Those Who hate others hated themselves first

Those Who hate others hated themselves first



Remember that you are not the only victims of mistreatment from them, what they have done to you they have done it to others also, the way they have offended you is the way they have offend others on a regular basis, people are getting tired of them, soon they will lose a foothold in the society, for they won’t be able to relate with anyone well.

When a person harbors negative perceptions about others for a very long time not only are their thoughts affected but also their actions, the way they relate to others changes, they begin to treat them like animals and other beasts of burden, then slowly they begin to act cruelly towards them, and in the process their actions change them completely, they become the ugly thing they see/perceive in others.

Those who hate others because of their physical appearances hated themselves first before going to others, the displeasure they see in others is a replica of their own internal distaste, they make themselves look fine and confident outside while deep inside they are filled with emptiness, what they say to others is what they think about themselves. They do and say everything under the sun in an attempt to drag everyone else around them into the same kinds of feelings of self-worthlessness they have for themselves, people who have self-esteem often encourage others to be so.




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