The greatest memorials in the World.

The greatest memorials in the World.

That is the name of your school? Many schools, libraries, colleges, and towns are named for famous people. In this way, we remember individuals and honor their contributions long after they have died. In the United States, two of our most famous leaders are honored in the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., as well as in the state and cities called Washington and in the many cities and towns named Lincoln. Alexander the Great has been memorialized throughout the world both during his life and after his death. As he conquered cities and towns, he gave many of them his name.

Beginning in Alexandria, Egypt, his route can be traced eastward by following the towns bearing his name. Names sometimes change with history. For example, Idle wild Airport in New York was renamed Kennedy Airport in honor of John F. Kennedy. Notice the names of streets or buildings in your town that have been named to memorialize someone. Perhaps you can think of other people who have been memorialized in this way.  



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