When you become too soft, you are turned into a punching bag by everyone else

When you become too soft, you are turned into a punching bag by everyone else



I have witnessed this happen numerous times to people who make the choice of playing Mr. nice guy to others, I once came across four young women in a countryside bus station looking for someone to help me find my way to the next town. Three of them appeared to be name calling the other on who looked timid, when I approached them asking for directions, they turned their backs on me and called onto the fourth one, “hey chicken legs, show that confused stranger some directions, it looks like he overslept in the bus and drove past his destination, now he has lost his way.” they yelled at her. She then slowly came over, listened carefully to my request, then opened what seemed to be a diary, opened a blank new page, picked out a felt pen from her hand bag then drew all the directions with the landmarks in it as she explained.

What I noticed was that she spoke in a softer, gentler tone like a kid who is being interrogated by a fierce teacher. Her friends could probably be responsible for putting this habit on her. Upon finishing she tore off the page and handed it over to me, “be careful with your luggage” she said, but before letting her go, I had to ask one more question, who are those girls?(now standing several feet away) why do they say those cruel things to you? Some of the names they called you were completely unspeakable. “They are the only friends I have,” she replied. Then said no more, she went back to join them where they were standing near the booth. I had no choice but to pick up my backpack and boarded the bus, all throughout the journey I thought what in the world is this , why do people spray urine onto your face after you have kindly shown them the directions of the washroom, is being too soft dangerous?.





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