The idea of “new world order” is a fools dream, something that will never happen, there will never be a one world government

The idea of “new world order” is a fools dream, something that will never happen, there will never be a one world government





There is a group of policymakers & lawmakers who are fooling themselves that someday there is going to be a global system of laws that will bring every nation under the umbrella of a single government, so from there on instability and chaos shall be no more. Such a statement would sound more like a threat to force the world into slavery rather than a message of hope to many nations, they feel that submission to the will of other nations would be a threat to their liberty and national security.

With the globe so huge and so diverse with its countries histories, cultures and religions will be nearly an impossible task. Such dreams are worthless, they bear no fruits and those who fathom them live in a world of their own.

“We can do business, yes that we accept, we can exchange ideas among one another, yes that we accept also, we can share our cultures between each other, yes that we accept too, but one government? NEVER! We will defend our motherland down to every single last man,” they say and dispute sparks from then on.

I am not being pessimistic by saying this, it’s just that the facts say otherwise, such a huge enterprise will not be possible, let them do the math and they’ll discover that I am not for the notion. A man can exert great influence upon others (his fellow countrymen) but he can never have absolute control over them, their thoughts, their feelings, their actions etc.

Many kings in the past have tried to do this very same thing and it ended up in  disaster, they brought doom upon their own heads and sending their once prosperous kingdoms into an irreversible state of decline, all the beautiful castles, places, courtyards collapsed into the soil. Never to be seen or heard from again. Blinded by greed they plundered the royal treasury, armed every able bodied man with swords, spears and arrows. Fastened their body armor, held their shields tightly close to their chests, the horns are blown and they march out north, deep into treacherous forests they marched, crossed swollen river banks tearing down every fortress on their way and annihilating their inhabitants.

They pillaged and plundered every city they passed, soon news spread far and wide of their actions and their ruthlessness, some cities that were once their friends became their foes, soon they were surrounded by enemies on all sides, from every front a siege was laid. Then their opponents came up with a brilliant plan, they tricked them into crossing the sea of tall grass where they lost most of their troops due to malnutrition and disease, others were attacked by fearsome panthers. This has been the fate of hundreds of foolish kings who tore their homes into pieces. All great and small alike fell to the trap laid by the king of the yellow mountain.

If such an incident never happened in thousands of years how likely it’s going to successfully take place sometime in the future? How can one man rule over a thousand nations? Not unless he has some divine authority and can be in many places at the same time. And have dominion on all mankind.

We were once rowing a boat one day over a shallow ocean when all of a sudden a huge wave of water rose from underneath us shaking the boat violently, thence appeared a huge grey monster, and it tipped its head slightly above the surface then squirted water from its head as it breathed, “BOOM! there goes a whale,” says the mariners, the water fountained so far and wide that it fell onto us in the boat like hailstones , the experience as for me was so astonishing, it rumbled and thundered loud, we felt as if we were in a violent storm.

It’s a giant of the sea indeed, what a beautiful thing to watch? I have never seen one in the open, and it appeared to us so close and so quickly we were caught off-guard. Alongside it were some other fish and sea creatures relatively smaller to it in size enjoying its company as they swam alongside it, a really moving scene to watch. It continually raised its head slightly above the water jetting out thousands of litres of water from its breathing hole then softly descends back into the water causing a great loud splash and generating a huge wave that shook our boat sideways.

As we watched, we saw dozens of other wales emerge from the depths of the waters equally large and more terrifying in appearance than the first one, we saw hunchbacks, belugas, shark whales and other flesh eaters, they appeared to be gathering in a park, forming a circle around the first one, slowly encroaching on its space, they were after the huge shoal of fish around the first one, trillions of tones of planktons also floated nearby, a fresh food for the gang, when the first whale tried to resist they nearly tore it into pieces, they bit its back, its tail and was torn into pieces and fins were seriously injured almost crippling it, they almost killed its cute little calf it was travelling with, the first whale had no choice but to leave the wolves of the sea in their feeding frenzy, and took a deep dive down below lasting almost an hour, it emerged later at a safe distance away from the pack, what a treacherous sea? We sighed. What can challenge a whale is another whale equally large and more aggressive.

Such an enterprise would be too large to administer and too expensive to sustain, a problem in a single state can wreak havoc on the entire globe which has now been interconnected and interdependent to one another with the wealthiest states having the most to lose.

Can any single leader deliver his message in a thousand languages across the globe, such an ambitious project  is technically, socially, structurally, culturally, geographically, linguistically, religiously and politically impossible.

Nations of the world will always be divided into two or more distinct groups that conflict on ideas and ways of doing things, No king can be loved by all the other kings, and no king on earth can become king of all kings, maybe in some fantasy world somewhere in the skies that would be possible, but not the one we live in, anyone who fathoms such a thought is chasing a false dream that’s directing him straight into a trap that may claim his life.

The one that tries to unite others under a common dream or goal is quickly branded as an oppressor by others, a tyrant, a manipulator and worst of all a threat to liberty of mankind.

Influence will remain paramount of course but absolute control is a thing that will never happen, for the world will always be divided. There will always be conflict of interests.

The blade of a sword can strike fear into the hearts of men, but does not win hearts.




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