When machines become a danger to humans, are there really any alternatives we can replace them with?

When machines become a danger to humans, are there really any alternatives we can replace them with?



When machines go on strike who can survive? It is quite apparent how humanity has become so depended on these objects of plastic and steel called machines yet they continue to overlook the power and control they have gained over them for the past short time, it’s after they go on strike that we really come to realize what surrounds our lives. We are surrounded by friends and faithful servants who can become foes just overnight, when they are pushed a little too hard, they refuse to work, they go on strike by breaking down, when they are angered due to being mishandled, they fight back by  causing serious injuries to their masters, and in some unfortunate cases they murder them.

crippling machines

There are times when machines refuse to work and may cause crippling injuries to the user if they are pushed a little too hard.

I don’t remember how many times I have been burned by an iron box, just yesterday it licked my hand with its red hot tongue, it left me with huge burns on my palm, I was looking away when it did this evil to me and was not in a position to stop it. Each time it gives me a new scar, I shout at it loudly, “hey you burny son of a box, don’t harm me any further, you have left me with lots of bruises already.”

I nearly chopped off my fingers while mincing meat, the machine sucked in my hands and was about to cut off the tips of my fingers when I suddenly noticed this and stopped the hungry thing from roaring and chewing, I then carefully pulled out my hands, looked at it carefully. It was never bruised nor scared, I still had all my fingers untouched by its fearsome blade, how lucky I was, I got to realize at that moment.

murderous machines.

When machines go on strike who can survive? Who is courageous and strong enough to lift a sword to cut a metal foe?

When machines go on strike, first they break down, if recuperated and asked to continue working, they attack their masters by causing them serious injuries, if they feel their issues are not properly addressed and angered further they murder their masters. We cannot count the number of people who are murdered by machines on a daily basis. It is better for humans to be killed by other humans than to get murdered by machines needlessly. A time will come when the people who are killed by machines will be many times more that those who are killed by their fellow human beings.

The tireless efforts of the forensic experts and well respected criminal investigators is no match for the machines of mayhem, the evil they secretly plan is highly unpredictable, they are unstoppable, they will act unreasonably. You cannot tell what they can do next, whatever purposes these people are planning to use them for you cannot guarantee their own personal safety.

Even after all the murders they have carried out, they feel no remorse for it, no one can bring charges against them in a court of law, so they always go free, they do nothing but to kill, kill, and kill, for they have no conscience of what they do.

Murderous machines, how long are you going to continue taking away the lives of the innocent? I wish they were made of flesh, so that I would act my vengeance upon them, so that they would feel the pain and suffering they have often inflicted on humans.




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