When Vehicles start to misbehave on the roads, accidents multiply a hundredfold

When Vehicles start to misbehave on the roads, accidents multiply a hundredfold




slippery steering wheel

At times you find yourself struggling with the steering of your car, you want to direct it into a particular direction you are intending to go to while the vehicle itself is not willing to yield to your commands, it wants to go the other way instead, you steer the wheel hard but it won’t move, you are in the middle of a busy highway when it starts to become stubborn, it glides right and left as if you were on a skiing resort, even though the road is perfectly okay, there is no rain, there is no soap on the highway yet it won’t travel straight.

It swerves left and right, back and forth, other motorists quickly get out of their vehicles to stare at you, they think you are drunk, it veers off the road and dives into a marsh, the water pressure then locks the door from the outside trapping you in, you are left helpless, and now at the mercy of the forces of nature. When you see no help coming on time and begin to fathom the idea that you may not survive, a Good Samaritan who happens to be passing by and had witnessed the full scene of the struggles rescues you, you gain your conscience later and get to understand the full scope of what had happened, there begins your laments.

“Why did you want to kill me, I have been nice to you all this time, I let you get washed sparkling clean after every dirty trip and gave you gallons of diesel to drink after every long day’s work, how come you have turned against me now? You never revealed to me your murderous intentions, had I known I would have handed you over to a scrap dealer, so you won’t tamper with other people’s lives, you care not for my life, because you are steel while am flesh, when you smash into a tree and are completely wrecked you can be hammered again and be made into a new being, people can once again enjoy taking snaps around you, but what about me?

There is no second life for a piece of flesh like me,” a machine that murders their owner can easily get another owner, as soon as blood is wiped off from its metallic body it exchanges ownership, though there is lots of evidence of their treacherous act, no one can bring them to trial, the best and easiest way for a machine to get rid of its current master is to kill the one that currently owns it, when a new owner comes they don’t bother to ask it, “what happened to your old master? What did you do to him/her?” in fact they are more than happy to keep things dark.

Early in the nineties, Mr Harris Ferdinand Jobb was travelling in a tourist van in a foreign land, with  two dozen members of his research team, one half in one vehicle while another half in another, the road went through steep mountains and rough ridges, the road meandered through the hills of a beautiful country of which I will not mention here, there were places where the road was so narrow that no two vehicles could cross past one another, one had to drive back in order to give the other a clear way, it had no guardrails to prevent vehicles from falling off.

When they were following their leading vehicle behind as they enjoyed the beautiful scenery, something made the vehicle right in front of them to skid, it hit and broke through the guardrails, the guys in the second van watched in horror as they saw their companions fall over a steep slope into the valley below, they all immediately came out of their vehicles and rushed to the guardrails to check the whereabouts of their companions, they saw their vehicle laying several hundreds of meters at the bottom of the hill, they stood right there completely shaken and shattered for they had believed no one could survive such an ordeal.

several minutes later they saw what looked like people rushing to the smoking scene, they were shouting and screaming as if in jubilation, the tourists thought help had now arrived, the natives will offer their help for their surviving companions, and were shocked to see them looting the dead bodies of their valuables, some began to cut off scrape metal that was hanging from the vehicle and ran off with it, they stripped the vehicle of its entire metallic body and took everything else inside including the chairs, they left nothing behind except the bodies of the victims, and those few survivors who were wiggling on the ground. Their fellow compatriots stood right above helpless, unable to do anything, the cliff from which they had fallen was dangerously too steep, help came to them only several hours later, but what they had witnessed they would never forget.




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