Ugly talk ruins others’ morale as well as One’s own self-esteem

Ugly talk ruins others’ morale as well as One’s own self-esteem




Everyone knows something negative about others, the fools quickly blurt out everything they see and hear, and the wise keep it silent and only get to mention it when it’s absolutely necessary. They give only positive criticism.

You can say something negative about the way I act, but have no right to speak ill of the way I look. You are no better creature than I am. I know there are a thousand ugly things you are capable of saying, just hold on a bit, I am not willing to hear from you

Those who try to ruin the image of others and fail become the filth they portray others to be, if they fail to convince those fellows then mud will definitely turn against them. They become the ugly thing they see in others.

If they were really concerned about you, they would be asking about your health, your welfare, not your looks. I began to avoid other people due to the fear that they might say something ill about my appearance.

People will only be open about their private lives only when they get the assurance that they will be accepted just the way they are, they won’t let others know too much of them especially those they  know very little to nothing about.

Negative statements really wound, especially after you have worked very hard to gain others’ approval, they stick to the bone. If a hundred people commented about your looks, ninety spoke positively and ten spoke negatively, you will continue to remember the ten negative remarks and easily forget the ninety positive ones. An ill statement from one person in ten can make you hate all the people that gave remarks including those nine who gave positive remarks.

Even though there are many good things other people said, there is still that gross statement said by someone that continues to linger in the mind, you can almost hear it over and over again at the back of your head, it seems never to go away.

“Do they speak ill of me so that I can recognize my worthlessness (as they put it) then praise them afterwards? Oh come on, be reasonable for a moment, don’t they know that people can only say good things about you after you have said good things about them?

If the replies are those that make him feel worthless, a great burden to the community, he would rather spend his entire life in a cave than hang around public places with all those names thrown at him.

If you want me to honor you then please say something wrong with my actions, not about what I look like.




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