When will the Media stop intruding into our personal lives?

When will the Media stop intruding into our personal lives?





In this world you will always find a group of idlers laying around all over the place, so miss Lorna was walking down the corridor with a tray full of hibiscus juice, she accidentally hits something which topples her over, smashes the tray with its entire contents onto the groom and his bride, their beautiful white linen garments were badly stained, which became red as blood. Coincidentally a group of idlers was just around the corner when the incident took place, and quickly took snaps. In less than 48 hours later, Miss Lorna saw images in a local newspaper which grabbed her attention. The headlines read:

-Furious miss Lorna ruins her daughter’s wedding  with juicy red

-The red dance by a clumsy creature (with the images of her loosing balance as she feel onto the ground) and many more intimidating statements in the other papers.

The same is true with Jaffer Screw, the cheeky athlete, he had once entered a restaurant with a friend, several months ago, as they chat, time slowly ran by while they laugh over their past misadventures, “where are the table spoons?” said Jaffer, “pass them over to me please”, starring at the mound of rice placed in front of him, “I think the waiter has forgotten to bring us two, let me go and check out”, but he was really hungry, he couldn’t  wait for them to return, so thinking unto himself he said, “why can’t I simply use this spade just for a taste as Willis brings me my essential tools?” only a few meters to his left side was sitting someone who happened to know Jaffer before, he secretly took snaps of him trying to feed himself with the large table spoon. Then a month later, Jaffer saw himself in a sports magazine with the following headlines.

Jaffer the giant swallows five pounds of rice in one gulp”

He was so heartbroken that he stopped going to the field practice for nearly a year, he remembers the restaurant incident very vividly, but he never saw any cameraman there, he thought he was alone with his friend Willis, “this world is getting much scarier than I had believed it to be”.

Many people often wonder about the causes of such brutal publication of heroes’ personal affairs and lives. Could it be in the belief in the notion that once someone becomes a public figure, be it in politics, finance, sports, etc., then all their other activities should be relayed live to the public including those things that take place in the most private corners of their homes, or could it be a disillusioned path of relaying information from the reporters in the field to the presenters on live screen, once your name becomes popular so does everything else about you. There are so many procedures involved in the process, a field reporter records an event then passes it on to the studio, it goes through a number of hands, the second the third, the fourth one sees this headlines is not interesting enough or not presented in a very strong way, has very little read value and therefore puts in an extra concoction of words to add a little more taste. The end report produces something totally different from what the field reporter had intended.

Sam and Philip were having a nice afternoon on a golf course , as he removed his cap, he saw someone coming , a young lady was walking up the bunkers , he turns to his friend, remarking, “hey Philip look, it’s that da*@*%^£*  reporter again, what does she want this time around?”

She warmly passes greetings to the golfers who are reluctant to respond. “Hello Mr Samson, I would like to ask you a few questions, will you allow me, if you may?” “what kinds of questions?” barks Sam, “You people think of yourselves as being smart and well organized when most of the time all you do is breech protocol, there are more important things going on around the country, why don’t you go film them, then leave me in peace, do you have any idea you are being a nuisance every time You walk into my backyard with your flimsy cameras sniffing every household equipment you find?  Why does the media always meddle in other peoples affairs?”

The young lady was so annoyed that she quickly rushed off without saying a word, in the process leaving behind her left shoe on the golf course, she then published the remarks of Samson just the way he had spoken them in the papers, with the statements, “SAMSON KELLY THE MOST VULGAR OF ALL GOLFERS” including a detailed description of the account.




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