When will we finally have our robot Servants to attend to each and every of our personal needs?

When will we finally have our robot Servants to attend to each and every of our personal needs?



During the industrial revolutions of the 1700s and 1800s some experts claimed that technology will soon take over everything, they truly believed everything would now be done by machines, such that humans will have little to nothing left to do with their own hands, they said unto themselves we will just sit back and watch everything move on its own, people will spend the next century enjoying themselves having nothing to do. “Life would be easier than ever,” they said.

Little did they know that they got it all wrong, they forgot the principal facts of physics, machines make work easier not to reduce the amount of work that is to be done, it may cut effort put in, but cannot reduce the amount of work put into it altogether, the same piece of work remains.

Humans built machines to help aid them in their work. What kind of machine do you want me to build? The mechanic asks the farmer, the details are not much of an importance, you just get down to work right away, I will catch up with you later, just built me a big cat, a machine that gnaws the soil like a mole rat, runs faster than a race horse, stronger than an ox, gentler than a dove, more agile than a monkey, build a machine to help me do my farm work.

In my surprise visit to an industrial town, there were machines I saw at the construction site(where they were building) that were really terrifying, what surprised me greatly was that the people nearby didn’t show any panic when the gigantic things bellowed loudly and shook the ground, they looked very friendly with them instead, I saw people crawl into their ears and then shortly after that they are seen through their huge eyes seated on a chair, and right beside their chair lay a protruding stick that seem to be causing them a lot of trouble. Each time they appear to have propped it properly then they come back to hold it hard as if it was about to hop away, each time he held the stick, the machine growled deeply then belched, smoke came out of its nostrils like a chimney.

There were machines that had gigantic teeth and dug through the soil like mole rats, others had human arms that scooped soil and placed it aside as it made more holes. They built gigantic machines that bore through mountains and dug wells a few feet wide at the top and many kilometers deep. When a drilling machine pounds the ground hard, you have the feeling of an earthquake tremor.

There were machines of which solid rocks were placed into their mouths that they chewed into fine dust which then flows out at the other end of their gut, the men stand there waiting to collect the powder which they dilute with water and then use it to plaster their homes.

The labor that could have been done by a hundred men in ten months, they completed it in ten days, very strong and efficient they were, they never tire, they can work  nonstop day and night, forever without stopping as long as you continue to feed them with their daily dose of diesel drink.

Dependency on machines is increasing with each coming day, machines are needed in hospitals to take care of the sick, for growing food, cleaning clothes, travelling, machines literary do everything for us now”

Man has unknowingly become a slave of machines, “you can’t do anything without us” they tell him, “You shall not control us forever,”

However, it’s better to use a machine as a practical servant than to use a fellow human as a slave.

Machines though greatly praised are not exactly what we think, not so flexible not so perfect, say for instance, Can a machine prepare a good meal and serve you at the table, how sure will it know that the food it has prepared is delicious if itself cannot taste?

When machines go on strike humanity suffers intensely, for they have over the course of time become indispensable.

operation robot.

If you want to get your work done swiftly and without any glitches, then you must consider launching operation robot, it is the only thing that will guarantee the completion of your work without any errors, or complaints.

Its operation robot we are launching soon that will be the most trusted team of all our time, we shall let them work everywhere, from picking cotton in the fields, driving our food trucks to the markets, working at the warehouses, putting in records at the harvest collecting stations, and delivering food to the rightful persons giving each their rightful ration. We shall have no delays, we shall hear of no customer complaints due to poor services, we shall hear of no food loss due to corruption, we shall pay them no wages, all they need is a gallon of diesel a day or a fully charged battery, they drink a third of a gallon in the morning for breakfast, a third at lunchtime, and a third in the evening while they work round the clock.

To deliver aid to the needy ones far away in the country side, we shall use operation robot. The best team that will carry out the delivery process, they are the most trusted of them all.

They discriminate against no one

Make no mistake

Fast and efficient

Never complain or quarrel about the responsibilities assigned to them.

Highly integral and trustworthy.




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