Very Important News.

Very Important News.





Jimmy taught me a very intriguing dialogue, it goes like this…

When someone tells me there is important news you need to watch please come quickly or else you will miss it all. Then I would ask, “How important is it? How significant do you think? Is there a tornado heading towards the direction of my home? No” he’d say, I’d ask again, “is there a serial killer on the loose in my neighbourhood?” He replies again no, I persistently ask again, “do we have a new president of the united states?” He stubbornly says No once again. I finally ask another, let me ask you one last time please “is my house on fire?” If all your replies were No, then I do not think there is any important news to glimpse over in the first place, all questions I asked you were important and you replied no to all of them, which means everything else could just be noise, all noise, if he insists that I really need to watch the news, I tell him I have a very busy schedule for now, so busy I do not have a minute to spare for any other event”. When there is important news, you don’t need struggle search it out, because everyone else in the estate will be talking about it, you will hear people discussing it in the neighbourhoods, at the basement, at carparks, at the restaurants, literary everywhere, so no need to waste time gazing onto a pixeled screen.




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