The unbearable pain of being dumped by your lover, when a man is completely broken and left to lament all day and night, he begins to cast blame on the wrong people and the wrong things

The unbearable pain of being dumped by your lover, when a man is completely broken and left to lament all day and night, he begins to cast blame on the wrong people and the wrong things




My Sweet little Birdie left me because she felt neglected, “I did not take good care of her,” that’s what she said. Now I sit here all alone with no one to talk to.

She left me saying that I was a beast, that I was too fierce, too ugly, too threatening to make an intimate companion, but when she left for good, she went from place to place and was kissed by frogs. Wasn’t I better than the countless frogs that mauled my princess & queen with their disgusting kisses? I at least was better because I was strong enough to protect her from all kinds of danger. It is not fair for man to be alone, he needs a companion, so that they can stay worm in the winter.

I lost the warmth of my life because of that, ugly witch, if I were the butcher of Bogitta, I would then send my guards to warn her to stop spreading her venom, if she doesn’t, then I will cut her tongue out, with my chainsaw I shall slash it off, so that she does not bring misery to more families.

If people would understand the misery I am in right now, then they’ll know I have good reason for my rude laments, so nobody should try to accuse me of speaking evil.

Everyone knows her, she’s the woman that wears a leather jacket and puts on a silver crown, and her full name is Harriet Hornbill the Defiler, because she has poisoned the minds of many young women with her dangerous doctrine, including my sweet little Birdie who left me in the middle of winter. She was walking on her way back home one evening when the witch beckoned her, she lured her into her awful shack where she did all the damage she could, she whispered doubt and corruption into her ears, “Why are you wasting your time with that poor hairy lumberjack in the woods when you can have a better life here with me in the city palaces? Come!” she said to her, “I will teach you how to get many riches, stop living like a church mouse, I will also show you how to strike fear into the hearts of kings, to make them do what you command them and even sit on their thrones,” she added, .”come my child,” she lured her deeper and deeper into her awful shack, then prepared a  concoction of some boiled bat skins and fish gills then told her to look inside, “get closer my child, look inside, and open your eyes, this is how your future will be only if you follow every single instruction I give you.” From there most women who visit her never come back.

Long ago she used to live in a small town far away, when she left that residence the whole place turned into a ghost town. Some say she had invited the whole community for a great feast, while she secretly prepared a portion. When the party goers had eaten and drank their fill she secretly added drops of portion into their foods and drinks. Everyone who went to that banquet never returned, except for the beggar who did not eat anything, he carried all the food he could find to his makeshift to eat at a later time. When he returned for more that night, he found everyone laying down dead, and the banquet owner was nowhere to be seen, he dropped his possessions in shock and ran off to call for help.

Rumours of her lethal potions spread to the entire towns, an investigation is launched, but when the authorities arrive at her supposed residence, there is no one living there, the house is found empty, grown with tall grass and walls covered with moulds and fungi. It looked like it has been five centuries since anyone entered that house. When people went to find where her alleged charms lay, they only found stones in their place overgrown with weeds. Such an experience was beyond their comprehension, when pressured to talk, the accusers claim that they have not been away for twenty four hours yet the place had changed so much. “Are you sure there was a party here last night?” the police jeered them. “can’t you see the poor man is out of his mind,” they left them standing there and went back to their posts.” in later days and weeks reports kept coming in about missing family members but no one could explain where they have gone to. There are some who remember the homestead was once an active place, but could not prove it.

That same woman is still the one roaming our neighbourhoods to this day, how can she claim to have divine insight about family affairs while she herself destroyed her entire family in just one night by casting a spell on them?

In my solitude, old friends come to visit me, they try to encourage me to stop grieving, “a man is supposed to be strong, don’t humiliate yourself by crying in the public”, they say to me. “If she had made up her mind then there is nothing you could have done about it. Just let go.” I accept their counsel for a moment, but as soon as they are gone I go into my cabin, cover my head with pillows and continue to wail loudly, “WHERE IS MY BIRDIE! Where are you my sweet fragrance, how could you leave me without notice? I thought I was the happiest man in the world, only now do I realise I was living in a dream.

I can’t take it anymore, it’s just that they don’t understand (Sobs! Sobs!)

I would rather quench my burning heart with tears than to suffer in silence. Isn’t talking about a problem better than keeping it silent?

Since she is a powerful relic it becomes much harder to defeat her. She had everything she needed, except the heart to keep her content. She thought she was trying to help, but ended up tearing families into pieces, she is not aware that her tongue is causing more harm than good. She ridiculed women that were better off than herself.

This woman she lures young girls out of their homes by charm. She sings irresistible songs with a harp, calls them out, “come quickly with me…”

She turned many of them wild, they all ran into the woods, she deceives them saying, “I will give you power that is beyond your imagination only if you do what I tell you.” She uses their weaknesses against them, some of the few that returned were untameable, scared of people and isolated themselves from the community. There in the woods she performed rituals and taught them to do the same when they returned to their homes, but only in privacy and no one should see them do so. She managed to sow seeds of rebellion in their hearts.

Friends and relatives, many people who knew them before came to see them and were shocked on first sight. Elderly people came, stopped by with their walking sticks, in their disbelief they ask, “What has happened to these children.”

A witch on the loose took away the pride and joy of my heart, now I am like an empty vessel. That witch! She managed to turn my sweetheart against me and left my house in a pile of ruins. We will send a forever knight there to tear down her shrine, so that no-one else would ever go there.




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