The Rise of evil Scientists

The Rise of evil Scientists




Those medics that secretly did disgusting experiments to our wives when we were away, as a result they lost their babies and almost their own lives, what glory is there in performing such cultic acts on others? they have become very proficient in performing acts of the heathen, vile things that are shocking beyond belief, if only I knew what your intentions were, I would not have let you into my house, I would not have let you touch my beauty queen with your filthy hands, now you have left her with excruciating pain, and endless suffering, yet you take no responsibility for your actions. Don’t you have ethics in your lab? At least have a limit to the level of your experiments.

Evil scientists are on the prowl, for every ten brilliant scientists that make a remarkable achievement one among them eventually turns evil.

The more freedom, approval and cheers that is given to them, the more daring they become in their experiments, their motives grow bolder with each successful experiment.

Most of the problems associated with science begin in these so called highly developed nations, in cities that are filled with high tech gadgets and people with lofty social statuses before spreading to other parts of the world.  While those labelled as primitive societies often live in harmony with their environment, they are friendly to their surroundings. “They say we are smart, we have the best tech, and we have a thousand geniuses among us.”

We may be quick to cast blame on merchants who have profited from their experiments, but the true source of the problem is much deeper, it is science itself, this so called source of enlightenment and age of reason drive some of the once cautious researchers into wild fanatics, others learn to control it but there are those who fall slave to its luring power, each person is eager to try something new.

Some of those evil scientist were once bright students in schools who were showered with praise day in day out, they were continually reminded of how brilliant they were and the greatness that awaits them. They were spoilt more than all other students. Better are students who are dump and bring grief to their teachers and parents due to their poor academic performance but are careful not to handle dangerous things, than students who were once bright and in their pride stubbornly embark on experiments that may bring the world to a premature end.

For one to be classified as an evil or dangerous scientist to the society, you must have lots of cash in your bank account to fund your projects, you are driven by this mad desire to acquire some forbidden knowledge or skill.

They are not driven by not lack of faith in the holy things but rather fear of the almighty, “when you mention words such as God, it terrifies them incredibly, they run and hide themselves behind their lab tables saying, “Please do not utter such words anymore, your voice will make my apparatus shatter.” Early scientist were religious and did scientific experiments only in their spare time, but for modern day scientists, many are either heathen or adore science itself as a god.

Intellectual Freedom

Once there was a little boy with a brilliant idea. At the back of their farm, rats were a serious problem, so he invented a way in which they can be eliminated completely, so invents a spray tank that injects a cloud of toxic fumes into their holes, the rats died instantly and those that survived were rendered infertile, they were completely sterilized. His secret concoction he mixed at the garage.

After a year had passed, a mighty tyrant heard about this powerful concoction, he sent a secret squad to abduct the boy and forced him to show him how to mix it. He had better ideas for it. A decade later he used it to attack villages and towns of his old enemies, many civilians died, as many as ten thousand were losing their lives every night.

The boy went into his garage & wept bitterly, “what is this terrible thing I have done, look now that my invention is causing the death of thousands per day, oh God forgive  me for…” but his parents interrupted him saying, “the hard hearts of men drive them  to do such horrible things, if you had never invented  that gas tank, then they probably would have used  something else, they use anything they find for their ill deeds, so do not blame yourself, you saved us from a great problem of rats already.”

You go out there work your best to do what you think would be a great gift to humanity, then it unfortunately turns into something else unexpected, anything in this world can be misused, it depends on the person using it, a kitchen knife used to cut vegetables on the table is sometimes used to stab innocent children by some rogue villains, electricity meant to bring light to the darkness of the night is sometimes used to electrocute others. It depends with whoever is using it and whatever purpose they want it for.

A young thinker works hard to make an idea turn into a reality, an invention he believes will bring a great benefit to humanity, but then he remembers that humanity is divided into factions that disagree on every terms and fiercely fight one another, for everything that he invents there are those who use it for good while there are those who use it for evil, the worn out apparatus he threw out of the window has suddenly caused a fight in the streets, he tossed an old equipment from his shop window to a busy street, a passer-by happened to step on it and picked it, upon observing it carefully it looked interesting so decided to take it home as a souvenir, another fellow who was standing by tried to snatch it from his hands saying that he’s the one who saw it first, this eventually led to a bitter struggle that attracted a great crowd. When the fellow saw this from his office window, he rushed out to check the scenario and was shocked to find out that unwanted objects from his lab created so much havoc outside, he tried to stop the fight by claiming that he was the real owner of that particular staff when he suddenly heard yelling from the crowd saying, “here is another thief claiming to own the souvenir, lets clump him over,” the fellow too gets easily dragged into the fight and receives heavy blows, even after proving to others that he’s the one who built it, all refused to believe it, saying he speaks like a con man. It was a few more minutes later on when the street security arrived that the commotion came to a halt.

The alchemists say, “we are not evil, all our projects are planned with good intentions, after we are done with our beautiful projects, some evil king suddenly rides into our testing grounds with their royal chariots and rob us of our projects which they then go to use to vanquish their enemies elsewhere, we are not evil, it’s the people that steal our precious ideas to use for their wicked plans are the ones you should refer to as evil, not us,” they insist.

No mad science projects, no mad science projects today please.




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