Too Much Thinking Can be counterproductive to your work

Too Much Thinking Can be counterproductive to your work

The live wires go out in the fields to get work done, whereas the perfectionists sit behind to make plans. Jason made me believe there is some logic behind every player who does brilliantly in the fields, they do that without thinking. At times you should act before thinking, do something quick, and then wonder about it later after the game, footballers always say this after the match is over, “what is it that I have done, man was it really me making those brilliant shots?”

There are careers that are physically demanding such as sports and athletics of which no much thinking is needed, in fact too much thinking in the game could be more of a hindrance than a gateway, let the muscles think and act on their own. When athletes are asked what is in their minds when they do such brilliant moves, they always answer, “I just felt that something urgent needed to be done, and I did it, I am sorry to tell you that I don’t know what to say about this, it’s just that there’s nothing there to explain, you just go out there and get things done.”

The live wires go out there to get things done while the coaches remain behind to do the planning and heavy thinking. This is probably why many of them  appear dissatisfied and disappointed in the playing field, they are always deeply absorbed in their experimentation, minimum points needed etc.





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