The Grim adventures of a silver coin, do you have any idea of the places your paper money and coins go through before getting onto your hands?

The Grim adventures of a silver coin, do you have any idea of the places your paper money and coins go through before getting onto your hands?



A silver coin fell off from the hands of an aristocrat as he was counting his money in the city square, it rolled on the floor and travelled many feet before it reached the feet of a toddler where it settled, the kid picked it up and asked everyone around who was the owner, when no one showed up to claim their property, he was glad they had done so, he quickly ran off to the grocer where he bought a pair of mangoes, one for himself and one for his little sister. The grocer put the coin in an old sack where she keeps her other coins, it stayed there for two months without being  disturbed.

Sometime later, the grocer decided to get herself a small piece of land where she would built her cottage, she would use her few earned coins from her vendor store. She went over and handed in the entire money bag to the land owner, the land lord on the other hand bought some farm animals with it, the farmer who now owned it kept the coin stored in a barn with the other coins.

One day a horse stirred the bag and the coin rolled out, it fell in the fodder, where a cow later swallowed it with hay. It stayed in its belly for a few days before getting to release it on a ranch as waste, there in the ground it stayed once more for about  two months period. When the farmer was practicing crop rotation, and had turned the former ranch area into a ploughing field, he one day accidentally hit something  which almost damaged his new expensive plough, he dug up the soil to check up what it was, and found a shiny little thing sitting deep beneath the soil. He couldn’t remember exactly where it came from, so he just decided to put it away in a safe back at his home in the city near the great Vesuvius, five years later great fire and white smoke came down from the heavens and engulfed the city, burying everyone inside including the safe box.

After a period of about two millennia an archaeologist is digging up the remnants of the city when he spots a large sized coin charred with volcanic ash, though greatly eroded the writings on it were still very clearly visible,

 “It’s the face of Agustin,” said one of them, he therefore rushed it to the laboratory to be cleaned with ultra-powerful chemicals, when it was finished it was placed in a museum behind a glass wall.

It stayed there safely for a long time never to be easily touched by viewers. About three decades later an artefacts robber managed to pass security barriers and broke into the glass box, he grabbed everything that was there in the presence of the cameras including the gold jewels, while he was on his run outside to put his staff away into a safe place, the silver coin fell off from his hands and fell into small opening on the road, where it went straight into a large sewer, it was carried away further by the underground drainage, the adventures of the silver coin  then begins once more….

These are the interesting and disgusting adventures of a silver coin.

There is good and evil engraved on the opposite sides of that coin, as a lot of  good things can be done with the money so can a lot of evil be used for the same coin. It has gone through many things for many reasons. Many countless things it has touched. Before it reached your hands. Some coins could be much older than those that bear them.




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