The Media Feeds on the Negativity of our Society

The Media Feeds on the Negativity of our Society



When the Media Fell In Love With Scandals.

A section of the media industry love scandals so much, they’d tasted the drama it unfolds, many times, and are certain it’s something never to turn a blind eye on, it will bring you great fortunes, crowds flock around these newcomers to the spotlight and take photos in bulk, cameras flashes so bright they almost blind them out, one cries out covering his face with one hand and the other stretched outwards to shield off the closing in crew, “aargh! I am allergic to cameras”, he exclaims, “please keep your distance, you will crush us”, sometimes they get extremely annoyed, they give unkind annotations saying, “individuals that follow up constructive stories are like bees that make honey, they want to make something sweet and useful for all peoples, whereas those that run after those rumours which brand people with ugly names are like flies which chase after carcasses, each group can easily distinguish their true source of meal.

media scavenger. 

A reporter was shoed away by female nurses and other workers from a nearby regional hospital, they chased him out of the premise, they pushed him out as far as  onto the main road. They then said this to him, “whenever this guy shows up with his sleekly camera, we would often hear that an important patient has died. We are losing clients because of your miserable face, you are a sign of bad omen, go away please,” they screamed, “the very sight of you here fills us with horror”

You see ladies, the young man exclaims, I myself don’t like this job, it’s been dumped upon my shoulders by my employers, I have been specifically assigned the responsibility of taking the first notes of the events going on here and to tell you frankly, I don’t enjoy taking those pictures in fact I have more remorse for those victims than you the nurses, your workers and your doctors do.

Since we all know that money talks there is nothing much we can say or do about the happenings inside the media press. It is a clear representation of how our society is structured, there is a steady stream of gainers and looser as well. It is unfortunate to learn that there are those who benefit from the misfortunes of others.

“Where there is a dead body vultures will gather,” is common phrase that often comes up at the municipal hospital. When you hear people utter this phrase along the corridors, then know they are referring to the media press.

As long as media filming remains to serve commercial benefit, they’ll always be a conflict of interest with the general public, with the media calling for more interest and interaction with the press, peoples demand more ethical issues to be addressed and privacy concerns to be highly regarded. 

It’s no doubt why  externally sponsored programs and shows are more educative, engaging and emotionally fulfilling than those with money making agendas behind them, and those papers that depend entirely on the number of copies and readership volume  have more sizzling and kinky, cringing stories than those papers that have a wider distributed source of income, as we may speak, there are many media groups that have managed to overcome this urge of quick profits just like any other entertainment industries, like film and music, the lure of quick easy  money  drives them to do things they wouldn’t have done otherwise, engaging themselves in embarrassingly unspeakable actions & activities. This too being part of human nature and applies to all fields of profession. We tend not to like it when we are on the receiving end of the punch. When promoting my products at the local media stations I gladly present my work for display but on the other hand easily get annoyed when listening to other people’s advertisements & promotions.




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