The high tech and the high velocity cars of the future, is fancy car design going to the very extreme?

The high tech and the high velocity cars of the future, is fancy car design going to the very extreme?



I once walked into a showroom, I saw cars that looked like frogs and lizards, others have heads that looked like a sledge hammer and a body of a tortoise, others had long cylindrical bodies and many legs, they looked like caterpillars, some looked like a meat pie. Some were so strange I can’t describe them.

cars of the future.

As it is being debated, speed does indeed compromises safety, cars are continually being made of lighter and lighter materials, the so called speed boats, people enjoy driving the fast cars, but when it accidentally hits a rock and you manage to walk out safely unscratched you can never use that vehicle again, it will be so badly damaged that trying to drive it again will be like going on a suicide mission.

When you happened to come across a wrecked sports car on the roadside you are shocked beyond belief, you get to ask the owner and the crowd that’s gathered around the crash site, “wasn’t this the car that was being showered with praises in the show rooms just a few hours ago? With its unquestionable top speed, Great horsepower, Instant acceleration, Low fuel consumption, Less noisy engines, durable tires, its elegant, sleek cool and aerodynamic design, the shiny body surface….blah! Blah! Blah!….. The list is endless. It doesn’t auger well for pedestrians at the crash site who had seen the sports car being praised with the best songs of  the world just a few hours ago in a car showroom is now wrecked, its become nothing more than a piece of scrape.

All these fancy designs popping up all over the place, with the aim of trying to look cool, the makers forget the one most important feature of car production, which is safety. In the future cars will be made of plastic and Manila Paper so they be ultra-light and will therefore move very fast, so fast they could literary fly. This race for fanciness I believe is driving the automobile industry into dangerous levels.

After being knocked slightly behind by a truck on a bump did I realize I was sitting inside a carton box. The impact was very small yet it caused a very huge damage. So safe I thought I was.

Fanciness gets in the way of functionality. When the homeowner received a new car, he exclaimed, “thank you, I like the look but I wasn’t buying it for a show off, I was buying it for personal use, where is the functionality of this thing?”

I don’t know what manufacturers would say, but to be frank, I really fear driving the cars of these days, you be thinking that you are very safe in your brand new SUV, its only when you get a slight knock from the back by a truck that you realize you have been crouching yourself in nothing more than a carton box. Body is so weak that when you punch them hard, it’s the car that gets hurt by caving its body in and not the hand of the fellow who hit it.

They don’t have to sacrifice safety for coolness.




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