What does it feels like meeting an old friend after many years apart?

What does it feels like meeting an old friend after many years apart?




Once a military police took his pregnant wife to a general hospital, she was beginning to experience labour pains which put the young mother’s life in great danger, upon reaching the hospital, the two were quickly directed towards the emergency section, they were definitely not going to wait for an appointment, the doctors on shift quickly rushed in to assess the situation, the woman is laid carefully onto the patients bed and was being ridden across a long wide pavement accompanied by three practitioners including the officer.

One of them seemed to have noticed the officer’s face to be familiar, “cliff, is that you?” asks one medic. The officer on the other hand seemed to have noticed his old school friend Nathan, they then proceed to shake each other’s hand with a firm grip, hugged one another and tapped each other’s shoulders.

“I can’t believe it’s you Nathan”, says the Officer. Now the movement along the corridor instantly came to an halt, the medical practitioners watched in amazement as the two fellows greeted one another roughly, they spoke and laughed out loud as if no one else was present. “How did you become a medic, you always performed poorly I remember, especially in math and chem.?” then Nathan replied, “how did you become a military police officer? You were always a coward, you could not hurt a fly, I remember there was a day you hid in the ceiling of the bathroom the whole day because you feared some bully boys would peck on you, now that I remember it too well” “I guess that’s another mystery” replied cliff then in unison laughed out loud, they spoke for another minute or two, standing at the corridor, when the officer’s wife shrieked out, “CLIIIIIF! THE BABY’S COMING,” she cried, another nurse who was passing by rebuked them upon witnessing this, she snatched the trolley bed from the practitioners hand and hurriedly pushed it into the maternity ward, the sluggish old men slowly strolled behind as if there was nothing to worry about, deep inside the ward the groaning lady was attended to by a pair of nurses, who quickly delivered the baby safely, the two fellows continued to discuss with one another at the narrow corridor of the ward, they discussed many things till late into the evening.




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