The wonderful and life changing experience of meeting your favorite novelist and getting him to sign an autograph on your printed copy

The wonderful and life changing experience of meeting your favorite novelist and getting him to sign an autograph on your printed copy




Once a young lady decided to go on a journey to see her favourite author, she had been reading his books for many years and now she decided it’s time to meet him. She boarded a train to port Klein’s a small town downhill, on arrival she went to the station’s waiting room where she had expected to meet him.

As she walked along the corridor, an elderly man crept towards her from her left side. “Hello young lady” he says, “are you the one I’ve been expecting?” “Where is Sir Charles Supamatt?” she asks, “oh! He’s standing right next to you in fact he’s the one speaking to you,” says the old man, with a broad smile on his face. Mr Supamatt has only one tooth in the front part of his lower jaw, despite this he continually smiled happily, this shocks the girl so much that she draws herself back in astonishment with her hands covering her mouth, more shockingly the old man laughs out loud producing sharp piercing sounds similar to those made by bats in the cold of the night, she couldn’t shake the hand extended to her. “sorry sir for overreacting this way, I just remembered there’s something I’ve forgotten at the terminal, let me go check it out, I will be back in a minute,” with that excuse she eludes the old man and quickly ran off, boarded the train and went back home.

“I didn’t know Sire Supamatt had only one tooth,” she sobs with her hands on her cheeks and elbows propped to her lap, “I didn’t know, I thought he was a handsome young man, that moment I almost screamed myself to shame. In front of a very potent author.” For days and weeks on afterwards she could recall the events of that shocking day of her life.

“For that clear reason,” says Sir Charles Supamatt, “now I could never allow a reader to see me especially if she is a lady, even if they insist, I would tell her, “I am sorry madam, I know you like my novels, but I will not let you look at me, I was milking my cows one day when I accidentally pinched it too hard, it hit my jaws with one of its hooves and knocked out all my teeth, now I have got no teeth, how are we going to be able to laugh together at the café if I have got no teeth?” I was walking my racehorse down the valley one afternoon when a hawk appeared out of nowhere and scratched one of my eyes out, how are you going to be able to look at me when I have got a part of my face covered with a patch like that of a pirate?

I am sorry madam I would not let you look at me, if I let you, your screams of shock from disbelief will send me into hiding, I will not risk the shame of it.

You should know that there is nothing physically attractive about me that you would desire,” said the equally stunned author, “but contrary to that, you know that  I like all my readers very much, if there is something you wanted to say, please tell me now, before I leave.”

Oh did you really love my books? Why are you acting this way, or maybe you were just faking all those gestures, all those kind words you said to me, were all faked.




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