The Joyous Feeling of Making World Changing Archeological discoveries

The Joyous Feeling of Making World Changing Archeological discoveries




A contractor accidentally unearthed an artifact when he was digging foundations for a building in the outskirts of Cairo. He jumped out of his bulldozer, picked up the priceless treasure and began to wipe mud off it, he felt it shine before his eyes, “Wow! This must belong to one of the great pharaohs,” he exclaimed, he then quickly wrapped it up in handkerchiefs before hiding it away in the safety of his backhoe. A month later he was at this renowned world museum trying to sell off his newly discovered treasure, but instead found himself being questioned rigorously about how he found the mysterious object instead of offering him fair price, he blindly thought he’d make a quick sale, to pocket away hundreds of thousands of bucks, since he had lots of debts to pay off anyway.

He had no option but to leave the Museum premises with great disappointment, that afternoon a middle aged man met him at the steps of a city hall where he had gone to do some research, he was asking for directions, to a nearby gallery, he said he was working on a new Museum, he was looking for fresh artifacts to put on display on its first opening day. Slowly their conversation began to divert from instructions giving to Exhibition and display, the contractor told him about his experience earlier in the morning, how unfortunate he was at one of the world’s best museums. “I guess I was not so lucky today, they won’t buy my stuff, so I told them if they won’t buy my artifacts, I shall have to open my own museum from which I shall put it on display, lots of people will come to look at it, because there’s none other that is similar, I shall also make more coins from it, you know, if you don’t take it at my small price on offer then I shall have to keep it to myself.”

What is this object you are talking about sire? Can I have a look at it?  The contractor then turned his eyes left and right as if he was about to cross a road, he dug his right hand into his backpack, and brought out what looked like a brown cocoon, he then carefully unwrapped the pieces of clothing as he handed it over to the stranger who could not believe his eyes at what he was seeing, “Oh!” he exclaimed.” I have been searching for this object all over the world, only to find it in the hands of a nobody right at my doorstep” “what is it? “Asked the contractor, he first read the inscriptions on it and translated them, “can you read hieroglyphs?” Inquired the contractor? The stranger now with his eyes glued to the surface of the object, did not respond immediately, when he was done, he raised his head one more time “Do you know that you are holding the rook and tail of Ramses the great? It’s the only one in the world, yet you’ve found it,”

“Yeah I knew there was none other like it,” replied the contractor, “Are you sure you are the one who found this, you did not purchase it from some art shop, please show me where you picked it from.”

The contractor took him to where he had the artifact undug, “at long last, said the contractor, it’s better for someone to appreciate your work even if he pays you nothing in return than when people blindly reject your well hearted offer.”




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