The unreliability of electronic Gadgets

The unreliability of electronic Gadgets




The problem of electronics.

It seems that electronics are plagued with so many problems, other than a lack of power due to fast power drainage, faulty batteries, they are prone to breakups, the screen could be easily smashed on a rough surface or when it falls to the ground.

They are also very prone to theft, People very often steal cool electronic gadgets. I rarely hear of a professional thief who was caught stealing books from a bookstore or a regular mail stolen on its transit route.

E-devices can be easily misplaced, when I am travelling I often forget my e-device in a bus so many times that I have decided not to carry it with me when on a long journey,

E-content is prone to attack by malicious programs that can tample with your entire applications. Everything inside that device lives at the mercy of the gadget, its safety, endurance, reliability etc. you find yourself re-downloading your software, apps and books over and over again, a million times.

Health and safety of e-books is constantly at the mercy of the electronic device on which it’s being stored. 

Electronics are also rather troublesome, when you want to write fast, really fast, you will need a reliable source tools, that’s pen and paper.

brittle electronics

How can a program or software be reliable if the hardware components & electronic device upon which they are stored is brittle as glass, such an unreliable tool, when someone loses their electronic device they weep bitterly, not because of the monetary value of the scrap but the energy, time and resources spent on keying in valuable data, many months. Years’ worth of work vanishes in just a second, it snaps away “TAP!” just like that and you will never study from it again. No wonder why many elderly people prefer to keep information on a diary than to store contacts on their electronic devices, a phone-book or directory may become old and dusty, dog eared, tattered pages, punch holes through the sheets of paper but it’s much more reliable for safety of your contacts than a shining brand new high definition device. 




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