There are Disturbing Similarities between Haitian and Burkina Faso Presidential deaths

There are Disturbing Similarities between Haitian and Burkina Faso Presidential deaths

There are striking similarities between the assassinations of the Presidents of these countries. First of all I send my condolences to the beautiful people of Haiti. There is talk in the Streets of PortauPrince that the recent assassination of their beloved leader has something to do with one of their old villains. Critiques argue that no one can pull off such a brave stunt without outside support or promise of protection from a rich and powerful friend. Jovenel Moïse of Haiti  and Thomas Sankara of Burkina Faso have a lot in common, both of these leaders were relatively young with plenty of revolutionary ideas that would change their nations for the better. Both of these countries are former colonies of France an old European Power with history of great brutality against her subjects.

Some of the People in the country are already pointing fingers at foreign powers working behind the scenes to sow seeds of dissent and instability, Though information is coming out each day and there is still much more evidence that needs to be gathered, The Number One Suspect perceived to have issued the order is none other than Paris. Based on the country’s history with its former colonies, France takes the number One Position on the suspects list. A short while ago France was accused by the Italian Deputy Prime Minister Luigi di Maio of being responsible for the Migrant Crisis in the Mediterranean that affected many European countries and one of them being Italy. Di Maio accused France of conducting abhorrent policies in Africa that greatly impoverish many of those countries, the extreme poverty and political instability then in turn forces tens of thousands to risk their lives crossing the Mediterranean in the hopes  for a better life in Europe.

The migrant crisis is still a problem today thanks to the decades long malicious actions of some European countries like France. Many African Countries that are former colonies of France  are worse off in terms of economic development when compared to those that are former colonies of other European nations such as Britain, Germany and Portugal. There is a saying in West Africa that Napoleon Bonaparte never really died, that his ghost continue to haunt the citizens of many countries in the world today, he continues to torment millions especially in Africa, bringing endless stream of death and destruction.

France is referred to many as the little nasty lady that stubbornly refuses to leave her former slaves alone, she continues to maintain, social, economic and political supremacy over her former slaves even many years after she has set them free. France Officially left Africa decades ago but is somewhat still there covertly. We all know of the Centuries long reparations that France forced Haiti to Pay them,  demands that pushed the country into abject poverty, she did everything she could internationally to ensure that that Haitian People never prospered in any way, Many African countries today that want to see France gone for good from their countries are in for a long wait, a great shock shall come upon them when they learn of the Haitian Story with Paris, in some of these countries France still controls a huge chunk of their economies, most of the biggest industries in these countries from Large scale agriculture, manufacturing and retail are still owned by French Companies.

Even the currency itself is not spared, they are still using an old colonial currency that was  being used long before world war 2. the interest rates of these economies are set in Paris not in the central banks of those countries. Therefore giving Paris absolute control on almost all the major economic activities of its former colonies in West Africa. There are unverified claims that whenever investors pay a visit to any of those countries to build big projects, their governments must always seek approval from the French ministry of economy in Paris, without his/her approval no major economic project ever kicks off.

There are a zillions of accusations that have been brought up against Paris by countless multitudes of People from all over the world, we are not going to cover them here. Its gonna take a million pages to cover all of them, so lets keep it for another day, anyone who has the time can do their own research and enlighten themselves on this particular subject. We are together with the People of Haiti in these times of Trouble! RIP Monsieur Jovenel  



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