What do you see when you look at yourself in the mirror? Is it a positive or negative image?

What do you see when you look at yourself in the mirror? Is it a positive or negative image?



“My mirror has been a liar, it has always been lying to me and will continue doing the same. It has never said nor showed the truth about me, so I broke it & discarded the shattered pieces into a dustpan.

One day I came back home in the evening very tired. I was looking for something inspirational to lift my spirit. I stood upright to take a gaze at the mirror. Deeper and deeper my gaze went  blurry, I started seeing a distorted image of myself, I stopped, rubbed my eyes several times over to look more clearly. “Is that really me?” I said to myself, “do I look like that?” I murmured to myself.  “Is it mocking me? Why does it portray me in that manner?” With a giggle it murmurs back, “well that’s you who else is standing in front of the mirror?”

Such remarks filled me with so much rage that I could not stand there anymore. “Why do you distaste & hate me so much. I have never done anything wrong to you yet you bring all kinds of evil accusations against me, you call me names that fill my heart with bitterness and sorrow. When I move my face close towards you, you say what an ugly hair, when I smile you say what a yellow teeth? Do you keep flies in there? When I stand upright to look at my new three piece suit you say what a crooked posture, what a funny feet, funny looking ears, red eyes as if you wash your face with hibiscus juice, funny nose…. And the thread of condemnation goes on and on.

Do you think I need your approval on how I should be looking like? You have never said anything good about me and your negative remarks have cost me too much of my self-esteem already. It is high time that I should break you into pieces and have you thrown away, no one will ever adore you as you once have been, smiled at, cleaned cautiously, people did funny things in your presence asking for your advice on their dress code and you seemed to enjoy it all. Those intimate moments are no more between me and you.

You say terrible things about how I look from the outside, but you have never known me from the inside. I may look amusing to you from the surface but deep inside I am a different parson. After mocking someone you demand they do something about it or else they become worse. Many go out and end up causing harm unto themselves, because of your ill tongue.

Now let me tell you something my little shiny friend. Looks are of little or no use to me, I have more important things to attend to so if you don’t tell me what I want to hear and keep pestering me with your ugly talk, you will suffer for it, I tell you mafriend you will surely regret it. Don’t say you were not warned.

What makes you think you are a better looking fellow than me, a figureless  board with a flat face, no head, no statue, no arms, no nothing, if you don’t talk to me nicely you will never have a place in my house. Next time you show me that face again I am going to break you, really bad, understand?

I know what I look like, I don’t need a mirror to show me what I should be.

When I was perfectly fine, you called me talking-bones, then following your ill remarks, I went out nearly eating myself to death, when I now looked like what was okay to you, you called me an indolent pumpkin. What shall I do now? What do you expect me to do?”

When he’s finally angry with his mirror, he lifts a hammer & breaks it. “now you will longer say anything wicked about me. Now you will never mock my looks, and I can sit and relax in peace.” All mirrors in the house he broke, “I know what I look like, and there is nothing you can tell me about it.”




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