When Romeo is put to the test, tragedy reveals true love

When Romeo is put to the test, tragedy reveals true love




A newlywed couple was walking across a mountain range during their honeymoon excursions when they spotted a huge black bag with lots of mud stains on its leather coat. Upon opening it they were surprised to find it full of huge gleaming diamonds & precious gems, they decided to carry it with them, along their way, on reaching a steep cliff where a deep canyon separates some two standing hilltops, a wooden bridge stands to join the two places, the young man moved in first leaving behind the lady  and the luggage.

As he was trying his new bridge,  it began to shake, but then he carefully & slowly made it to the other side, then when it was the lady’s turn she too tried to tread slowly and more slowly, upon reaching halfway, the ropes supporting the bridge began to break and pieces of wood started to fall off, she watched in horror as the pieces descended down below into the blinding mist in the valley bottom.

On realizing that the bridge can no longer support both her and the bag, she exclaimed, “Jeremy, do you want me or the back?”

When he hesitated, she threw away the luggage and ran off towards the end before the bridge could completely collapse, when she was on the other side, the young man said, “you know of course I have always wanted you, but you could have brought the bag with you also, our joy would have been multiplied tenfold.”




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