Too much witness manipulation goes on daily in our law courts

Too much witness manipulation goes on daily in our law courts




A witness appeared before a high court judge to give account of what she saw at the crime scene, she hoped she would be able to help the victim in whatever way she could.

“What time did you say you were at the house?” asked the defendant’s lawyer. “In the evening when nightfall was coming in,” said the witness,

LAWYER: Around what time was that?

WITNESS: After seven,

LAWYER: After seven o’clock in the evening you say?


LAWYER: Would you please be specific madam about how many minutes were on the clock after seven,

WITNESS: I don’t know sire, what I know is that I was at the house by seven, and maybe seven thirty.

LAWYER: Another witness here proves that you only got to show up at the house at seven fifty five, that’s almost eight, so you arrived at the house a few minutes to eight, that’s almost night time my dear, you are saying here that you were at the house by seven o’clock in the evening, do you see another paid witness your honor? I am sorry my dear but I have already proven that you are a false witness.

WITNESS: All right then whatever time it was, you have your say, you can give your accurate time even to the least number of seconds, what I do know is that when I was at the house it was dark, that’s all, please get me out of here…

LAWYER: You are going nowhere yet my dear, you have got a few more questions to answer…

The young witness wished she had never appeared in the trial, she was just trying to help, she felt sorry for the victims and wanted the offender to be discovered as soon as possible, now she found herself caught in a net.

We see witness manipulation in court rooms on a daily basis by some members of the law firms. Your highness you may be doing them more harm than good.




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