis were defeated. He has written many books about life as a soldier in wartime, he probably got most of his ideas from his experience as a gunner during the Crimean war of 1853-1856. He passed away more than a century and half ago, two terrible global wars came after his passing, he is probably glad in his grave that he never lived to see those times, but he seems to have already envisioned those times already through his early writings, he had seen how dark and gloomy the whole world could become if the pride and greed of men continually goes unchecked. He had seen the horrors of warfare and therefore did not want any other human to go through them. His horrific experience led him to question everything about life, he questioned his life as a soldier, he questioned his superiors, the generals directing the war effort, he questioned the leadership on both sides of the conflict, he even questioned the existence of God himself and his role in human suffering.

The Crimean war of his time was of a different setting, since he passed on more than a century ago, he’s got nothing to do with the current Wrestling match between the Nation States of Russia and Ukraine in 2022. He was an incredibly gifted Poet. Since poetry and music are universal themes, artists are loved all over the world, they are showered with love and praises everywhere they go including places where they are regarded as citizens of an enemy state. Whenever there are two states that treat one another as bitter rivals, each party always rejects everything the other fellow tries to share with them, except music and poetry. Musicians are loved everywhere in the world because they touch people’s hearts, they bring out People’s deepest feelings, themes of love, joy and comfort are universal and would be accepted everywhere on earth where you would find humans.

An author can help you discover a part of you that you never knew existed before. So which author has impacted your life the most?

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