When toddlers fall in love, butterflies will sing

When toddlers fall in love, butterflies will sing





After having a heart-warming conversation with his newly found friend Belinda. Little Jeremy came back to his room, he could not control his emotions, he felt, sick, terrified  and confused, at the same time he also felt excitement, calm, peace and unexplainable form of joy. His elder sister Anne noticed this and comes to check him out, she tells the others that she thinks there is something wrong with their little brother, he’s been in bed all afternoon, he never stays in the house that long, let alone curl himself in bed the whole day. There was a long confrontation. Jeremy held onto himself, he didn’t say anything to anyone for a while. Later as Belinda persisted, the only person he trusts, he finally opened up. “What is it little Viking?(as he was called at the time)” asked her sister, “it’s just that after talking to Rose, I often feel very strange, I feel funny things going on inside my heart and mind that are difficult for me to handle.”

Her sister felt amused instead of being sorry for him, “Jeremy you are not sick, you have fallen in love! At such a young age though,”

“What is that supposed to mean?” Asked Jeremy,

“Never mind, you will understand when you get older, sooner or later, please go back to sleep.”




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