The justice system has become too extreme and too brutal when it comes to punishing petty crimes

The justice system has become too extreme  and too brutal when it comes to punishing petty crimes




Dim Justice.

With your blind judges and wicked jury, they are blind to the effects their rulings are making to the society, each coming year they pass new legislation that plunge the society deeper and deeper into chaos.  Your highness I faced great injustice at the department of justice, believe me there was nothing like it I have ever experienced in my entire life before.

There are places I know of where you can get locked up for squashing a tomato at the grocery stalls or breaking a glass cup at a restaurant. Law has become more restrictive, locking, controlling demanding, condemning, judging, superstitious, and critical. You can’t even crack a joke with an old friend, I am just joking, you know there is nothing to apologize about.

Its quiet clear how deeply flawed the justice system is, the justice department delivering injustice is something quite common. Justice has become nearly impossible to achieve, why so? Or could the word “justice” mean nothing, only an illusion.

Whenever there is a court case against anyone, the judges quickly orders the freezing of all their bank accounts of the accused, “your highness if you would let me ask this, how does a small disagreement we had with an employee have to do with my personal bank account? He said something rude to me and some of his superiors, and I slapped him for it, “if I may ask, what does that have to do with my personal bank account? Isn’t it a simple issue we can sort it out between ourselves?” Your highness, I was robbed of my life time worth of earnings by some thugs who masqueraded as lawyers & attorneys, they demanded details of my personal information claiming to be men of the law and before I knew it everything in my account had mysteriously vanished.

“Childhood is innocence, adulthood is guilt,” says the judge, if you are an adult, then you must be guilty of something, “what is it that you are guilty of? Please tell me, and I will show you more things you hide from others.” He trusts no grown ups.

The simple interpretation of God’s law is that the person must be careful with whatever they do, Man’s law on the other hand watches you carefully, when you break a glass of water he is ready to bring tons of accusations against you, it’s no surprise that people get locked up for petty issues these days, like a sports team player failing to clean his towel, saying he is endangering the lives of his team mates, the lawman standing right behind him, ready to enforce his will, I never thought squashing a tomato underfoot at the grocery store can get you charged, or breaking a glass at the winery/ bottling plant would lead to a sentence, “did God make all judges blind?” asked the son of Uz, Certainly they are not all blind, fair enough a good number of them are heavy drinkers, I believe it definitely gives them poor judgement, their thoughts marred with condemnation, ready to punish anyone that shows them disrespect or speak carelessly during an hearing.

Gods law says love your neighbor and do good to them, man’s law says, be nice to your neighbors but do not be too friendly to them, keep your security measures very intact. Since they could be dangerous, it is advisable that you protect your homes with fierce dogs to guard your compounds, put up a great steel wall, covered with barbed wire, glass fragments and electric lines on top, you should also dig anti-tank trenches and put ballistic missiles in them facing the direction of the their homes, just for extra security purposes, don’t trust your neighbor quiet too much.




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