When things gets tough the tough gets going

When things get tough the tough gets going





When things get tough I would continue encouraging myself, to make myself believe that there are more difficult tasks waiting ahead, if I do not successfully pass through this simpler one how sure am I to succeed in the coming ones?

I often think of others who have gone through a much rougher experience, more difficult and treacherous than mine. Then say unto myself, if they did it then why shouldn’t I?

Ninety nine percent of all careers in the world are about solving problems, if there is a problem somewhere then there is always somebody somewhere who can solve it.

Jane and I work very hard to sustain our family, however every day When Jane and I come back from work, we find the children have grown bigger and are demanding more food each coming day, we have to sleep less, work harder and run faster in order to fulfill our obligations as parents

When things get tough, I reflect on the life of others who went through harsher conditions, worse realities & experiences than that of my own, it then gives me the strength to work harder, hold on longer, and keep pushing forward.

Better know that in this world you are competing with nobody other than yourself, if people were to set goals and thrive to accomplish them without having to waste time watching others backs, clashes would be minimal.




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