The Public’s fear of the mainstream media press

The Public’s fear of the mainstream media press




Fear Factor.

Some people fear the media more than they fear the police, when they hear a knock at the door, they open it , finds out it’s the police , they welcome them in, but when a door is opened  and is discovered it’s the media press standing by, a door is quickly slammed shut on their faces, “no more interactions for the day please”, for they believe the police often come to protect them, whereas the media is there to expose them, and have developed a strong paranoia about the media.

 “Everything it does is malicious, every interview invitation should be preceded with extreme caution, you should be careful with your tongue, because you could suddenly find yourself trapped by your own words, unable to correct them”, they say… “The media is going to tattoo a bad graffiti onto your back, which will be nearly impossible to erase, it will be a permanent mark of your past life, so that it screams out to the world and allows everyone else to read from it. They’ll brand you like a cow”.

security stripped. 

Many people blame the media for stripping them of security they previously enjoyed when they were anonymous, now they feel they have been exposed to the whole world.

A precious metal miner was complaining seriously on a national television about the media persons storming into his house. “They took pictures of everything in my house including that of every jewel with its price value then published it for the whole world to see. Now I am faced with  more security threats  than I have ever imagined, as soon as the first descriptions of my life success stories went live, my mother was kidnapped while travelling abroad, those thugs who held her demanded me to pay an arm and a leg for her release,” “your son makes zillions from his mines,” they said to her, “why don’t you ask him to send us a small share of his fortune and we will release you unharmed, ask him to co-operate so as nothing  bad would happen to you,”

“Since that day, says the miner, I have been on the run, I have received every kind of threat and attacks from armed robbers to organized gangs, nowhere in the world is safe for me anymore.

I didn’t want to reveal anything in my house at first but these persistent reporters persuaded me to let them look further into the interior, they promised it would be for their own self enjoyment little did I know they had some other plans, plots to strip me of my privacy and security, now I can’t even trust the walls and ceilings of my house. They have since then left me and disappeared into the unknown. Now it’s I who’s left in the turmoil.”




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