Where to look when you pray

Where to look when you pray




Why do we close our eyes when in prayer? Aren’t we supposed to look up into the heavens or at least somewhere else?

At the Sunday School, Jack noticed Philip didn’t close his eyes when others were praying, he kept looking at us,” said Jack, he went to report this to the Reverend, “Would you please tell Philip to close his eyes while we pray?” “How did you know that he didn’t shut his eyes while others did? It means that the two of you never close your eyes the way I taught you,” said the Reverend angrily, he went ahead to punish the two boys for their mischief, “but, reverend he was the one staring at me,” cried Philip, “I was just trying to make him stop watching him, to shut his eyes,”

Back at home when the meal is ready, everyone is served, then one person says THE GRACE before everyone can begin munching their meal, while everyone else eyes is closed, Philip slowly stretches his hands across the table exchanges his plate with that of his brother then quickly folds his hands again as if in prayer, when everyone finally opens their eyes, his brother Jack notices that his meal has chicken wings instead of a juicy stake, he tries to fight back for his rightful plate, he tries to exchange the food in his plate for that of Philip’s plate. Their mother notices this confrontation and reprimands them both,

“From this minute on we are not going to say the grace with our eyes closed,” she said to them.




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