There is no denying the fact that in everything you do you will likely face obstacles at every turn

There is no denying the fact that in everything you do you will likely face obstacles at every turn





There are times when we feel vulnerable to the traps laid in our paths, but that doesn’t  mean the end of journey for each one of us, when a baby is born, simply because they look tiny and vulnerable doesn’t mean they will never make it into adulthood in life, or grow into an old ripe age.

If only people retained the hope and enthusiasm they had envisioned at the beginning, then their dream could not be far from reality, many people start out enthusiastically but when they feel they are being drawn too deep into the project and the responsibility proving too demanding, they quickly withdraw & eventually quit. They easily give up.

Most often, people think that there is one thing stopping them from achieving their ultimate dreams when in reality there are several of them, they look at it as if it is the one and only, as it may appear, if that hurdle is surpassed then believe they will be out of trouble, the truth is that dozens of barriers charge at us all at once, however you can grab them by the horns and deal with them one after another, it doesn’t matter which one you begin with. We have to believe we need to eliminate that one thing as soon as possible so that we can attend to the others in due time.

People who have long term goals are less likely to be affected by current problems they face, they simply jump over problems like hurdles in a race and those without plans are the ones that always get disappointed, their eyes stuck to the floor, crying over spilled milk, then tomorrow finds them just the way they are. It catches them unprepared, then they blame their companions for not letting them think clearly.

Should you find your way blocked by multiple obstacles, calm down and try to imagine nothing else existed inside your head except the target only, if only after you do that will the obstacles become less obstructive & less obscuring.

There is no need to wear yourself out with too much caution now since you are a simple starter, anything is worth testing, we are not certain what might work for us and all the crew members need to consider this first before jumping into any plan, they don’t know what is laid ahead.

There are always bigger obstacles ahead, when done with one hurdle, greater challenges quickly present themselves. If we were to easily be given everything we wish or ask for, then life would lose its meaning, it’s no longer fun when you have all you want.

Only failures prevent others from succeeding, they want others to continue to fail, just the same way they themselves are. There is an old saying that those who block the way into promised land for others or discourage them from entering means that they themselves do not enter.

An ill remark that discourages you from proceeding with your project is like seeing your new clothing getting splashed with dirty water by a careless driver after walking out of the house to attend a special ceremony. If people write you messages saying your work is amateurish, flimsy, then this is your time to protest back, everyone needs time to grow it’s like claiming to be born full grown, were they born as adults?

Don’t quit because of discouragement, remember the brighter the future appears to be the darker the reality is likely going to be, remember only after a very dark night that dawn comes forth.

When you shall finally look back at the past of your journey, you shall get to say, “Well it was worth it.” All the pains and sufferings vanish away.




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