We came across a fake minister of the word on the streets of Vegas city.

We came across a fake minister of the word on the streets of Vegas city.



Here are the words of the false prophet we found preaching on the streets of Vegas, the homeless man was considerably old, he appears to be in his mid-sixties, his clothes were charred & poor, he begged from street to street asking for help from passers-by, some people pitied him and threw him a few coins while others paid him no attention, when a day passes by without getting anything he begins to preach, claiming himself to be a prophet,

“Oh my children, get out of Vegas

Pleads the lord, because very soon I am going to punish the city

And its inhabitants,

The earth will swallow Vegas,

There will be no survivors left in the city,

And those few that remain shall get another tragedy,

The entire Nevada will be covered by snow for ten months,

First there shall be a great earthquake, then fire shall rain down from heaven,

When it’s over tornadoes shall come, tropical storms carrying flood waters deep inland,

Every living creature that breathes there will freeze,”

The fate of Vegas is in peril,

Her time is at hand,

Let those that do not believe me stay,

Let them continue to play cards and throw dice while the rocks underneath them crumble

Every of my precious little children should gather their belongings and flee to the Rocky Mountains

The beautiful city of Vegas will become a ghost city for ever.”

“How did you know that he is a false prophet?” Some of my peers asked,

 “You just look at him and you can tell difference between an apple and an orange,

His clothing is very poor, true prophets don’t dress like this,” I said to him.

 I have never found such an interesting information, so false and yet so convincing that people took their time to listen, they stood by in their numbers, the guy had used this method as a way of attracting attention and also got his daily bread through this witty procedure.

There are numerous reports that modern day churches only serve the purpose of making money, and not soul saving missions as it is supposed to be.

If in any case there are fake ministers in our congregation, then that does not stop me from attending church services, I would go there and do my own prayers, those people with their divisive and judgmental doctrines  once filled me with so much bitterness that I stopped attending church for a long time, I then decided to reserve my thoughts to myself.

Religious fallacy is the fallacy of the highest degree.




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