The next generation of children is going to grow up in daycares and orphanages away from the warmth of parental home-care

The next generation of children is going to grow up in daycares and orphanages away from the warmth of parental home-care




Woe unto children that are born into this modern world, for your parents are wasting their lives away with their busy careers. They will definitely abandon them in the long run. None has even time for them, not even for an hour of a day. They are therefore left in the care and upbringing of their neighbors and schoolmates, they gather themselves  into a house then say, “our parents never come back home till late into the night, we don’t have guardians around here also, so why don’t we prepare a party and make some merry, tomorrow we will deceive our teachers that we missed school because  of some important family travels. Lets prepare some foodstuffs, we will eat and enjoy ourselves, we shall drink red wine, and smoke some pipe, we shall also bring in some girls to entertain us, today is our day let there be no other day like it. Turn on some music, let’s dance to the bytes like we own the house.”

When reports were sent to the house owners by their watchful neighbors that their children never went to school during the weekdays, that they spend their whole days partying, they get no positive replies, to the astonishment of the concerned neighbors, the parents of these kids said they were too busy to check that out also.

Our modern day societies economic structures have made bearing of children a sign of great hardship to come for every new wed, children have become more of a liability than a blessed asset. With the cost of living in many parts of the world so high these days raising children feels like paying taxes.

Woes to a Child raised without any of the Parents.

A boy who is raised without the presence of a mother sees women as scavengers and parasites who will strip you to the bones of lots of your possessions and leave you for the dead.

A girl on the other hand who is raised without a father sees men as cruel tyrants who torment their families, with endless strictness (excessive controlling behavior)

The boy goes out (depending on what he is learnt from his neighborhood girls) would perceive as that’s how they are all made, he preaches to his friends saying, “beware of women of this town, they will infect you with their dogma and slowly destroy you, stay away from them. The girl then gossips to her friends saying beware of men’s bullying behavior do not let them turn you into their slaves, they acquire negative perceptions of both men and women. What a joy is of a child who has had both parents?

You hear juniors saying such disgusting things concerning one of their parents as if they were not born through them, how lucky are children who have felt the warmth of their parental love, and more blessed are children whose grandparents lived long enough to see them take their first steps.




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