The Media Intimidates the public with Nasty Questions

The Media Intimidates the public with Nasty Questions





An interrogator once asked a farmer, “Do you have snakes in your house?” The elderly man was furious for being asked such a rude question, he replies “I don’t have them, moreover I don’t keep pet reptiles, have you ever been to my house before, how can you throw such a Nasty question at me?” he asks back furiously, the interrogator cleverly dodges these remarks saying, “well there are some released alleged photos of your living room circulating around the place, they show your children playing with pythons.” “Of course that’s not true,” replies the farmer, “those are simply toys, whoever did this was on a mission to crush my image, you know a photo can be put into a machine and used to perform great wonders with it…”

The interrogator once asked this question so boldly that we thought the ideas came from, him. The fact that he was pointing a finger at the interviewee as he spoke indicated that he had some kind of authority over him, he was out to extract a piece of information from him, but when he received his answer in the same direct bold manner, he cowers away into a myriad of sources, this smart move enabled him to inflict doubt on the interviewee without having to deflect it upon himself.

Painful Interrogations.

It is easy to notice when someone is becoming painfully inquisitive, first he asks you about your origins, “which province did you come from? I am from Western Namandwaland”, “well what tribe? Specifically, Rukiya sir”, he responds, “Well I happen to know that tribe which sub group do you speak? Danjii sire, I too speak that tongue, so tell me one last thing, tell me which clan and village you come from….” And the list goes on and on, the young carpenter asks why he’s being interrogated so strictly,  why do you ask so much about my dwellings  sire are you planning to visit my town? No Mr it’s just for reference purposes, never mind.




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