The plight of refugees, Migrants go through hell while seeking asylum in host countries

The plight of refugees, Migrants go through hell while seeking asylum in host countries





Here is the plight of refugees that have found themselves to be living in a foreign country, a place that is thousands of miles away from their homeland, many people have waited for years for a visa, many have grown ill and died on the queuing bench, waiting for a residence, what they had thought as a dream  easy to catch ended up costing them their own lives, “could it had been better if we had died in our homeland than to scavenge like rats in these filthy tents? Had we died in our homeland, our motherland’s soil would have preserved our bones, and carefully hid us in her bosom, and leave alone those who are killed by disease, we understand that they are doing this to protect their citizens from the so called wolf-men. 

When some of us went to have a rest in the city steps including other public buildings, the citizens came out with torches at night, armed to the teeth and drove us out like wolves, those who persistently remained behind were beaten mercilessly to death. Their youngsters & children came to spit on our faces with disgust. You don’t even allow us to clean your latrines so that we can get a few coins to buy some bread. How then do you expect us to survive in this wilderness of a city? 

Some of the dwellers of the city are kind though, they came along and as they see the kind of suffering we go through daily, they throw a few crumbs of bread at us , we then scramble over them for a piece like meerkats, children are trampled upon in our midst. Our makeshift camps are no better than sleeping in the open, when it rains it falls profusely, when the sun shines we are baked from the inside.

These fellows have their own laws and customs different from our own, that we clearly understand, all we need is a little act of kindness from them for the short time we are going to be here, when the hailstorms that have battered our motherland is over, we shall be free to walk back home as we thank them generously for their hospitality.

The do or die pursuit for greener grasses,

“You live in a graveyard, you plus your family continue to dwell in a death camp,” that’s what the world media preached to them for decades, which they actually believed. In your neighbouring countries in the north, there’s good life, good citizens, good governance, no one is ever in need in that part of the world.

“Aren’t we energetic people with arms and legs, why don’t we leave our doomed nations of the Hambried and move south to the lands of milk and honey? The situation is hopeless here, we cannot rectify it by ourselves , no one can, let’s stop wasting our lives in these mud clogged trenches and go forward to our dreamlands where food walks to you and sets itself on the table, and all you need is a fork to finish it off.” they say to one another.

Many of these youngsters travelling aimlessly had been brainwashed by their communities that they have a better chance on the other part of the world than where they are at present. It makes one to wonder why someone would risk so much to gain so little? It’s probably more appealing in the mind than in reality, a result of many years of brainwashing them with beliefs that are not true makes the unfortunate to take dangerous measures, there’s many of them who have been sent off to their perilous journey by their own family members.

Since they face rejection at home they would rather choose to perish than go back home when they get to see the reality of things, “there is nothing for us there, only death,” they say to their families, “so is here,” their relatives respond,  “but at least there you have a chance for greater opportunities, here you are living in a sinkhole. Do not return if you don’t bring back something of value,” they are told.

It’s very evident why they prefer not to return home than come back with shame. Everyone has heard that they are travelling to a wonderful place and will therefore return with wonderful things, everyone is expecting a gift from them. Some of their own relatives are the ones sending them to their untimely end, those neighbors who once professed to love and care for them are now cleverly trying to get rid of them.

I heard a heart-breaking story of a woman who sold her family’s land and her dairy cattle in order to get funds to push her across the scorching heat in the desert. Her sisters had told her to do so, claiming she will make more money when she travels out of the country with the little she had in hand.

Upon reaching the shores she could not believe her eyes for she thought she was living in a dream. She could not enter Canaan because they were treated as criminals, the tribes and nations living there were hostile to them, she could not either return home because her funds had run out.

The unscrupulous agents had overcharged and stolen from her, she found herself between a rock and a hard place, but looking deeper into the story we discovered that her sisters had deceived her into selling their family property so that they would get a share of the proceeds.

She inherited this property from her parents a few years ago, being the sole heir and left in charge of running all the activities of the family business, her younger and rather crafty sisters deceived her into selling all of it, because they know for sure if she had all the money in her hands she wouldn’t deny them a pinch of it, they would tell her, “you are going to a better place, why don’t you leave us with a small share of it, you will have it when you return. She wouldn’t refuse us of course I believe.” life on both sides of the fence is hard, but they are led to believe they will lead a much easier life on the other side of the palisade.

“The same is to say with our ancestors,” says big Joe, were it not for those cruel kings we wouldn’t be here. Wasn’t it African kings that sold our ancestors into servitude? In as much as the European slave traders are to blame for the damage they did to the communities, they are guilty of worse sin, because had they opposed the move the explorers would not have had much power over the locals, instead they chose to sell their own flesh and blood. Anyways, that’s a long time ago, those days are long over, and am glad we now dwell in sweet_Jamaica. Thanks to their sacrifice.




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