When everyone is too excited, nothing gets done at the workplace

When everyone is too excited, nothing gets done at the workplace




If one is planning to do something, if they really intend to achieve a particular goal then it would not be wise to openly describe it to others, saying how you are going to get something done vaporises the enthusiasm needed to do the job, when energy is released through the tongue, there is nothing left for the hand work.

This is where you fold the shirt on your arms and get down to work, you need the kind of mentality and approach necessary so that you may work smart and not hard, do more in less time and effort. It’s time now to let go of the excitement and get down to work.

We shall also keep in mind that too much excitement is a distractor. Remember the lunch party last month? Everybody was so excited that nothing gets done, at the big celebrations there was so much chattering that no one had time to handle any task, we shall have to do frequency moderation again, no too much attention grabbing display lights, no more attention diverting comforts. From now on we shall strike while the iron is hot.

It’s high time to focus on where we are more likely to succeed for example, I find long term projects more comfortable than responsibilities you will have to handle day in day out without knowing when it’s going to end. Uncertainty scares me off, those guys who are usually far sighted are definitely more likely to succeed in project oriented businesses, where you squeeze in the full volume of your passion during your first moments and quickly forget the story shortly after the project is over, these folks are good project managers, we can call them contract kings, you see them moving from plan to plan, they start a piece of work enthusiastically but then soon lose interest and shortly abandon it leaving it for a fresher one, most of their efforts drain into the first part of the work. These fellows include, manufacturers, designers, software developers etc.

On the other hand caretakers have the ability to withstand long, slow, painful and boring responsibilities, they possess a great deal of patience, what matters to them is how to deal with current situations, our matters of interest are now, they never bother much about how it’s going to be like in the near future.

You will never loose when you give in your best effort, those who put in their best shot become the best shooters in a duck hunt.




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