Top Countries with disproportionate Gender Ratios in their Populations

Top Countries with disproportionate Gender Ratios in their Populations

What are some of the countries with disproportionate ratios of men to women? We do expect that anywhere in the world, the proportions of males with females to be the usual fifty-fifty, well the average global ratio of women to men is fifty one percent, that means that women are slightly more than the number of men in the world. That’s probably because a lot of men die prematurely. Boys are known to like engaging in very dangerous risky behavior that should be avoided at all costs, men are the ones who usually do the hard dangerous jobs like working in the mines hundreds of feet underground, fixing electric power lines, logging and serving their countries in the frontlines in times of conflicts, they also act as security guards protecting your families from dangerous criminals while you and your family sleeps. So naturally you would expect women to live longer than men because most of the time women always spend their times living in the comforts of their homes. The data is usually varies such than on average the women are between one to two percent more than men. But there are countries where the population proportion of the genders varies so much that it raises so much eyebrows. Let us mentions just a few of those nations.

  1. Russia.

This is a country that has gone through so many upheavals in the last few decades, the killing of the tsar Nicholas 1 by the Bolsheviks in the early 20th century did cast a dark shadow on the country for the decades that followed. The great calamity of Stalin’s purges killed millions of Russians which was then followed by Hitler’s invasion of Russian Soil that took the lives of millions of Russian Men, Russia Won World war two with very few men to celebrate at the victory parades on the red square. After the Great Global conflict then came the troubles of the soviet empire. The soviet Union had grown so large and so complex that it was becoming very difficult to manage, there were rebellions here and there in the satellite states which drained Moscow’s resources, then the cold war with the United States and its western allies forced the USSR t devout a huge chunk of its wealth on defense budget, hundreds of billions of dollars’ worth of rubbles were spent on building weapons of mass destruction, that were planned to be used in case a war broke out with the united states, this military and intelligence spending left a huge gap in the soviet’s other industries like agriculture and manufacturing, millions of people lost their jobs, a lot of men could no-longer support their families, and because of the iron curtain between the east and the West, they could not move to other countries to look for jobs, the stresses brought about by unemployment, food shortages and invasive state surveillance on citizens all conspired to destroy the Russian man, he had no other hobbies left to cheer him up, so he is forced by the conditions in his environment to resort into consuming liquor. There is no other drink that is to blame for the disappearance of Russian men other than Vodka; it’s a toxic complex of chemicals that is sweet in the tongue but cuts up your entrails like a knife when consumed in bulk. Vodka is the terrifying grim reaper that has paid a visit to millions of Russian homes. The government is now realizing the source of the problem and is putting measures in place to ensure that this horrible monster does not claim more lives, the government is putting a lot of restrictions on the sale of alcoholic drinks on all Russian territories at the moment, it is something that is a good start for the community. There needs no reason for poor people to suffer greatly over a substance that can be controlled.

  1. China

Another interesting nation to examine at the moment now is china, the most populous nation on earth, it has a fifth of the total world’s population, both china and India each have a fifth of the world’s population, since India is the second most populous country in the world, it doesn’t have population control measures, its coming in fast from behind china and will soon become the number one. The one child Policy was introduced in china during the Cultural Revolution to control the growth of population because it was harder for the government to provide for its citizens enough food to eat. The communist party introduced these measures as they saw it a fit way to help manage the country’s resources. There have been episodes in Chinese revolutionary history where famines claimed the lives of tens of millions, such a disaster is something that is quiet difficult to forget at all. The stories of desperations and the great suffering of the Chinese people keep ringing in the ears of the CCP over and over again. Several decades later, the planned appear to have had adverse consequences, Traditional Chinese preferred Boy child’s over girls, so whenever an ultrasound image would show that a girl is on the way, they would quickly abort. Tens of millions of children were sadly killed this way, because of the preference of the boy child. A generation later the impacts are clearly visible. The young men now outnumber women by a third, well that is a very big ratio that is bound to have very grave socioeconomic consequences. It’s not an uncommon scene to see five men fighting over a single girl in the streets of Chinese cities; parents now give their children very special care and attention because they are very rare breed. Young men in china today want to marry but there are no women to marry them. So they resort to looking for wives and partners overseas, Chinese men go to look for wives in south east Asian countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, the Philippine’s and so many other places. Chinese girls are now treated like princesses.






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