Trying Very hard to leave behind a life of crime

Trying Very hard to leave behind a life of crime





A renowned journalist went to visit a former inmate who was released on suspicious grounds; the journalist passes him a warm greetings, then proceeds with the interrogation, “how many weeks have you been here in your estate since your release?” “ About five weeks,” he answers back, “please don’t ask me questions about Mr. Malone, if you may agree, I don’t work for that hamburger man anymore , besides that I am a changed man”,  says the former inmate. “Do you think your neighborhood will be safe when you are out? You may claim yourself as a changed man”, says the journalists, “but looking at the records here, they say otherwise, they say you are responsible for ….” 

“STOP that!” barks the former inmate, cutting her off, did you come here to torment me with my past life?, why are you people so obsessed with records, records, records and more records are the words you torture me with, I try to live in peace and you people drag yourselves here to bring me back bad memories, and cause me sleepless nights, you think you are a better person than I am? Have you gone through the circumstances that I had to endure so that you should be talking to me like this? The very sight of you is a sign of bad omen to my future days; do you want to take away my hope? You bloody fool…”

Upon realizing things were getting heated up, her fellow reporters advised her to leave at once, she was escorted outside to the gate, out from the angry man’s estate. “Never again should you ever approach a former inmate in that manner”, they said to her,




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