We face Information overload and bombardment on a daily basis

We face Information overload and bombardment on a daily basis



I imagined myself back in my cottage in the country side sitting by the fireplace. Taking a warm coffee, with only some few old books around and a tattered newspaper, with no much electronics to entertain you, the place was very quiet and also very happy.

In the city you find yourself bombarded by information from every direction.

It’s just that when you start searching the web, you are bombarded with so much information that you don’t know which ones to take in and which ones to leave out. Take for instance an office worker searches the web to look for potential markets for their company’s goods. The search results brings in lots of extra information of which he had no clues of, things that never crossed his mind. The extra results appear somehow exciting and therefore decides to check them out by clicking through, there is lots of interesting splash screen promotions too. He continually searches hours on till he forgets what he was supposed to be doing.

He had gone online to send a business e-mail, then slowly turns his attention to his personal inbox, then wanted to chat with some friends for a little while, now he has been on the web for more than eight hours and still hasn’t found what he was searching for.

Internet addicts have something special in mind they have been looking for which even if you give them a hundred years they still won’t be able to find it.

The web opens a new world of opportunities but also a new world of distraction.

 Internet does give a great bulk of resource on nearly every aspect of a human being, but there is a lot more of things you still won’t find on the internet, it cannot teach you everything about life the way your conscience would do.

Information overload is one of the key challenges technology brings forth.

The internet has indeed become a necessity and has changed the way we work, interact, learn etc. The internet has clenched hard into our lives like nut and bolt. 




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