There is always room for more ideas

There is always room for more ideas





There is nothing new under the lampshade, as it is said, you can only write what you have read, and speak only what you have heard before, everything seems to be a mix,  new languages arise from old ones. Some are a blend of two or more of other languages.

When someone asks you, where do these so called Authors including you get their ideas of what to write from? Their minds never seem to run out of ideas to put into these little piece of paper. Then you should say this to them, “The clouds never run out of rain, they pour down billions of tons of water on dry earth each day but they never seem to dry out, they will never run out of water. The oceans will never be full even when all rivers flaw into them, water from springs, streams and rivers flows into them (the oceans) but they will never be full.”

In reference to these examples we mean that ideas, resources shall never be fully drained or completely exploited, readers will always have room for new books in their libraries, and even if they have tons of titles on their shelves there could be room for new insights which will always remain welcome. Creative thinkers will never run out of ideas nor stories to tell.




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