What is Carbon Tax and why it is a necessary evil for implementation in all industrialized Nations

What is Carbon Tax and why it is a necessary evil for implementation in all industrialized Nations


A week ago a controversy ensued between some factory owners and municipality of queens Ville town. The town clerks strictly advised the industrialists to reduce  their carbon emissions since their factories were greatly affecting the town’s health, should they fail to do so, terrible punishments shall be inflicted upon them either through increased taxation or  face heavy fines, then the factory owners asked, “where are we going to get resources to install these expensive equipment, are you going to support us?”  “How does the government plans to help us cut these toxic emissions?” They ask, the mayor barked angrily saying, “I don’t care where you shall get your funding from, just make sure you keep the air around this neighborhood clean.” the factory owner too became angry in response says,  “I too do not care about what happens to this town, if this community should inhale cyanide gas and drink sulphuric acid because of my factory, I don’t care either, we pay more than a half of our annual earnings in taxes, that hurts us a lot already, now you want to squeeze our throats further, by threatening us with fines?” he says to the mayor, “do you know how difficult and expensive it is to run a factory? You just sit in your comfortable office chair wagging fingers at us, telling us to do this and that and you are never willing to help us.”

The mayor on hearing this asked the guards to put the angry man in chains till he answers to charges.


Unless governments around the world support healthy factory emissions programs, pollution will continue to multiply, ten fifty and a hundred fold. Installing filters and proper disposal mechanisms are costs too high for individual companies to take on their own., it reduces their productivity, cuts heavily on their revenue, many of these once productive  factories will shut down if the rules against their productivity and environment are tightened further and further, all production, all manufacturing and processing, all recycling will come to an alt. unless a small portion of the tax payers money is put into research and development of environmentally friendly waste, we shall see no change.. Even the biggest, the most productive industries do struggle to survive in this industrialized and highly competitive world. Industries are owned by private corporations as well as the citizens. What affects an industry in a given locality affects all the residents of that area in one way or the other, directly or indirectly, an entire country too feels the effects, not forgetting the globe. Not everyone in a country owns a factory but all citizens own the environment around it, the air the water systems the soils. Etc. they therefore have the right to defend and protect it.





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