We are all soon going to live in an extremely toxic, Polluted, dirty & dangerous World

We are all soon going to live in an extremely toxic, Polluted, dirty & dangerous World


Man still continues to defile the earth, his children defecate on the lakeside and spray urine into the rivers, the birds and amphibians get out of the waters coughing and sneezing painfully, they are tired of this stench.

Mother Nature groans in agony since her lungs are filled with toxic black smoke that goes up from the chimneys day in day out.


a Smoking Planet.

Industrialization seems to be the only hope of achieving a quick economic success, a time soon is coming when every nation on earth shall be highly industrialized. Factory floors stretching miles upon miles, every adult human shall own an automobile.

It is the life, the good life you know? When authorities shall encourage public transport and discourage use of private cars, such that acquiring an automobile would not be so expensive, getting one would cost you an arm and a leg. All that for the mere aim of improving the economy.

What would the world look like when everyone owns an automobile? One hundred trillion people, each one with a car of his/her own, all running on diesel engines, another one for the baby kid too, every school going child with a scooter. The whole world is going to be industrialized, toxic black smoke will ascend from every corner of the hemisphere daily.

I now understand what development is all about, it’s about destroying the planet,  grab as much as you can, tear away and run off as far as you can go but never mind what’s happening with the results in the near future.

Humans don’t know they are cooking themselves in an oven, they wanted to warm themselves in the cold weather, then went into large cylindrical casing and lit fire right underneath them, and they wanted to be in something that is tightly enclosed so that no shred of heat would escape. They lit a fire underneath and added firewood to warm themselves, they look again when they think there isn’t enough fuel they add more firewood, when the room temperature gets warmer and warmer, they ask themselves what’s happening? Then they add more firewood.

Unless the so called “electric cars” are cheaper, faster, better quality than the diesel drinkers, they have no place in the market, the transition should just be smooth and straightforward, it is the only way you can kill those old rusty diesel drinkers and send them early to the museums.

It’s hard for people to clean the environment if it costs them a fortune, if environmental clean-up was a way to earn a living or make some cash, the streets would literary be cleaning themselves, each morning you wake up you would find them sparkling clean. If only we can reverse the process of contamination then we can have super clean cities,

The soil is so polluted that whenever you sow a seed, the ground immediately spits it out., and it would refuse to grow anything supplanted by humans. Let us sit back and watch the soil decay, since the scale of daily damage is so huge, there is nothing much that can be done about it, our efforts are like a prick of a needle.




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