The plague of plagiarism

The plague of plagiarism





Plagiarism though a common problem to works of many authors should not make them too stressful for it should not prevent them from continuing writing, they will serve a way to promote you. Anyone can quote anything and sayings from different people can sometimes turn out to be strikingly similar, “oh, boy, it turns out that we have the same way of thinking,” is the saying you get from others when you find quotes that share similarity with yours is posted on their website.

Do not be too stressed about plagiarism that might arise from your work that it should prevent you from publishing your manuscripts, if some day in the future you find your work plagiarized by another scribe/editor, and wittingly put their name as the real source or author of the work, idea, thought, or phrase then instead of being annoyed by this, be glad that there are people who could love your work so much that they are tempted to steal a portion of the words and use it to spice their speech, you should then rejoice for they have magnified your thoughts in form of words.

My real intention of putting words onto paper is for others to share my thoughts, to ask myself, “are there people who share my way of thinking, are there people who feel the same way as I do?” My main reason was to let out my concerns to the public for the world to listen to. If there are people out there who are willing to do in on my behalf, then I am more than happy to let them steal my works.




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