What news do you bring?

What news do you bring?






Its quiet common in the early days for the media personnel to be attacked by people who were supposed to welcome them, simply because the news they brought turned out to be unpleasant. Reporters have reportedly been attacked after delivering shocking news. “Is that what you were so eager to tell me? Da#*%$ you miserable de**#@%.” says Lady Arwin to the girl who delivered to her the news that her father has been incarcerated after being convicted of a terrible crime.

Upon hearing such news lady Arwin covered her face and fell down on her knees, she broke down into tears, she wailed for hours on, because she couldn’t believe her ears, how can her beloved father be convicted of such a heinous crime?  She couldn’t imagine the thought of her dad forever taken away from her, never to see him again. She remembers vividly the good times she had with him, the popular days of her youth, simply vanished in the flash of a second, and now replaced by dark terrifying clouds. She began to associate all reporters with every bad feeling inside her. 

“When I saw you with a smiley face, I thought you were coming to tell me something good. (Good news as I may say).

How could you be glad that such a misfortune has begotten me? You have no remorse, do you? Is that your job or responsibility to bring sorrow to others with news you think are exciting? No one wishes to hear any of those except you yourself,” with these words uttered she proceeded to attack the lady, they fought fiercely before other people nearby came to stop them.

Rawburrggy the knight stabbed the messenger who brought him the news that his castle has been brought down and his wife and children snatched off by raiders.




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