Together lets put an end to procrastination the thief of time.

Together lets put an end to procrastination the thief of time.




I asked a prominent lecturer at a prestigious University to help me fight procrastination. He agreed to do so. He planned to begin right away at first, but in the proceeding days he kept asking me to come over & over again every time I visited his office.

I could not believe that Doctor Malik an assistant professor in social psychology & award winning researcher in the field of mental behaviour also had the same problem

I heard people say things such as, “he likes teaching people how to overcome procrastination” but he still couldn’t find a way to help me out that easily, he kept pushing days forward.

Please come two hours later, there are more important things I have to attend to now, tomorrow, next day, week, month…

Till now, that job has never been completed, one day I rang him early in the morning and said this to him, “Are you not procrastinating my appointment when you keep pushing it back?”

Here somebody who was supposed to help me overcome procrastination is struggling to keep his appointment.

Procrastination is the thief of time, when you want things done In the future so as to be finished properly you end up getting nothing done in the first place

An individual who says to himself, “from now on, blah blah blah…” may be tempted to look too far into the future and risk  a heart-breaking discouragement and failure, when a more composed person whose focus is majoring their current chosen field, even though it takes a little longer than they had thought, but they finish it anyway.

The reason that you can’t actually get them done on time the things you planned long ago is due to the fact that you made it a responsibility too big that is to be paid full attention to. For an efficient workout it is not wise to make it the biggest thing of the day’s activities, instead reduce it to a lesser value that can be substituted with something else.




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